Escort Passport X70 VS 9500ix

09th Feb,2022

The Passport series is known to be some of the top radar detectors available for purchase today. If you’re searching for the very best radar detector device within a particular price range then you need not look beyond this series. 

But with the series providing the best bang for your buck, how does one choose between two of its models, namely the Passport x70 and the Passport 9500IX? 

To help you manage all that confusion, we are going to pit them against each other in this Passport X70 Vs 9500ix battle. If you want to know which is better, you simply have to read on!

Features of Both Radar Detectors

To help you decide which of these popular radar detectors from Escort is better, we will compare them on the following features:


The X70 does not have IVT filtering, so you will have to get used to a lot of false alerts. Thankfully, false alerts from other sources can be filtered out due to the inbuilt filter and the information from crowdsourcing that Escort Live provides.

The 9500IX’s AutoLearn GPS feature is what sets it apart from the X70 as it enables the device to analyze frequency signals, making it a lot more effective when it comes to filtering out false alerts. While drivers everywhere would love the fact that false alerts are not an issue, the device’s filtering can be a little too aggressive.

The 9500IX’s Defender Database records the location of red light cameras, speed traps, speed cameras and every other high-risk areas around. Thanks to this database, the Passport 9500IX can provide you with an early alert when you happen to be approaching a possibly dangerous area. With it, you will have enough time to prepare and adjust your speed safely.


The X70 comes with different layers of filtering to ensure that false and real alerts are carefully filtered accordingly. It does not have a built-in GPS chip, but it makes up for it with Escort Live, which is a community database for hazards on the road. 

However, it does have a filtering system which lets the driver adjust its responsiveness and performance between three modes. The device’s sensitivity can also be adjusted to specific speeds. 

When it comes to filtering, the 9500IX can be said to be miles ahead of the Passport X70. It is simply down to its inbuilt GPS which provides it with an edge that even Escort Live cannot help the X70 to surmount. 


When it comes to display quality, the 9500IX comes with blue and red displays.

It does feel like Escort dropped the ball on this radar detector, as it could have come with a multicolour screen. That being said, you still get a pretty bright and visible LED display that shows all the most important information.

Both the X70 and the 9500IX come with adjustable brightness and when configured to the correct setting, the screen can be read even on an extremely bright day.

The 9500IX takes it a step further as it comes with an ambient light setting that can automatically set the brightness for the driver. This is an extremely useful feature which lets the user concentrate on driving instead of messing with the device’s brightness.


When it comes to performance, the 9500IX lives up to its reputation, providing an absolutely great performance. When you consider what price bracket it falls in and it not being Escort’s flagship, it is extremely effective in detecting numerous laser and radar signals. 

The X70 struggles where the 9500IX excels. The X70 is noticeably slower in recognizing radar signals, particular those of the K band [1]. The X70 does not detect the signal source until it is about 170 feet away, which in reality is not a sufficient distance, especially if you are driving quite fast. 

The Passport 9500IX trounces the X70 in this regard as it is able to provide you with an alert multiple seconds faster. This extra time in detecting laser and radar signals can be very beneficial to the driver.

Conclusion: Escort Passport X70 or 9500IX

This comparison is between two radar detectors made by the same company, Escort, so it is no surprise that there are so similar features in both devices. However, they have been created at different price points and cater to different target markets.

If you’re looking for a newer model with more updated features, you can start with our product review of the Max 3.

If you want a throwback that is still able to function to its best, and you don’t mind the constant false positives that BSMs will provide, then you can simply choose the X70.

The 9500IX is the star of this Passport 9500IX vs Passport X70 battle, as it offers enhanced performance and better features over the X70. If you want the very best then the 9500IX is for you.

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