Uniden R1 Review

06th Apr,2019

The Uniden R1 Extreme Long Range Radar is one of those top-end radar detectors that you hear about. 

But we haven’t gotten a lot of experience with the Uniden line up of products so we have a lot of questions to ask and we have a lot of questions that we want to be answered.



We were immediately drawn to their unique display system they have and how colorful their display is, so we beg the question, are these models worth it? 

What do they offer over other models and what does Uniden provide that other providers can’t? 

We answer that question in this Uniden R1 Review.

For the comparison of this product versus the R3: https://www.ratedradardetector.org/uniden/r1-vs-r3/

The design of this model looks a little bit futuristic. This is one of the more impressive models we’ve ever seen and we hope it knocks the socks off of customers because it’s a little more on the pricey side and customers know it. 

The display is very colorful and that’s easily the best part of the design.

The rest of the case and the rest of the functionality isn’t too impressive design-wise but the overall design of the display screen almost makes this entire product worth it alone. 

For the Uniden R3 review, the newer version of this detector, check here.



The Uniden R1 has an extremely fast processor that gives you results in a mere second. 

Actually, it can even be less than a second because the processor inside of this radar detector can process all the results in the surrounding area in about 500 milliseconds or less.

This gives you far more time to react and gives you a lot of coverage options, whereas other radar detectors can take up to several seconds to detect a speed trap and then, it might be too late.

Full Coverage

Something we’ve been taking a bit more seriously lately is how many of these radar detectors offer full coverage versus those who don’t. 

A radar detector needs to offer full coverage of every angle in the surrounding area so that you can be completely safe, no matter which direction you’re traveling or what’s in your path. 

Sometimes when you’re traveling straight, police cruisers to your sides won’t register and that’s why full coverage is so important.

You can also compare it against another radar detector famed for this capability in our Valentine One VS Uniden R1 feature.


The display of the Uniden R1 unit is very colorful and very easy to read and understand. 

With other models, it gives you this generic message which can take a long time to learn and you’ll have to consult a guide to understand what all of the different things mean.

But with this radar detector, you can easily see what kind of radar was detected and the frequency, which is presented in an easy to read format.

False Flags

You won’t have to worry about false results or false flags, because Uniden R1 has been fined tuned to specifically exclude those that would normally give you false results. 

This can be annoying for any user and it can scare people who might be traveling in a town and they get a false report.

It fares better even against GPS-enabled models from the brand. You can see our article pitting Uniden DFR7 VS Uniden R1 for more details.

The Uniden R1 Long Range Radar Detector gives you error-free reporting and it’s famously known among the radar detector enthusiast community for being accurate.


Q: Do I have to plug Uniden R1 into the cigarette adapter?

A: Yes, you do. Don’t be alarmed though, because you won’t have to buy a completely new adapter or any other additional cords at your own expense because your purchase of this model comes with one at free of charge to you. 

Also, there’s a window mount included so if you want to mount this detector to the window, you can easily do so.

Q: If I have a blind spot and collision warning on my vehicle, will this model filter that out?

A: It will. This model filters out all of the new and modern features on a lot of vehicles that are included. 

You won’t get any false reports or false positives with this model and if you do, that’s a rarity, so I would ask the manufacturer about the exact error you received because this model does a great job with filtering those out.

Q: Does this thing have a warranty?

A: This is a question better suited for Uniden but as far as we understand, they have excellent customer service that will be able to help you. We’ve never seen a bad complaint about their customer service and they’re very knowledgeable.

Uniden R1 Review Conclusion

The Uniden R1 is a great product in our opinion and it’s not too expensive but it’s not exactly on the cheap side either. 

It’s one of those products you have to commit to and it’s also one of those detectors that you’ll probably have for a long time because, from the reports we’ve read, this detector lasts for years without any kind of issues popping up. 

If you are looking for a more recent model from Uniden’s R series, check out this one.

We can fully recommend the Uniden R1 and recommend you give it a shot with no risk to you, because if you have any issues, just contact Uniden.

Uniden R1 Review
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