Escort Passport S75 Review

06th Apr,2019

The Escort Passport S75 radar detector has a lot of things we haven’t quite seen with other radar detectors, so we wanted to give you all a fresh look at what this detector has to offer and to determine whether or not this product is worth the purchase.

We will say that the display is a bit larger on this model than what we’re used to seeing in some previous models but that’s not a bad thing. That just makes the information presented easier to read. Also, there’s a lot of additional features that come with this detector that aren’t available in other models, which we’ll be going into.

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Everything on the Escort Passport S75 detector is designed for convenience. However, we do wish that the buttons were in an easier to reach position because you might bump the wrong button or hit the wrong thing when you’re driving.

At least the information on the display is easy to read thanks to the size and the color scheme. We’re not sure why they’ve added the charging port on the left side when most people put this thing on the left side of their dashboard so that’s something you’ll have to become accustomed to as well.


USA Made

Escort is a locally owned company in the USA and the dealer who produces these radar detectors ships them from the USA so the shipping time will be incredibly fast, which is probably why they offer free shipping for this detector as well. No long delays or waits that some of the other radar detectors out there have.


This model includes a lot of high-tech features that some of the other Escort models like the X70 (source) or the X80 reviewed here don’t have. First, there’s the GPS and auto-locking features which help immensely cut down on errors and false reporting, which a lot of people have complained about in other models.

Then, there’s the BSM filter which will not only improve the accuracy but the quality of the signals being picked up as well. This thing was made from the ground up with really good technology and everything was built to improve the level of signals you get.

Online Updates

If you want (and we recommend that you do), you can get online updates with the Escort Live app that’s downloaded to your phone. You’ll get information on speed traps, traffic stops, software updates and a lot more when you use the app. It’s really easy to update and it doesn’t take a lot of room on your phone so this app is a must-have if you own this detector or any other Escort detector that’s capable of using the app.


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Everything you would need for the Escort Passport S75 is included right in the box with your purchase including a windshield mount, a smart card, a reference guide, it’s very own travel case and it also comes with an Escort warranty. We’re not 100% sure what the exact details of the warranty include but we know it lasts for up to one year and covers a lot of different things so you can contact Escort for full details.

  • The Escort Passport S75 comes with its one-year warranty in case of any accidental damage or faulty errors due to the manufacturing, so you don’t have to worry about product failure because it will be replaced at no cost to you
  • You don’t need to purchase any additional accessories after your purchase of this detector because a windshield mount and its very own power cord comes with this product
  • You can get easy to access updates through the internet via your smartphone, all you have to do is download the app and connect it to your detector and you’re all set
  • The display of this detector is very bright but not blindingly bright and it’s made to be easy to read with a red tint overlay
  • There are several different modes of radars that this unit can detect including K-band, X-band, Ka-band and it has a pop mode for those pesky laser pointer modes that always seem to sneak up on people

  • The only downside to the Escort Passport S75 detector is that it doesn’t automatically shut off when the car shuts off, so you have to do it manually which can be a bit of a nuisance every time


Q: What are the size specifications of this detector?
A: This is a rather small radar detector; at least considerably smaller than a lot of the detectors we’ve seen by Escort. It’s only 5 and a quarter inches long by nearly 3 inches wide and the thickness of the detector is only a little over an inch tall. Needless to say, it’s a rather small detector and fits just about anywhere that you need it to fit.

Q: Can Escort Passport S75 show me my speed?
A: Yes, Escort Passport S75 can show you your speed. However, you have to program it to show your vehicle speed which can easily be set up and adjusted in the configuration of the detector.

The hand guide that comes with this detector shows you how to do all of that and more if that’s what you want it to do. Also, if you’d like, this detector can also show you the battery voltage that’s being consumed which is kind of helpful.

Q: Is this a corded detector?
A: Yes, it is. The packaging of this detector even comes with a smart cord in the purchase, dubbed as the Coiled SmartCord, like other Escort detectors such as Passport 8500×50 and Passport Max (review here). It doesn’t consume a lot of power so you won’t have to worry about that.

Escort Passport S75 Review Conclusion

The Escort Passport S75 radar detector works great in urban areas and we were thoroughly impressed with how many different modes it had and how many things it could detect. Whether it was a highway patrolman using a laser gun or whether it was an urban traffic stop, there’s nothing that this unit can’t detect and alert you of. It saves a lot of money on traffic tickets and we recommend you check this product out.

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Escort Passport S75 Review
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