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Improv Traffic School Review 2020

Do regular traffic classic sound boring and mundane to you? Well, with the introduction of Improv Traffic School, not only do you get smiles and fun, but also all the knowledge you need to get your ticket dismissed and insurance premium lowered. 

Is Improv Traffic School Legit?

How could something so amazing and fun be legit? But it is! Improv traffic school is approved by DMVs and Courts across the country. They suggest before completing their courses you should verify the benefits that you will get, for example, ticket dismissals, lowered insurance premiums and points off of your license.

It’s a great online traffic school which offers you supreme convenience and flexibility. Log in when you want and log out at any time. Finish the course as quickly or as slowly as you would like. You can stop and come back to the course wherever you left off. They are actually owned by the Improv Comedy Club, which is a chain that spans the nation. They are known to entertain you but not cheapening in the information given.

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They believe that learning is always more effective when you are having fun! They utilize standup comedy, images, cartoons and videos to liven up traffic school classes. A lot of courts will require timers, which means you need to spend a certain amount of time on a page before you are allowed to move on. Not many people need that amount of time, so Improv Traffic School has kindly incorporated fun games and other activities to help the time go by quickly.

The great news is, timers aren’t required by all courts and the state of California do not require timers at all! Improv Traffic School has consistently garnered attention from media outlets and have gathered many 5-star and A ratings from online driving school reviews and from the Business Consumer Alliance.

Some people wonder about payment options and just how secure an online traffic school is. You can start the course without paying, which means there is no need to enter your credit card information until you’re ready.

Courses Offered

Although everything varies by state, Improv Traffic School offers great online defensive driving courses that help by either giving an insurance discount, ticket dismissal or point reduction. Aside from defensive driving, there are also courses offered for mature drivers, teen drivers, and they offer DMV practice tests to help you increase your chances of passing.

Depending on the state, the course duration also varies. In states that require course timers, the course can take as long as 6 hours. However, as mentioned, California doesn’t enforce this time consuming timer and the whole course can be finished in 30 min! It’s okay if you’re required to sit and wait for the countdown, because Improv Traffic School will keep you entertained! (Here’s another California driving school online we reviewed: Urban Traffic School.

The courses are interesting and amusing as many happy customers have attested to. The quizzes only consist of a couple of questions and are easily passed. When learning is fun, it just makes everything seem easier. The courses are often updated and of high quality. Also, it’s worth it to note that all their videos were written and created by Hollywood comedians!

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How it Works

Signup is easy. Fill in all your information and take the class before even paying (this varies by state)! There is an ID authentication system, which consists of setting up a few security questions. If you need help at anytime, their customer support is always online and ready to assist you.

When you finally get to the course, you will see that everything is broken down into 10 sections and one final exam. There are quiz questions at the end of each unit just to make sure you understand everything. You just need to get one of them right to move on. Even if you do fail it, all you need to do is review the unit and retake the test.

Stop and start the course whenever you want, but just be sure to hit the “save” button so you don’t lose your progress. When you get to the final exam, this is where you make payment (in case you haven’t already). Next, you just take the test and pass it. You can take it as many times as you need to pass. Once you have finished it, Improv Traffic School will take care of all the reset for you. You will get a copy of the certificate and they will notify the authorities for you.


Learning is always more fun when you are entertained. A lot of students also find that the more engaged and happy you are in class, the more you learn and the better you retain information. Improv Traffic School is a trusted online driver’s school that mixes fun and business together. With no risk and no payment until the final exam, we think Improv Traffic School is one of the best!

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Improv Traffic School Review 2020
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