EZ AZ Traffic School Review 2020

03rd Jun,2020
ez az traffic school review

Based in Arizona, EZ AZ Traffic School offers both online and in-person classes to help drivers get their records clean. We took a course to see for ourselves if this traffic school is something you should consider to get that traffic ticket off your back.

Read on for our first-hand EZ AZ Traffic School Review.

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EZ AZ Traffic School provides two options for taking the course: online or in a classroom setup. For the online course, the signup required extra effort compared to how other traffic schools do it.

You are required to email them a photo of your traffic citation and your driver’s license [1]. EZ AZ will then check with the court if you are indeed eligible for traffic school. You will only be able to start the course once your eligibility is confirmed.  

While this wasn’t much of a hassle on our part, you might feel differently especially if you’re working against a tight deadline.

As for the classroom-based course, the signup was like how it is online, except that you had to bring your citation and driver’s license to class.  

Once we started the course, we find that the material itself was pretty straightforward. Essential topics such as Arizona traffic laws, basic driver’s safety, and some helpful tips were discussed.

The only thing was we had to read the entire material for four hours before we can truly complete the course.

We could actually finish the course in its entirety for less than an hour, but four hours is the fastest time you were allowed to finish traffic school according to Arizona law. (see also: the easiest traffic schools that we like)

We know that EZ AZ Traffic School had no control over this, but we just wished they made the course more engaging so the time wasn’t as dragging.

Videos and animations would’ve helped pass the time. Some traffic schools like Improv even incorporate humor so everything is easier to go through.

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Another thing, the course looks pretty outdated and could use a brush-up on the latest traffic laws and safe driving tips (we also had the same observation for Driver Ed To Go). Though we must admit, this didn’t come as a surprise to us because their website looked like it needed some updating too.

Actually, their website looked a little shady when we first visited it. The text layout was a bit hard to read, and not much information was posted about the enrolment process.

We also found a lack of info about the course. There wasn’t even an FAQ page on the site to answer common questions.

Anyway, we did encounter some difficulties as well as we were taking the course. The website kept freezing up and there was even an instance when we couldn’t get to the next module. We had to wait for their business hours so we can call customer service to fix the problem.

The technical difficulty was solved when we called it in, but it was still a hassle for us because we would’ve already completed the course by then.

Having to wait for a fix lengthened the time it took to really finish the material. And for some of us, this would not be acceptable especially if we have a tight schedule. Even EZ AZ Traffic School reviews and feedback from former students reflect the same sentiments as well.

After we’ve finished our course on EZ AZ Traffic School, we decided to do a little bit more digging online. We found out that there were very few reviews about this traffic school. 

Although it is accredited by the Better Business Bureau since 2015, it still had zero customer reviews on BBB.

We checked Yelp as well and there were less than ten reviews about the school, and most of them referred to the instructors. This was a sign that EZ AZ did most of their classes in the traditional classroom setup.

Furthermore, when we checked good old Facebook, this online traffic school only had 20 likes, way less than the cheapest schools we reviewed. Overall, EZ AZ doesn’t have much social proof to prove their legitimacy.

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How long is EZ AZ Traffic School?

EZ AZ Traffic School takes 4 hours to complete. This is the shortest time you can finish a traffic school course in Arizona.

Is EZ AZ Traffic School legit?

Yes, EZ AZ Traffic School is legit and approved by all Arizona courts. However, their course material and website are outdated. And despite being accredited by the Better Business Bureau, EZ AZ has very few customer reviews.

EZ AZ Traffic School Review Conclusion

We found EZ AZ Traffic School to be a dull experience. Their course didn’t have interactive features and the website looked outdated. The best traffic schools we rounded up are all better in this regard.

We also experienced website crashes throughout taking the course, which caused delays in our completion. And despite being accredited on BBB, EZ AZ Traffic School seems to lack customer reviews and social proof.

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Other than this EZ AZ Traffic School Review, you can also read all about our experience with other traffic schools including Wise Traffic School, Comedy Traffic School which features celebs from time to time, and newbie but competitive Aceable.

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