Escort iX Long Range Radar Detector Review

The escort iX radar detector is a product from the escort company which has performed its task more than 40 years in the field of radar signal detection. This radar detector is actually pit against the genuine radar detector and police laser which are used for the laser enforcement and it will act as a subject to the RF interference which is routinely encountered on the open roadways.

The new Escort iX radar detector is being positioned to replace the Escort Passport 9500ix. This the most selling radar detector from the escort company which has sale around 500,000 units all over the world over the past nine years span.

This is the only radar detector model form the escort company which was produced for such a long period of time, longer size and it was the venerable product compare to other escort detectors. The Escort iX radar detector is a signal detector which is incorporated with the GPS.

The Escort iX detector has a ability to lock-out the false alerts from the fixed locations of the X-band and K-band which is typically originating from automatic door openers used by the retailers. This new type radar detector has a capability which was very well received by the drivers who are appreciated a false-free detector on their commutes.

The Escort iX detector has a build upon features what they internally refer to as their M4 platform. The prior models of this Escort iX radar detector were build upon the now discontinued in S7 platform which has been well regarded and it was looked at by some with a strong sense of nostalgia.

The despite the S7’s popularity with enthusiasts the S7 had some limitations which includes the occasional need to have it send back to the manufacturer to have it recalibrated. This is the more stable self-calibrating M4 which has proven to be an overall superior platform and in its most updated form, will serves as the underpinning of the new Escort Ix radar signal detector.

Parking and workmanship of the Escort Ix detector:

The Escort iX detector is designed with a solid construction and the Escort is back in the business of manufacturing the proper radar detectors. The basic design and construction of the Escort iX detector is pretty good than all other models of detectors form Escort company such as Max, Max2, the short lived passport detector, the current passport X70 detector.

The Escort Ix detector is properly designed for detecting the radar signals whose construction is clearly created in the image of the earlier models of the other legendary detectors.
The look and feel given by the Escort iX is very good, particularly the color of the radar detector is very sleek to the impact-resistant because of the plastic case. The seams are tight and the tactile feel of the push buttons are spot on to detect the radar signals.

The Escort iX is definitely looks more capable of holding up to hard to use over time than the aforementioned than other detectors. The Escort company also provides a sturdy and beautifully embossed black carrying the case which protects its contents better than the thin walls pouches of the other Escort products. The Escort is stepping up to a plate by adding the extra value of their smart card USB now as a standard equipment. This cord will only provides the power to the detector and also enables you charge your android or apple phone at a time using the power in the detector, this feature makes this model as a unique model detector.

Escort Escort iX Radar Detector Power Bundle + Radar Detector Direct Wire Power Cord

Escort iX Long Range Radar Detector Review
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