Uniden DFR9 Review

05th Jun,2019

Uniden is a big name in the radar detector industry. The Uniden DFR9 is one of their mid-range models, coming in at just under $300. But at this price point, is it even a reliable radar detector? Or are you better off investing in something more expensive?

In our tests for this Uniden DFR9 review, we’ll tell you everything you need to know.



The Uniden DFR9 comes with all the essential radar detector functions plus a few little extra upgrades. Its performance is similar to the DFR7, but some of its features match those of pricier radar detectors.

Then again, at a budget price, there are certain shortcomings that may be hard to ignore.

Appearance-wise, the Uniden DFR9 is sturdy and stylish. Although it doesn’t necessarily look like an expensive radar detector, the product design is made with user-experience principles in mind.

The display is an outstanding feature. The LCD is the same as the R3, and it has a good amount of brightness that makes reading the information easier whether it’s day or night.

This ultra-bright OLED display is actually readable even under direct sunlight, which means you don’t have to squint to read information such as the current speed, battery voltage, altitude, time, and the radar band frequency of the current notification.

And even at this price point, the display is full-color. It’s not one of those cheap red LEDs or the costlier blue LEDs that both display a single color only.


The detector works on a 12 volts DC cigarette lighter adapter. The cigarette charger comes with a mute key, which is an uncommon but useful feature. With the mute key on the charger cable, you don’t have to move your hand entirely to the radar detector itself. Since the charger cable is nearer, that makes it easier to mute your device.


Uniden claims that the radar detector has a super long range capability. In our tests, this high-performance laser radar detector is capable of what it says, and here are some of its outstanding features.

GPS Features

The Uniden DFR9 includes GPS support, which helps a radar detector in many ways. 

GPS makes the detector remember locations that you mute the alerts in. If you take the same route to work everyday, the detector won’t bombard you with the same false alerts you pass by on the road. With GPS, your radar detector learns to ignore technologies like automatic door openers and digital construction boards.

As such, you don’t have to remember places in your regular commute press the mute button every time. As your device develops its directory of false alerts, you would enjoy a quieter drive, getting only notified with real threats.

On the other hand, the “super long-range” feature basically means that the range is more than what great-performing models like DFR1 and DFR3 can offer. These models have a long-range and an extended long-rangem respectively. 

However, the Uniden DFR9’s range is shorter than those of the R1 and R3, which are dubbed as “extreme long-range” by Uniden.

Various Alerts

Aside from alerting you from radar guns, this radar detector also comes with alerts for red light cameras and speed cameras. This is a bonus feature that’s not available in all detectors, and it adds better functionality so you don’t get traffic tickets as well.

Additionally, the Uniden DFR9 comes with voice notifications so you don’t have to look at the radar detector every time it beeps. So when driving, you can always keep your eyes on the road.

And while the Uniden DFR9 isn’t the only model to feature voice notifications, it’s one of the best models we’ve tested at this the price range.

Price Competitiveness

For this kind of range, the price tag usually starts at $450 and up. But compared to other radar detectors at this price point, the features, range, and capabilities of this device is pretty impressive.

Plus, with a one-year repair warranty and upgradeable firmware that supports both Windows and Mac (see Uniden support), this is one of the best radar detectors at this price range.

Overall, as far as price competitiveness and performance is concerned, the Uniden DFR9 is a reliable gadget that will help keep you safe on the road.

Uniden DFR9 Review Conclusion

On the whole, the Uniden DFR9 is a great radar detector. It provides a long-range capability, a great display, GPS, voice alerts, and minimized false alarms. It’s a user-friendly device that’s suitable for beginners, and it’s a worthy investment to stay away from traffic tickets.

Uniden DFR9 Review
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