Escort Max 3 Radar Detector Review

01st Jan,2022

The new Escort Max 3 is available on the market. However, is it just the Escort Max 2 repackaged, but with no new improvements?

You don’t want to spend money on essentially the same radar detector. Let’s take a look at what the Max 3 has to offer.



The Escort Max 3 still sports a sleek design. Size-wize, it sits right between the Escort Max 2 and the Escort iXc. So, if you are looking for something right between those sizes, the Escort Max 3 is just right.

The sleek design makes the radar detector easily mountable without obstructing your line of sight. It also has a flatter design with connection ports on the side if needed.


The Escort Max 3 has come a long way from the Max 2. Let’s take a look at what sort of upgrades and capabilities it has that makes the transition worth it.


Range is key when it comes to detecting potential traffic blocks. With the Escort Max 3, you’ll have a premium range that can detect red light cameras, law enforcement and speed cameras at a distance of 124 miles and over.m

Once detected, this premium-level radar detector will alert you of what lies ahead, and the screen will display all the information about the incoming signal, but we’ll discuss more on that later.


The Escort Max 2 had advanced BSM filtering, and now, so does the Escort Max 3! BSM stands for “blind spot monitoring”, which means that the radar detector is able to detect not only incoming threats from the front, but from the side and rear as well.

Not only does it detect, but it also filters out “false alert” signals from other vehicles around you to make sure you only get notified when there is a real threat. You will no longer receive readings for garage door openers and even microwaves with this feature.

App Compatible

The Escort Max 3 is compatible with multiple navigation apps [1], including the popular Waze.

With Bluetooth, you will be able to connect to your app and send and receive real-time alerts of what’s happening on the road.

This way, you can join the community of drivers that share information faster than even news channels. With the notifications sent straight to your phone, you can avoid potential traffic hazards and law enforcement, as well as notify your fellow drivers.


The latest Escort Max designs have been featuring colored OLED displays. The Escort Max also has this with its predominantly blue and white hued screen displaying information about the detected bands. Aside from the band frequency, your Escort Max 3 will also show you the speed at which you are going, the distance of the detected signal, and the strength. This will allow you to change course or alter your driving accordingly.


Everything you need to control your new Escort Max 3 is directly built onto the outer shell. On top of the radar detector, you will find the power button, mute button, volume buttons, and more.

All it takes is a single tap of your finger to input your preferred settings. The adjustments that you make will be conveniently displayed on the little screen.


As mentioned earlier in the review [2], the Escort Max 3 offers its own mount that already comes with the package. The EZ Mag mount will have a very strong hold on the radar detector and your vehicle. It features a magnetic anchor plate paired with a silicone suction cup that adheres to your windshield.

It’s a product that is only offered by Escort and is of the same quality you would expect from their radarstop notch. You can also release your radar detector with ease to stow away when you aren’t driving.

Installation of the radar detector is easy. You just need to tilt and slide it into the mount. To remove it, all it takes is for you to lift the display of the detector and slide it off the mount.

Escort Max 3 Review Conclusion

The new Escort Max 3 provides users with more advanced filters and premium range to ensure that you only get notified when there is a real threat. It will help you eliminate traffic tickets in more ways than one that a more inferior product cannot.

Escort has more radar detectors in store. Check what we wrote about Escort Redline 360C here.

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