Escort Max 2 VS Max 360

02nd Oct,2023

There are so many radar detectors out there with features that are bound to make driving a whole lot easier. This means that selecting the very best device to suits your needs can be difficult.

That is why we have taken it upon ourselves to pick two of the best radar detectors in their class and compare which better suits you. Which one wins between a Escort Max 2 vs Max 360 battle?

Let’s find out together which Escort device gets the edge.

Features of Both Radar Detectors

False Alert Filtering

The Max 360 tends to beep a lot more than the Max 2. It is more sensitive than the Max 2 due to the additional rear antenna, but that is balanced out thanks to the multiple filtering systems like Escort’s AutoLearn and TSR or traffic sensor rejection [1]. That being said, it is still susceptible to false positives, with some BSM systems getting through. 

The Max 2, just like its predecessor, comes with DSP technology that has been proven to help filter false alerts out. It also has a GPS capability which enables you to mark locations with signals that have proven to be nothing.

The Max 2 does falter in today’s world, given that most radar detectors in the market can’t differentiate between legitimate signals and signals coming from BSM systems on newer vehicles. Given its age, a driver should brace for a noisy drive through the city.

Long-range Detection

When it was released, the Max 2 was considered to be the flagship of Escort’s radar detectors. The Max 2 was able to clearly identify the major frequencies used by law enforcement radar equipment, which includes the Ka, K and X band.

That being said, it falls short compared to Escort’s other devices. Plainly put, the Max 360 has been shown now to detect better.

While the Max 2 is better able to show the intensity of a signal once discovered, the beeping decreases after a couple of seconds. The device does fall short of protecting you from pop-on and laser guns as it requires a shorter range than the Max 360 to detect instantaneous tools.

Directional Arrow Alert

The Max 360 comes with a feature that sets it apart from the Max 2 and that is the arrow directional detection. With this feature, the driver is able to know the exact location of a radar speed gun. 

The Max 2 does not come with this and that puts it at a disadvantage in the Max 360 vs Max 2 head-to-head encounter. 

With the Max 360, a driver is able to clearly assess where a threat is coming from, thanks to 4 arrows. The alert is extremely accurate and that means you can quickly adjust your speed before getting caught. Escort states that the Max 360’s 4 arrow alert system is 99% accurate in detecting police radars.


The Escort Max 360 provides improved driver awareness thanks to its directional arrows. It also comes with increased sensitivity and range due to the antenna at the back.

It does seem to lack a bit when it comes to the false alert filtering as newer BSM systems fall through the cracks. Although the multidirectional arrow is a great feature, the speed at which the arrows change positions can be improved.

The Max 360 offers drivers the opportunity to modify its features to their driving style. With this device’s GPS feature you can highlight false alarm locations.

The Escort Passport Max 2 is able to quickly register radar signals. It can also be seamlessly connected to Escort Live with no confusing menu or process standing in your way.

That being said, it does falter as it is unable to match the time it takes the Escort Max 360 to register pop-on and laser guns. Its filtering system is no match for newer BSM systems on vehicles.

All that aside, the Max 2 is still able to deliver its main function, which is to detect radar signals, even though there are newer radar detectors that can perform much better than it.

Conclusion: Escort Max 2 or Escort Max 360

Both detectors are excellent in their performance ratings. Overall, the Escort Max 2 and the Max 360 are part of the leading radar detectors right now. Very few radar detectors are able to match and surpass the overall performance of both devices.

The Max 360 is a great radar detect thanks to the updates added in by Escort. Nevertheless, if you are not keen on spending too much money for the added feature of arrow directional detection, you can simply select the Max 2. They both provide nearly the same performance.

However, if you are not constrained by budget and you want the very best which means the latest features, then you have to go for the Escort Passport Max 360, as it edges the Max 2 with its faster response time, its improved filtering properties and of course, its multidirectional arrow alert, ensuring that you are kept informed of any potential hazards regardless of where they are located.

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