Escort Passport 9500ix VS Escort Max 360

11th Feb,2022

The aim of this article is to discern between the 9500ix and the Max 360 which are both made by Escort. Both the Escort Passport 9500ix and the Escort Max 360 come chockfull of features, which isn’t out of place for high-end radar detection systems. 

That being said the whole point of this 9500ix vs Escort Max 360 comparison is that while they might do the same job, they each have unique features which make them suitable to particular needs. To help you make the choice, we will compare them and begin with the advantages they have.

Features of Both Radar Detectors

Here are some features of the Escort Passport 9500ix and Max 360 radar detectors and how they compare.  

Variable Speed Sensitivity

Both the 9500ix and the Max 360 make use of GPS [1] to measure your speed, whilst automatically varying the strength of the radar from the best radar protection.

The Escort Max 360 is able to switch the radar sensitivity to maximum strength to offer the very best speeds.

The 9500ix is better utilised for city driving as it tunes the sensitivity of the important radar bands down to help eradicate any false positive. This makes it extremely intelligent as you wouldn’t have to utilise its TrueLock feature. That being said, you are able to select the Highway Mode if you prefer to have maximum radar protection.

The 9500ix also has the capability of flashing your current speed on to its display whenever a radar threat is detected. This enables you to seamlessly and quickly check your speed, without having to look at your speedometer.

GPS Function

The Passport 9500ix comes with the latest GPS powered Filtering coupled with TrueLock. Truelock is a radar frequency filtering system which permanently gets rid of false positives by frequency and location.

The 9500ix comes with complete coverage covering X, Superwide Ka, K, SWS and International Ku radar capability. What sets this apart is the fact that it is able to intuitively increase your range as you drive faster.

The Max 360 has a GPS that connects automatically to the satellite, utilising its autolearn function which makes it easier to get the best out of the GPS.

The Max 360 is able to learn as you drive around the city, better recognising false alerts. It does this by assigning a GPS coordinate to every alert and this enables it to identify the same alert in the location as a false one, muting it. This does not stop you from manually marking locations that you believe are false, thanks to its mark button.

AutoLearn: Artificial Intelligence Protection

Both the 9500ix and the Max 360 comes with patented AutoLearn technology, which is an artificial intelligence that helps to identify false alerts.

Both detectors search for radar threats, associating the particular frequency with that specific geolocation. When the specific frequency from that particular location is picked up three times, both devices will acknowledge it as a false start, muting the location and frequency from future alerts.

Given that both devices are made by Escort, they are both able to utilise the Autolearn technology to update your signals. For instance, if that particular frequency does not present itself at that location any longer, or if the frequency is discovered at another location, both detectors are equipped to automatically unlock the signal.

It is possible to turn the Autolearn feature off or on using the main menu.


When it comes to pricing, the Escort Passport 9500ix is much cheaper than the high range Escort Max 360.  The reason for this pricing could be that there is a lot more convenience to be had with the Max 360 over the 9500ix, given that the Max 360 is able to identify signals from all directions.


When it comes to performance, the two detectors have been shown to be excellent performers at their task.

The Max 360 is a detector that is able to detect radar from a much farther distance, than the 9500ix. It is also able to detect radar much faster than it. You also get threat direction arrows with the Max 360 which would make identifying the threat much faster.

That being said, the 9500ix is not a slouch at all. Even though the Max 360 beats it when it comes to faster threat detection, it is still one of the faster and better performing radars available on the market today.

When it comes to performance, it is just simply fact that the Max 360 benefits from the Max series of detectors longer range and quicker detection. If you were to use both side by side, it would easy to notice the additional performance.

Conclusion: Escort Passport 9500ix OR Max 360c

Reading from the comparison above, it is easy to see that both exceptional radar detectors are able to hold their own, with each being a market leader in the industry. The majority of people wouldn’t mind the tiny inconveniences or lapses that both devices have. The choice of the better of the two, however, depends on what the driver requires. Now to the nitty-gritty conclusion of the 9500ix vs Max 360 battle.

Generally, both the 9500ix and the Max 360 are great investments for those drivers that want to secure themselves from red-light and speed cameras, speed traps and more.

If you want a basic no-frills radar detector that just does the job, then go for the 9500ix.

If you are searching for a radar detector that comes fully loaded and provides you with all-round protection even on the highway, then the Max 360 is for you.

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