Escort Redline Ex VS Max 2

08th Feb,2022

If there is a name that most people check for when cruising for a radar detector, it is Escort.

They have many classes of radar detectors with functionality and features to fit every budget. That being said, the sheer number of models available can make picking the right radar detector a bit confusing.

Today, we will shed light on which model between the Redline Ex vs Max 2 is the right radar detector for you. Let’s dive in!

Features of Both Radar Detectors

Long Range Detection

The Max 2 was once heralded as Escort’s flagship. The Max 2 is able to clearly identify the major frequencies used by law enforcement, which are the Ka, K and X bands.

That being said, it falls short compared to Escort’s other devices. While the Max 2 is better able to show the intensity of a signal once discovered, the beeping decreases after a couple of seconds. 

The Escort Redline Ex struggled a bit with recognizing some bands, but it was able to hold its own when it came to recognizing radar signals from a distance.

While both the Max 2 and the Redline Ex are both good in their own right, the Max 2 wins this bout as it was able to detect the signals quicker than the Redline Ex could.


The Escort Redline Ex and the Max 2 able to detect X, K, Ka, and wide Ka bands. 

The Escort Redline Ex comes with a much-improved hide mode which makes your radar detector undetectable by police radars. The automode has been updated, causing the number of false positives to drastically reduce. It also comes with a dual antenna system, which helps to speed up alert time over other radar detectors. 

The two devices are also powered by the car, so you can be sure of them not cutting out when you need them the most. Radar detectors powered by batteries are usually not as effective.


The Escort Redline Ex is no slouch when you consider the features it sports. Undeniably, it is expensive, but while you can find cheaper radar detectors that offer a better straight line detection, only a few are able to match up the Redline Ex’s false alarm filtering and detection.

When you go cheaper, you also lose the level of integration and protection the Escort Live app offers. Also gone are GPS and stealth technology. So, when it comes to it, the Redline Ex is actually good value for money, especially if you use it correctly.

The Escort Passport Max 2 is also expensive just like the Redline Ex. The value really comes from if it is able to save you from getting more than a few speeding tickets, and this device is capable of doing that as it comes with great detection capability for its class. It also gets a boost in value due to its connectivity with Escort Live.

One thing that removes value is the fact that the design is unnecessarily bulky. There are better designed radar detectors that cost less, but you are certainly not purchasing this for its looks.

Where it really shines is its laser detector, but that does not really matter since a laser would most likely measure your speed before you are able to do anything about it. It does falter a bit with pop up radar.

The measurement time is a bit hit and miss, however, you should be fine if you mostly drive in areas where law enforcement uses older radar units.


The Escort Passport Max 2 is able to quickly register radar signals. It can also be seamlessly connected to Escort Live with no confusing menu or process standing in your way. 

Its filtering system is no match for newer BSM systems [1] on vehicles, however. Apart from that, the Max 2 is still able to deliver its main function, which is to detect radar signals, even though there are newer radar detectors that can perform better.

The Escort Redline Ex has been shown to perform very well on the highway, being able to quickly detect signals quickly. The performance in the city sees the Escort Redline Ex perform quite similarly to the Max 2. 

That being said, the Escort Redline Ex is able to provide a balanced ride ensuring that the driver is kept aware of any dangers. 

If there is one thing the Escort Redline Ex excels in, it is the performance. With this radar detector, you get warning at least ¾ miles away, giving you ample time to adjust and ensure you are driving in a safe manner.

You can also read what we said about the new Redline 360C.

Conclusion: Escort Redline Ex or Max 2

Overall, the Max Redline Ex and the Max 2 are part of the leading radar detectors right now. Very few radar detectors are able to match and surpass the overall performance of both devices. 

The Redline Ex sits at the top tier of Escort’s products for its impressive detection range, RDD immunity and other premium features. The cost can be too much for some people, though.

The Max 2  isn’t a bad radar detector either and that is thanks to its features list. If the Redline Ex is out of budget and you can do without RDD immunity, the Max 2 is a good alternative.

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