Escort IX VS Escort Max 360

10th Feb,2022

The Escort iX and Escort Max 360 are of the same brand of radar detectors. The Max 360 is under the Max series of Escort’s radar detectors.

Both radar detectors from Escort are similar in a lot of features. Virtually, they are the same in range and performance. The only distinguishing feature between the Escort ix and Max 360 is the presence of arrows in the Max 360 and the fact that Max 360 is way more expensive than Escort ix.

If you are newbie with the Escort series, there are lots of products they churn out and some might leave in sheer confusion on which to pick.

This review, however will bring the features of Escort ix and that of Max 360 side by side in comparison so you can decide which is your choice even though both are apparently alike.

Features of Both Radar Detectors

Since both radar detectors are from same brand, we will simply go over their similar features and also highlight the few features where they vary and see how they compare.

GPS Auto-Learn

This is a patented feature and indeed one of the grandest features of the Escort brand, away from their Escort live community. Both detectors come with this feature.

It’s a GPS based one and comes in handy when you have to deal with false alerts. It essentially learns of false alerts locations after you’ve gone through then a few times.

With this auto-learn feature, you have your automatic GPS lockout system that identifies false Alert locations and mutes them for you without your intervention. The Escort ix and Escort Max 360 have this one in common.

Escort Live

This is somewhat a novel feature of the Escort brand and it’s rare to find the replica on any other brand. Apparently, it looks like there’s a patent is on it even though there is none.

With the escort live app that can be connected to the radar detector via Bluetooth (which is one feature common with all Escort’s product) drivers can share speed limit alerts, live traffic updates, police radar, red light and speed camera locations with each other on-the-go.

Again, both detectors share this in common. 


Now this is a distinguishing feature. Escort had to introduce the usage of arrows for directional alerts in Max 360 after its patency held by the Valentine brand came to an end.

Escort had to  streamline the arrow feature by making them in multiple colors so each color has a unique meaning attached to it. It just makes everything more easy and convenient which is the official signature style of the Max series.

The Escort ix lacks this feature and if arrows represent the major yardstick to go by in the Escort ix vs Escort Max 360 comparison, then the Max 360 leads. But both are nearly same,  so we can’t conclude on arrows. 


Both radar detectors come with firmware and hardware updates on both Mac and Windows operating systems.

Max 360 update can be done with its Wi-Fi enabled feature. This means, you don’t need a system to get your update done, if you can connect with a Wi-Fi [1], you can have your update done anywhere.

There’s no Wi-Fi connectivity with the Escort ix, and so the Max 360 leads again on this. 

Speed Limit Display

When you connect both radar detectors to your phone via Bluetooth, you can have the speed limit on the road you are on displayed on the screen of both detectors.


On pricing, the Max 360 is one of the most expensive radar detectors out there even though it isn’t the most performing.

So it’s naturally ahead of the Escort ix in pricing which can be a turn off for some, since both are virtually the same, save for a few negligible features.

Escort ix vs Escort Max 360 - Performance Comparison

When it boils down to performance, both radar detectors are fairly efficient on the highways and relative to other monster radar detectors that takes performance seriously. 

The way it seems, detectors with high range efficiency and performance tend to sacrifice some convienent features like hands free voice alerts and auto lockouts for the super performance and vice versa. So don’t expect the best of performance out of these two detectors from same brand. 

They are packed with lovable features that makes radar detector experience for any one (whether experienced or newbie) pleasant and stress free. This is done at the expense of top of the line performance. 

Now this doesn’t mean you’ll be having regular speeding tickets when you buy any of them. You’ll get all the protection you need ultimately, but not compared to brands that holds performance strongly. 

Lastly on performance, if you like the arrow feature, the Wi-Fi update feature and you won’t mind the steep price of a detector, then the Max 360 is what you should go for, otherwise the Escort ix is a fine option. 

Conclusion: Escort IX or Escort Max 360

Both radar detectors are fairly great in performance and share similar features. However…

Escort ix is best if you are not a serious driver and you are looking for a radar detector that offers prime convienent features and can help you get past the police radars.

Escort Max 360 is best if you are like the Escort ix kind of driver and you want same convienence but you are a fan of arrows, you fancy the Wi-Fi update and you have the extra cash to spend on a radar detector. 

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