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Uniden R3 Review

If you’re after the most advanced radar detector in the market, you’re in the right place. Uniden R3 is currently among the greatest, if not the model of today–our list reflects that too. It was chosen as the ideal radar detector for 2020.

The Uniden R3 reviewed here is among the most recent releases of the brand alongside Uniden R1. Both have amazing detection range capabilities, which easily set them up high on the rankings right away. But Uniden strategically launched these two different models with almost the same capabilities, except the GPS feature, which gives the R3 an edge over R1. This the reason why you’ll often see this detector mounted on windshields of even expert radar detector users because it offers the best performance among many options nowadays. Let’s delve into why this model is hailed the best.

Note: Uniden released the R7 recently, check out what’s new with the R7 vs the R3 and read the full review of the R7 here:


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In just a glance, one can easily identify this model is indeed a radar detector meant for professional use. Its sleek black casing doesn’t add many frills to the design, yet that sure doesn’t take away from the performance of this device.

The Uniden R3 comes with its sturdy carrying case, which opens to the radar detector and its accessories. There are two mounts added into the package: one sticky-cup mount that allows multiple angles and position options; and the other is a traditional dual suction-cup that easily mounts the device without a problem. Added into the pack is a power adapter to the cigarette lighter.

The size of the detector is just enough to have a “compact” device with a huge enough display that would be comfortable for the user. It also weighs perfectly, not heavy enough to mess up the mounting.

Uniden R3 Features Reviewed

Range and Sensitivity

We’ll get straight to the point: this model offers the longest range of detection among all radar detectors at any price point. It simply blows the competition away with its amazing range. Some come close, but still cannot be on par with the R3 in terms of detection range. If you’re not sure whether you should purchase the R1 or the R3, check out our R1 VS R3 Comparison.

Another mind-blowing feature of this radar detector is its impressive sensitivity, which also sets it apart from many other models. Whether it’s mounted on the windshield, on the sun visor, or even on the dash, this device can’t seem to miss a signal even the instant-on ones. It also has a certain level of consistency in detecting signals, which gives assurance to the driver that in any band, the device can easily detect and alert the driver.

Full-color Bright OLED Display

We’ve lauded Uniden for their great brightness features in their devices. When they released the Uniden R3, they took it to the next level and added multiple brightness settings that can cater to almost every brightness needs of its user. It has OFF, DARK, DIMMER, DIM, and DARK BRIGHT.

If you want stealth driving, you’ll enjoy the DARK mode of the display, wherein the screen stays off. The only indicator is a little flashing dot below the screen, and the screen only lights up when the device detects a signal.

BSM Filtering

Almost all average to professional radar detectors offers BSM filtering nowadays because no driver can stand the huge bulk of false alerts that one can experience without this feature. But all of these radar detectors cannot fully filter Blind Spot Monitoring Systems (BSMs) and other Collision Avoidance Systems (CAS). However, there are very few that come close to that–and Uniden R3 is one of them. With the latest firmware updates, the R3 is pretty great in filtering a lot of false alerts, even when it’s in full sensitivity mode.

GPS Lockouts

The edge of R3 over R1 that we talked about in the beginning is its GPS chip, which provides better filtering of falses, especially in urban areas where they are rampant. The GPS chip allows the radar detector to remember where false alerts are located so it can automatically ignore them or mute the falses in the future. This helps a lot, especially for people who pass by false signal-packed roads repeatedly.

Low-speed Muting

Another benefit of having the GPS chip is the ability for low-speed muting. This comes in handy when you’re in low-speed areas or traffic-prone zones. This ensures that your device isn’t going crazy on the alerts, without you manually hitting mute each time it goes off.

Sensitivity Settings

We’ve seen a lot of sensitivity settings on different brands and models, yet we single out the Uniden R3 as one of those with smart settings that do their purpose. The three sensitivity settings on these models are CITY, CITY2, and HIGHWAY. Maximum sensitivity is turned on when on the HIGHWAY mode, which means all radar bands (K, Ka, and X) are easily detected by the device. However, this model also reduces the range of K-band collision avoidance systems alerts. This doesn’t mean that the sensitivity lessens too much–it also offers quite a lot of sensitivity.

For CITY2, the device disables the X-band and reduces K-band sensitivity. While on this setting, you can still manage its other sensitivity by pressing the MENU and holding it.

For more info about setting up the Uniden R3:


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  • The Uniden R3 has a great performance-to-price ratio, which means you’ll get your money’s worth by purchasing it
  • The OLED display offers a lot of brightness settings that are highly beneficial in any lighting condition
  • The Automute feature makes driving quiet and hassle-free
  • The reliable GPS chip performs well in filtering false alerts
  • It features 360-degree DSP that makes signal detection accurate and more reliable
  • Fully invisible to Spectre Elite detectors


  • Because not all BSMs can be filtered by R3 (and all radar detectors too), some falses can still make its way through


Q: Is Uniden R3 easy to use?

A: While it is a professional radar detector, the R3 isn’t complicated to use at all. It has a main MENU button which allows the user to enter the configuration menu. Left and right buttons can be used to choose from the options, which is applicable in changing the brightness of the display, changing sensitivity settings, or other settings for that matter.

Q: Can this be plugged into the cigarette lighter?

A: Yes, this device comes with a power cord that can be connected to the cigarette lighter for power.

Q: Can a mount block the GPS signal of this device?

A: There wouldn’t be any problems with GPS detection and function wherever and however this device is mounted.

Uniden R3 Review Conclusion

The Uniden R3 is one of the most impressive devices ever introduced to the market in the whole history of radar detectors. It is simply beyond comparison to a lot of models today, especially when it comes to range, sensitivity, and false filtering. With its price point, it gives users a bang for their buck, with the detector’s features, performance, and even its appearance. Overall, this device is on top of our most recommended list of best performing radar detectors.

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This article is written by William Johnson, the founder of RRD. William is passionate about radar detectors. His interest in reviewing and testing radar detectors from different brands started nearly 10 years ago, when his own radar detector then (a cheap and brand-less detector he bought online) failed to detect and radar gun nearby.

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Uniden R3 Review
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