Escort Passport Max Review

On news, Escort Passport Max wins the 2013 SEMA best new product. Drive with the best radar detector worry free for 30 days (by login to the website) and take ticket protection to the max!

Escort Passport Max
brings few new actions to the radar detector’s pack of tricks. It is very useful and it is demanded for man such innovative ways due to its GPS connectivity. It took new appearance with new suction cup and it uses new signal-processing tech to tune out the noise that triggers false alerts.

Included Accessories:

Escort Passport Max pack compiles with one soft-sided travel case, new “Sticky Cup” windshield mount, 12-volt Smart Cord and a manual for quick reference.

Escort Passport Max Radar Detector Features:

  1. Artificial Intelligence Protection: This ticket protecting genius is fully packed with mass intelligence with patented AutoLearn technology which uses the power of both GPS and scrupulous frequency that automatically learns and rejects unwanted door openers and other fixed position false alarms. Escort Passport Max provides long-term security and ceases false alarms in the industry with its perfect results. Thus Escort passport max review is of complete positive comments both from the user end and the other way round of public ends.
  2. Compatibility: Escort Passport Max is much compatible with ESCORT Live. ESCORT Live is an award-winning app of Escort that exclusively executes as a real-time ticket-protection network! It helps by warning on upcoming alerts received and reported by other users in the area, and gives the user an access to local speed limit data for excess speed alerts.
  3. DEFENDER Database: Now-a-days everyone can see the speed traps and camera locations everywhere! “Safety” is assured across the installed region; say for throughout the U.S. and Canada by pre-loading the Escort Passport Max. In addition, we secure with the upscale DEFENDER Database of active red light and speed camera locations throughout North America. For instance, when you near such locations it will alert you in advance. Furthermore, the user also can add the own “hot spots” using the exclusive Mark Location feature.escort passport max mounted

For today’s drivers, Defender is the largest required database for speed traps, speed cameras and red light cameras. It is not only the largest database but also the latest database, with weekly updates available for all of ESCORT’s Internet Ready, and GPS-based Radar Detectors. It alerts drivers while approaching Speed Cameras, Red Light Cameras, Speed Traps and other high risk areas.

Specification of Escort Passport Max:

Operating Bands: It executes under the operation bands of below mentioned.

  • X-band 10.525 GHz ± 25 MHzsescort passport max specification
  • K-band 24.150 GHz ± 100 MHz
  • Ka-band 34.700 GHz ± 1300 MHz
  • Laser 904nm, 33 MHz Bandwidth

Radar Receiver / Detector Type: It runs on a couple of detector types which are of appending below.

  • Superheterodyne, Varactor-Tuned VCO
  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP)


Laser Detection: Escort passport max radar detector holds the detection of laser types;

  • Quantum Limited Video Receiver
  • Multiple Laser Sensor Diodes

GPS Receiver: SiRFstar III

escort passport max real threats recognizer

Minimum False Alarms

Display Type:

  • Graphic Multi-Color OLED
  • CruiseAlert
  • Bar Graph
  • ExpertMeter
  • SpecDisplay
  • 5 Levels of Brightness with Full Dark Mode

User Preferences

  • Language: English / Spanish
  • Display Color
  • Speed Display (On / Off)
  • Cruise Alert
  • Over Speed
  • Meter
  • Tones
  • AutoMute: On / Offescort passport max live action
  • AutoLearn (On / Off)
  • Units (On / Off)
  • Voice On / Off
  • GPS On / Off
  • Auto Power
  • Bands (Selectable)
  • Markers (Selectable)
  • Clear Locations

Power Requirement: Escort Passport Max requires the below mentioned energy level that to execute on

  • 12VDC, Negative Ground
  • Escort SmartCord Included

Sensitivity Control: Highway, Auto and Auto No X

Compact Size: 1.3″ H x 3.2″ W x 5.3″ L


Escort Passport Max

Escort Passport Max Review
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