Wise Traffic School Review 2020

31st May,2020
wise traffic school review

Florida-based Wise Traffic School is a family-owned business that’s been around for more than a decade. As we’re looking at a traffic school with lots of experience, we’ve taken their course to see if they still keep up with modern times.

Check out what we’ve experienced in our Wise Traffic School Review below:

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Wise Traffic School has a pretty basic roster of courses available. Aside from traffic school itself, they also have a learner license course and an insurance discount course.

Basic Driver Improvement Course

If you got a traffic ticket you need to get rid of, the 4-hour Basic Driver Improvement Course is what you need. It’s available in a text-based and video-based format. You’re free to choose which one you’d like to try, with the text-based course being cheaper.

Although the Wise Traffic School site claims it’s Florida’s only streaming video course, most traffic schools today such as GotoTrafficSchool offer video and animation in their courses already.

You don’t have to worry that much about the final exams because the school allows unlimited exam attempts for both course formats. On the scale of difficulty, the course is at par with the easiest traffic schools online.

Learner License and First Time Drivers

For newbies who are ready to hit the road, Wise Traffic School offers a bunch of services under this umbrella. 

This includes the Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education (TLSAE) course, Driver License Knowledge Practice Exam, Driver License Knowledge Exam, and the Driver License Driving Skills Preparation. Each has its own separate pricing.

Mature Driver Insurance Discount Course

In Florida, insured senior drivers are entitled to a 3-year premium reduction if they complete a Mature Driver Insurance Discount Course [1]. Wise offers this and it lasts for 6 hours, which is the standard completion time for an insurance course in Florida.

Wise Traffic School Basic Course

How Does It Work?

The standard process with traffic schools is you sign up, complete the course, pass the final, and get your completion certificate. Wise Traffic School does the same, although we’ve seen a lot of things for improvement.

First off, their website looks very outdated. It looks like something straight from the early 2000s with its amateurish design. Wise Traffic School was established in 2004, and it seems like they built the site during that time and hasn’t updated it since.

The home page design itself looks like it was made for kids, with primary colors and informal fonts. Their logo of an owl reminded us of the clip arts we used for kids’ projects back in the day.

All the other pages were designed the same way. The site takes longer to reload too, but that didn’t surprise us anymore. 

Signing up was pretty easy, though. You just click the course you want, enter your details, and you’re ready to start the course.

One advantage is that there are no hidden fees, just like our cheapest recommended traffic schools. The price posted on the Wise Traffic School website was the total price already. 

While we do appreciate no upsells and no deceptive marketing, it’s still not enough to measure up to modern companies like Aceable Traffic School, for instance.

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Part of this Wise Traffic School review is the course content itself, which was boring and outdated. The text-based format was the fastest way to get through with the course. And although it was straightforward, a lot of the information was outmoded and lacking.

As for the video, it was just like a normal webinar. We had better experience in both formats with Driver Ed To Go.

Onscreen was a Powerpoint presentation and there was a voiceover explaining the course, much like attending an in-person class. The design of the Powerpoint was one of the old templates as well, and the audio wasn’t clear at times.

When we did try to contact their office for customer support, we did not receive a response. That’s when we tried to review some customer feedback to see what other people were saying about Wise Traffic School.

However, we were surprised that it has no Yelp reviews, no Better Business Bureau (BBB) reviews, and no BBB accreditation, either. 

Overall, the experience lacks a lot in comparison to the best traffic schools available today. The website and information were all outdated so it’s really not a traffic school that’s suitable for the current times. 

And with no real reviews and social proof to back them up, Wise Traffic School does seem pretty shady.

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How long is Wise Traffic School?

Wise Traffic School takes 4 to 6 hours to complete. Four hours is the fastest time allowed by Florida law for an individual to finish a course. Meanwhile, the Mature Insurance Discount Course takes 6 hours.

Is Wise Traffic School legit?

Yes, Wise Traffic School is legit. It’s state-approved in Florida. However, their website and courses are outdated, and they have no major draws unlike Comedy Traffic School, for one. They are also lacking in customer reviews and social proof.

Wise Traffic School Review Conclusion

Here’s an honest Wise Traffic School review: enrolling in it was like traveling ten years into the past. With their website and course designs both out-of-date, it’s hard to trust their brand.  

After all, dealing with traffic tickets and applying for a driver’s license are both serious matters that require the help of professionals. There are a wide variety of traffic schools out there with more credibility and quality courses to deliver.

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If you need another option, see our positive review of iDriveSafely.

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