Radenso Pro M VS Uniden R3

10th Feb,2022

The whole purpose of a radar detector is to be useful helpers in recognizing speed traps and avoiding getting a ticket. With law enforcement coming up with ingenious speed traps and speed camera placements, the radar detector has earned its place on the dashboard.

But this begs a question: Which radar detector can a driver rely on to protect and alert them?

Well, today we are going to pit two radar detectors against each other in a Radenso Pro M vs Uniden R3.

Let’s begin.

photo of Radenso Pro M detector

Radenso Pro M Advantages

  • More compact
  • Display has been made to not burn-in
  • Extended strength meter (1-9 rather than 1-5)
  • Radenso offers a speeding ticket guarantee

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photo of uniden r3 radar detector

Uniden R3 Advantages

  • Comes with an easily discernible mute button on the front
  • Buttons feel better
  • You get a numerous colour OLED display rather than just red
  • Shows pertinent information on display enabling you to see numerous threats
  • Comes with a precise frequency display
  • Attention-grabbing Alert tones

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Features of Both Radar Detectors

Long Range Performance snd Sensitivity

When it comes to the radar detectors that offer the very best long-range performance, the Uniden R3 is always in the conversation and it is capable of taking other radar detectors in higher price ranges.

The Radenso Pro M sadly loses out this bout to the R3, but that does not mean it does not perform well, offering a decent range. It is not that the Pro M is bad, it is just that the R3 is that good, simply blowing away its competition with its great range.

Where most radar detectors have great range but terrible sensitivity, the R3 is able to balance out its long-range performance with impressive sensitivity. It does not matter where in the vehicle it is mounted, it just is not able to miss signals regardless of if they are instant ones. The Uniden R3 is also consistently detecting signals ensuring that the driver will be alerted regardless of the band.

The Pro M comes with an Auto City mode which enables you to fiddle around the setting. However, unlike some radar detectors in its price range, it does enable you to make the device more resistant to the scourge of urban radar.

It also helps that you can create specific settings such as lowering the K band Filter to 40% sensitivity, including a Low-Speed Mute adjustment to 36 and the city mode sped to 50. This enables you to eradicate previously audible radar alerts under 35 and ramping up the sensitivity of the K band from 40% to full power when the vehicle hits 50mph.

With user-adjustable settings, you are able to reduce false positives from BSM systems and door openers.

radenso pro m mounted on the windshield

MRCD Detection

This feature is one that actually sets these two radar detectors apart in this Radenso Pro M vs Uniden R3 comparison.

The MRCD [1] is a radar gun that can be utilised for photo radar applications. It is used in a few states in the United States. So, if you happen to be in Maryland or New York, you would wish you had a device that could detect it.

As of this moment, only two radar detectors are able to completely detect it, and the Radenso Pro M is the top dog when it comes to MRCD detection.

The way Radenso has gone about it provides drivers more confidence as the Pro M offers a lower number of false alerts, better performance and a power bar that gradually gets stronger when the driver gets closer to the signal.

The R3 lacks this feature, even though Uniden is currently developing it.

False Alert Filtering

The Radenso Pro M and the Uniden R3 are both decent at false alert filtering, however, the Pro M takes the edge.

If you are searching for a radar detector to carry along on a quiet drive, the Pro M is the one you have to take, as it does not bug you with continuous false positives. This means when you are alerted, you are bound to pay close attention to it and not be dismissive.

The two detectors come with manual GPS lockouts, as well as low-speed muting. That being said, the Pro M is much better with its BSM filtering. It is also accomplished at filtering the vehicles notorious for triggering false alerts in other radar detectors; Acuras and Hondas.

It turns out that this is a pretty universal feature on the Pro M and it is something that Radenso has worked on.

There are reports of the Uniden R3 prompting false laser alerts and that takes away its shine a bit.

Given that nearly every radar detector has some sort of BSM filtering in today’s world, it is no surprise that both devices have that. That being said, there is no radar detector that is fully able to filter CAS and BSMs.

Nevertheless, the Uniden R3 and Radenso Pro M do a great job of that. While the R3 comes close, filtering numerous false alerts regardless of its sensitivity mode, the Pro M does better at that job.

uniden r3 with accessories


If there is one radar detector that stands out for performance, it is the Escort Redline Ex. However, the Radenso Pro M is capable of matching it and beating it on certain bands.

The Pro M appears to be a set-it-up-and-leave-it-be radar detector, but it also has numerous settings that the user can adjust to their liking. The Pro M stands out with its better display and greater adjustability.

The Uniden R3 is no slouch either offering nearly instantaneous alerts on the long range performance.

Conclusion: Radenso Pro M or Uniden R3

Both the R3 and the Pro M offer great performance as well as continuous updates. Ultimately, which device is best?

The Pro M takes the edge as the quieter radar detector. If you want a device that can do the job with little or no help from you, then get the Pro M.

photo of Radenso Pro M detector

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The R3 has the edge when it comes to build quality and seamless menu settings. If you don’t want to compromise on build quality, then get the R3.

photo of uniden r3 radar detector

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