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Escort Redline Ex VS Escort Passport 9500ix

One of the many puzzles that comes with buying radar detectors from the same brand is the similar features that they all come with. The Escort Redline Ex and the 9500ix are from the same manufacturer renowned for packing tons of features and shaping their products to fit into the easy-life-tech-based century that we live in.

Both are powerful detectors with great features that will help you avoid getting booked by the police. But don’t worry, we’ll help you decide.

Let’s delve right into both advantages first.

Escort Redline EX

Redline Ex Advantages

  • RDD Immunity for banned areas
  • Bright multiple color OLED display
  • Escort Live app
  • Voice alerts for hands-free operation
  • Dual antenna for directional alerts
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • GPS powered Auto-Learn technology
  • Relative faster response

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9500ix Advantages

  • Voice alerts for hands-free operation
  • Firmware and hardware updates available
  • Built-in GPS technology for tackling false alerts
  • Auto-Learn technology
  • Variable speed sensitivity
  • Auto mute and auto volume
  • 360° laser protection
  • Bright blue LED display
  • 4 bands radar detection (Ka, Ku, K and X)

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Features of Both Radar Detectors

Now, we’ll compare Escort Redline Ex vs Passport 9500ix as well as look into the similar features of both and see how they’ll fit into your needs.

GPS-based Auto-Learn Technology

This patented Escort feature is found in both the Escort Redline Ex and the 9500ix. With this feature, both detectors are able to memorize false alert locations after having passed them thrice and help you lockout these locations to eliminate false alerts when you drive by them next.

The GPS discovers the locations and the Auto-Learn Technology learns of them for future lockouts. It’s a tie here for both radar detectors.

Escort Live App

With an in-built Bluetooth technology, both radar detectors can seamlessly connect with the Escort Live mobile app on both Android and iOS platforms.

With the Escort Live, drivers can share speed limit data, police radars, speed cameras and many other vital information on the go. It’s a community of Escort drivers that help each other avoid getting booked by the police.

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RDD Immunity

Radar detectors are banned in some localities [1]. If your radar detector is not immune to radar detector detectors, it will be seen and flagged.

With the Escort Redline Ex, you are covered anywhere with full RDD immunity. The Escort Passport 9500ix lacks this feature and that implies that you’ll have to be careful when driving in some locations.

Voice Alerts

The Escort Redline Ex and the 9500ix have this in common.

When you’re driving in the city, both detectors automatically set themselves to reduced sensitivity so you don’t get to pick up multiple alerts from all the drivers and blindspots that clutter the city.

When you veer off the city into the highway, you don’t need to set them to full sensitivity. They do that automatically for you while you again focus on your journey and stay conscious.

Lightning Fast Response

With the Escort Redline Ex, you have a true Digital Signal Processing (DSP) that provides you with swift response better than any radar detector.

You are also able to detect radars farther with accuracy. Technically, the Redline Ex beats the 9500ix on this.

photo indicating parts of radar detector Escort Passport 9500IX

Defender Database

Both radar detectors have a huge database of red light camera, speed camera and speed trap locations. With this, you can avoid the alerts coming from these locations no matter how sneaky or stealthily built they are.

The 9500ix gives you alerts of these spots about a mile or half prior to arriving there.


While both detectors pack 90% similar features, you might want to think they fall within the same price range. Sorry to burst your bubbles, but they aren’t.

The Escort Redline Ex is way more expensive, and is almost twice the price of the 9500ix. This makes the 9500ix tempting to buy but your needs matter in the end.

Escort Redline Ex vs 9500ix – Performance

Both radar detectors thrive when you place them in the performance chart. Choosing any of these two radar detectors will grant you the protection you need.

With these radar detectors, you certainly have protection. However, a more serious driver might prefer the Escort Redline Ex since it offers full RDD Immunity. If the feature is not a necessity, the Passport 9500ix is adequate.

Conclusion: Escort Redline Ex or Passport 9500ix

Both detectors are excellent in their performance ratings.

Escort Redline Ex is best if you drive around a lot. The RDD immunity it offers is a great plus if you don’t mind the steep price tag it bears.

Escort Redline EX

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The 9500ix is best if you drive in cities often. It’s cheaper while offering you the protection you need. It is also one of the best radar detectors in its price range.

escort passport 9500ix radar detector

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