How Much is Traffic School?

07th Jun,2020
how much is traffic school?

Once you get a traffic ticket, expect that you’ll be shelling out some cash to get it dismissed. Taking traffic school is one of the easiest options you have when getting rid of a ticket. But the question is, how much will you pay for it?

There are three things you have to pay for when you choose to take a course in a traffic school: the fine, the traffic school fee, and the administrative fee. The first two ones are self-explanatory, so let’s dig deeper into the administrative fee.

What is the traffic school administrative fee?

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The administrative fee is a non-refundable payment to the court for letting you take traffic school. It will also keep the point off your public driving record. The fee is legal and it’s actually mandated by the state.

Just note that all the points in your driving record will remain visible to the DMV. They will not magically go away. 

What the administrative fee does is it conceals your points in the driving record that insurance companies see. As such, your insurance premiums won’t be raised if you finish your traffic school [1].

If you’re eligible and the court has granted your request to take a traffic school, they will also give you a deadline when you’ll have to have completed the course. If you fail to finish it by the deadline, you won’t get a refund on the administrative fee.

So, if you’re having problems with your completion, you can request an extension from the court. 

It is important to note that sometimes, the cause of delay in finishing the course is because some traffic schools fail to process your completion in a timely manner. That being said, it’s a good idea to stick with legitimate schools such as Improv or Aceable.

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If I pay the administrative school fee, do I still need to pay for traffic school?

Yes, you still have to pay for your traffic school aside from the administrative fee. They are completely different things. 

The administrative fee is a payment made for the court, while a traffic school will have its own fees for providing you the course, tests, and electronic processing of your completion certificate.

Is the administrative fee the same in each court?

There is no fixed administrative fee amount, so it will be different for each court. In California, Yuba County charges a $52 administrative fee. Los Angeles charges $64 and Nevada charges $73.

The general range of administrative fees in California courts is from $49 to $79.

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How much is online traffic school?

Online traffic school ranges from $20 – $60 depending on the state and the traffic school provider. There are cheaper traffic schools that offer prices as low as $5, but these may have subpar services or hidden fees.

How much is traffic school in California?

A traffic school in California costs within a range of $20 – $45. The price can be as low as $10 in some traffic school providers, but these schools may offer inadequate services compared to legitimate traffic schools.

How much does traffic school cost in Los Angeles?

Traffic school in Los Angeles costs $15 – $45 in price. Some cheaper traffic schools can offer a course for as low as $5, but it’s better for you to invest in a credible and legitimate service provider.

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How much is traffic school in Orange County CA?

Traffic School in Orange County costs $15 – $35 in price. These are legitimate schools that provide reliable services. Some traffic schools offer courses for as low as $6 in Orange County, but the services may be unsatisfactory.

How much is traffic school in San Diego?

Traffic school in San Diego costs $15 – $35. While there are cheaper traffic schools online that advertise the lowest prices at $6, taking a course from a legitimate traffic school would be the better choice.

How much is traffic school in AZ?

Traffic school in Arizona costs $15 – $35. You also need to pay the Arizona state fee of $24 plus a state surcharge of $45. Arizona courts also charge additional fees such as Court Diversion Fee and School Processing Fee, driving the total cost to upwards of $200.

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Traffic schools vary in price, especially since there are additional fees you may have to pay in court. This serves as a comprehensive guide for you, but you could also check the specific prices for your county so you can get a more precise computation.

You can learn while also breezing through a course! These are the easiest traffic schools online that can make that possible.

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