iDriveSafely Review 2020

30th May,2020
idrivesafely traffic school review

With all the scams and rip-offs floating around the internet, it can be tricky to find a legitimate online traffic school.

iDriveSafely, however, has more than a decade of experience and millions of graduates. So, we decided to take their courses and see just how legitimate this company is. Here’s our iDriveSafely review:

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Compared to other online traffic schools, iDriveSafely has more driving courses available for you to choose from. They also offer state-specific courses that cater to the different rules and laws that states have. But in general, here’s their standard roster:

Driver's Ed

For those who want to get their driver’s license, a driver’s ed course is necessary. Some of the topics included in the driver’s ed course include basic vehicle maintenance, alcohol and drug laws and consequences, and communication between drivers. 

There are also driver’s ed courses that are particular to some states, like the Texas Adult Online Drivers Ed which is for 18+ drivers.

If you’re a parent who wants to teach your teen how to drive, iDriveSafely can offer some guidance as well with their Texas Parent-Taught Drivers Ed. 

The Parent-Taught Driver’s Ed course is appealing because there are some parents who are not comfortable with letting their teens getting behind-the-wheel training with some stranger [1]. If you or someone you know is in this situation, this kind of Driver’s Ed will help.

Traffic School

Aside from driver’s ed, ticket masking or traffic ticket dismissal is one of the most common reasons why people take an online driver course.

We were impressed at how iDriveSafely approached this fact because they’ve provided different content formats, including text-based, audio-based, and video-based courses.

However, we found out that the availability of these materials still depends on the state. For example, California online driving courses have the video option where you can just watch a 3D animated movie that explains the concepts on how to drive safely and responsibly. 

Insurance Discount

If you’ve been a safe driver for the last couple of years, you can take an insurance discount course to reduce insurance premiums. Please let your agency know first so you can confirm your eligibility for this.

It’s great that iDriveSafely also has a mature insurance discount course for those who are over 55 years old.

Drug and Alcohol TLSAE Course

For some states like Florida, first-time drivers are required to take a Traffic Law and Substance Education course. Videos and animations are included in this online driver’s course to keep you engaged, and there’s optional audio as well.

Some topics include night driving, freeway driving, defensive driving techniques, and hazard prevention.

Defensive Driving

Defensive driving is quite a staple in an online traffic school. In iDriveSafely, their defensive driving course can be included with ticket dismissal courses. However, the company also offers separate defensive driving lessons for some states like New York.

iDriveSafely's online courses

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How It Works

Moving on with our iDriveSafely review, let’s take a look at how this online traffic school works. The process is simple. After signing up, you go through the lessons and take the final exam. 

Once you pass, iDriveSafely will update the court about your completion. This really took the burden off our shoulders because it would’ve taken more time if we filed the paperwork ourselves.

Signing up for iDriveSafely was pretty easy. We like that there was a ‘Pay Later’ option if you don’t want to enter your credit card details up front. This is available only in some states, though. If you’re strapped for cash, there are schools that are cheap but still worth it.

Before we were able to start with the course, we needed to answer a simple questionnaire as part of the authentication system. It contained simple personal questions like “Which search engine is your favorite?” and “What is your favorite pastime?”

This is a requirement with the state in order to make sure you really are the one taking the online driver lessons. Because believe it or not, some people ask others to take the course for them. 

So, don’t forget your answers to the personal questions because you’ll be asked randomly through the driver’s ed or traffic school course.

In one of the courses we took, some of the topics covered were good defensive driving habits, hazardous road conditions, traffic laws, and the dangers of drunk driving. Driver’s ed and defensive driving courses may have different topics from these. 

The iDriveSafely course content was interesting enough. iDriveSafely put in some effort with different learning materials such as text, videos, animations, graphics, and audio. Other popular traffic schools like GotoTrafficSchool and Improv also incorporate content like these.

iDriveSafely accesible on different devices

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Although everything was pretty engaging, we still found ourselves getting bored at times because of the straightforward approach.

Then again, traffic school and online driver ed courses involve a review of essential facts so we really can’t complain. This is a minor complaint we have for others as well, such as Easy To Pass.

After all, taking these drivers ed and defensive driving courses back in the day involved classrooms and textbooks. Now, things are much easier because we can review everything in our home on our own time. 

Another thing that separates iDriveSafely from most competitive online traffic schools is that it’s truly mobile-friendly. If you’re like us and you’re always switching between devices like your laptop, computer, tablet, or smartphone, taking the course will still be a breeze.

At the end of each chapter, there’s a short quiz with 10 multiple-choice questions. This is just a simple review of the things covered in the section to make sure you understood it. 

You do need to get an 80% score to move forward, but you can always retake it if you didn’t pass the first time. 

Like Aceable, iDriveSafely also allows 24/7 access to lessons and quizzes. We encountered no issues whatsoever in this aspect so we had the freedom to review our online driver lessons at our own pace.

As for the final exam, it’s also easy as long as you put in some effort. If you’ve been on the road, you might not even need to review your lessons to pass the exam. 

While the iDriveSafely traffic school and driver’s ed lessons themselves were a breeze to go through, we still had a few questions and we wanted to see how the company addresses these concerns.

We did review the iDriveSafely website and found it super helpful. Their home page straight-up asks you your state, the course you want to take, and your age if it’s applicable. 

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This then takes you to the appropriate page with everything you need to know, saving you time from digging through information. 

If you’re simply browsing through courses like driver’s ed, the company website has separate web pages for each product containing all the details on how it works, topics covered, and step-by-step procedures for completion.

In our review of the iDriveSafely website, we found answers to every question we had. The company really does hold your hand even before you sign up and until you complete everything. 

If you have questions about anything at any time, iDriveSafely also has customer service that’s available 7 days a week. 

Once we’ve gone through everything, the information was processed by iDriveSafely that very same day and was reported to the DMV. 

We like that this service comes with the iDriveSafely program at no additional cost. Not having to file the paperwork ourselves awarded iDriveSafely a few brownie points from us.


How long is iDriveSafely?

iDriveSafely takes anywhere from 30 minutes to 8 hours. If course timers are needed, traffic school takes at least 4 hours, while the driver’s ed course takes 6 hours. If your court does not require a course timer, you can finish the course in under an hour.

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Is iDriveSafely Legit?

Yes, iDriveSafely is a legit online traffic school.

The company has more than 10 years of experience in traffic ticket dismissal, drivers ed, and insurance reduction courses. They are DMV-approved in most U.S states and they will update the court of your completion at no additional cost to you.

iDriveSafely Conclusion

iDriveSafely is one of the best online schools we’ve ever come across. With more than 10 years of experience, these guys really know what they’re doing.

iDriveSafely has a wide variety of courses including traffic school, defensive driving, driver’s ed, and insurance reduction. We love that the mobile-friendly videos, animations, graphics, and text are of high quality. Plus, the exams are easy to answer for anyone. 

Overall, iDriveSafely is one of the top online traffic schools that provide an easy process and a legitimate service for the drivers who need it. Many iDriveSafely reviews, including our own, can attest to it.

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