Escort Max 360 VS Escort Redline Ex

05th Feb,2022

From the platform of the Escort brand of radar detectors comes these two gallant products – Escort Max 360 and Escort Redline. 

As expected, same brand will birth similar features with slight differences and the choice becomes a tough one to make. However, with each release, the Escort brand ensures they make a product better than the previous which is smart for business. That’s what we can see here. 

They have great similar features that every driver needs but when it comes to making a choice out of both, this comparison will help you decide that. Definitely, one edges the other in a unique way and vice versa. This review and comparison will settle the debate titled Escort Max 360 vs Escort Redline EX and you get to make a fine choice. 

So let’s start with advantages of both radar detectors. 

Features of Both Radar Detectors

Here we compare the features of both exceptional radar detectors and see how well they outrun each other.

Auto GPS Lockouts

One annoying feature of radar detectors is false alerts. Thankfully, the Escort brand furnished their devices with an automatic GPS lockout feature that comes powered with auto-learn technology. With this technology in place, the detector learns of false alerts locations and automatically mutes them for you.

Both radar detectors are furnished with this feature. 


Arrows make directional indications better and the Escort Max 360 enhanced this feature by making them in multiple colors. So the rear antenna has a separate color from the front one and that includes the bands too.  The Escort Redline EX has no arrows and Max 360 gladly triumphs over it on this. 

True Stealth Operation or RDD Immunity

There are some areas where radar detectors are prohibited, but with your Escort Redline Ex you can operate in stealth mode in these same locations and not be detected. The Max 360 lacks this feature giving Redline Ex an edge over it.  

Escort Live App

With a Bluetooth enabled connectivity, both radar detectors can connect with the seemingly patented Escort Live App [1] and share speed limit data, speed camera locations, police radar and other sensitive information on-the-go with fellow drivers on the Escort platform. This is common with Escort radar detectors and these two aren’t an exception to this feature. 

Lightning Speed Precision

This feature comes with the Redline Ex making it one monster of a radar detector. It detects signals farther and quicker with the sharp speed yet accurate through the use of Digital Signal Processing (DSP). The Max 360 lacks this feature.

Automatic Speed-Based Sensitivity

Both detectors come with this feature. Both can automatically switch to highway mode (full sensitivity) from city mode (reduced sensitivity) and vice versa. You don’t need to manually alternate between modes.

Speed Limit On-Screen Display

Both radar detectors can display the speed limit of your current location in the bright and large OLED display screens they come with. This is yet another tie and it’s another brand feature.


Both the Escort Max 360 and Escort Redline Ex have frequent updates for firmware and hardware that can be updated with a Wi-Fi connection and not necessarily needing a computer system. Another common feature with the Escort brand. 


When it comes to pricing, Max 360 is easily the most expensive radar detector out there. The Redline Ex is cheaper even though both bag excellent similar features.

Escort Max 360 vs Escort Redline Ex - Performance

The Max 360 is known largely for packing tons of features all of which are geared towards enhancing user experience and making convienence more pronounced. It is also glaring that it isn’t a top class performer – relatively. So while that is a given, the Redline Ex comes with better range, fast response, more protection and encompasses all the convienence of the Max 360 save for arrows. 

Both radar detectors are within the same line of average performers that saves you off those speeding tickets by providing all the protection you need from the guns and radars lurking out there. The Redline Ex sits on a small edge over its sister Max 360. 

What happens when the strengths of both radar detectors come into one? You can read all about the Escort Redline 360C, a new offering by the brand.

Conclusion: Escort Max 360 or Escort Redline Ex

While both are siblings in performance and features with one edging slightly over the other (Redline toppling over Max 360), there are few distinguishing features to note for the choice making process. Max 360 has arrows, while Redline Ex doesn’t. The Redline Ex has RDD immunity but Max 360 doesn’t. Now that you have to make a choice, this is what we recommend.

Escort Max 360 is best if you love the arrows and all the convenient features that comes with Max 360 and you also have the extra cash to invest in a radar detector.

Escort Redline Ex is best if you live in an area where radar detectors are banned and you are looking for a little inched up performance from an average performing radar detector that offers top notch convenience in usage.

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