Best Undetectable Radar Detectors

Radar detector users and troopers can be thought of as making the race towards the top technology in order to outdo the other. What began as a means to avoid speeding tickets soon developed to become a device that can do more than just identify different types of signals and radar bands.

Traffic authorities caught on, as anyone could anticipate, and made use of equipment that could accurately find radar detectors. The technology they are employing is not to be underestimated—the latest Spectre, for instance, is leaving more and more users of radar detectors vulnerable.

You can’t expect the other side not to have a counter, which is why we now have so-called undetectable radar detectors.

If you do not think that your device is emitting its own signals in order to do its intended purpose, then you are gravely mistaken.

The assumption is even riskier especially when you will soon be passing through an area where radar detectors are against the law, and troopers are given RDDs to make sure that their zones are radar detector-free.

The VG-2, which used to be the RDD of choice is now going out of favor because manufacturers have made their products completely shielded from it.

The Spectre, however, is more efficient at identifying which vehicles have radar detectors even if they are hundreds, or a thousand as in the case of Spectre Elite, of feet away.

The solution for many companies therefore is to create the radar detector that does not emit a signal, or at least one that would require a traffic enforcer to be standing right in front of the product in order to confirm the hunch.

The market for undetectable radar detectors is still far from saturated at this point, and there is no update as of yet to the Spectre Elite. Even if you are not considering an upgrade, or are operating your radar detector in an area where it is not illegal to do so, it is still worth it to check some of the stealthy radar detectors that can make you immune on the road.

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Top Invisible Radar Detectors

Here are just some of the top undetectable radar detectors that can be relied on without compromising their capability to inform you of legitimate surrounding threats:

Escort RedLine Ex

Currently touted as one of the best radar detectors in the market today, this one can detect radar signals K, Ka and X, has 360-degree protection against laser detectors, and boasts of an extreme range very few competitors can match. More importantly, It is equipped with Escort’s patented TotalShield RF technology. This is what keeps it undetectable by RDDs such as the older VG-2 and Spectre.

Uniden R3

Uniden’s entry, the R3, claims to be undetectable even by the Spectre Elite. Besides that, it also gives in advance alerts on radar guns, cameras and speed traps. Detection goes at 360 degrees so that alerts are more accurate and swift. With the R3, you get the most value for your money.

Radenso XP

This may not be at the top of Radenso’s offerings, but the Radenso XP can shield you against RDDs, specifically the VG-2 and the Spectre Elite, and can go for 14+ feet. Detecting lasers is easy-peasy to the device while also allowing Ka segmentation for faster and more accurate detection.

Cobra ESD7570

The Cobra ESD7570 is one of the more accessible options that uses a Spectre undetectable technology. It has highway and city modes that keep false alarms to a minimum as well as a 360-degree protection from lasers and radars without burning a hole in your pocket.

Beltronics STi Driver

The Bel STi Driver was revolutionary in employing a technology that made it undetectable to RDDs because it is considered to be the very first of its kind. It is not only invisible to the VG-2 as Beltronics claims that it also shields itself from Spectre and Stalcar.

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