Escort Redline EX Review

17th Mar,2019

When the original Escort Redline was released in 2007, it quickly became a well-regarded radar detector. In the years since then, its reputation has remained largely untouched because of the top performance and convenience the device has afforded users through its long-range, quick alerts and undetectability.

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That is a feat despite the technological advancements in the field and otherwise. But with the detector more than a decade old now, it eventually became time for Escort to develop a successor. And so, Escort delivered and Redline Ex came to be, and they did a good job as this model was compared on our list of top radar detectors.

During its launch, Escort Redline Ex claimed the title of its predecessor as the possessor of the longest radar range recorded. It has been often considered as one of the best performing detectors available in the market to boot. But with new equipment claiming to improve on the features of slightly older models, how does the Escort Redline Ex stack up? Let’s discover it together by having a rundown of its design, features, pros, and cons below.

Escort Redline EX

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The Escort Redline Ex is nice-looking, although we would not go to the lengths of saying that this is the most handsome equipment around. It is slightly larger than other options, which goes great with the OLED screen that indicates speed and the limit as well as bluetooth and GPS statuses, and is easy to read at most hours of the day.

Indicators on the top of the screen are convenient because they’re hard to miss once the Redline Ex recognizes a signal. By deciding to get it though, you have to make a compromise: hiding takes a little more effort.

If you’re particular with how everything goes together aesthetically in your car, the Redline Ex can be considered. Colors can be changed as pleased, although of course the choices you have are limited to the basics, which is still better than nothing. It lacks directional arrows that other competitors and newer models in the Escort line have, but performance can still be comparable in some devices as one can conclude in our comparison of Valentine One VS Escort Redline Ex.

The mounting system is highly reliable so even if you encounter a few bumps along the way, you can trust that the detector will stay in place. The accompanying wires for the Escort Redline Ex also don’t look cluttered which is a plus if you want to keep everything in your car in place.


True stealth operation

The Escort Redline Ex comes with a TotalShield technology, so you can trust it to detect incoming signals but be out of the radar on the side of troopers, except when directly seen because the Redline Ex is not easy to conceal. Its twin antenna also helps this purpose because it gives protection and defense against detectors of radar equipment on more than one side of the vehicle, and it does so quickly.

This feature is also one of the greatest strengths of the brand new Escort Redline 360C.

AutoLearn function

One downside of radar detectors that continues to irk drivers is the inability of some to distinguish legitimate signals from benign ones. With Escort Redline Ex’s AutoLearn, you can train it to ignore false alarms on your usual route without the process being tedious. Like with the Escort iX, through GPS, it can recognize that you are going the same way and will then repress signals you’ve ignored by storing it on its memory.

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False Alert Filter

Adding to the feature above is an improved IVT from the original Redline. Through it, the radar detector can also identify false alarms coming from vehicles in the immediate vicinity. Initially, it came with a bug but that was soon fixed by an update.

See how the Redline Ex performs against older flagships such as the Max 2. We’ve compared the Escort Max 2 VS Redline Ex for your convenience.

Long Range Performance

The Escort Redline Ex can no longer boast of having the longest range, but its reach still is not something to ignore. If you loved the original Redline, then you might notice an improvement in the range of the Redline Ex, which is still saying something.

It lacks directional arrows, which are now featured in some Escort models. You can compare Escort Max 360 VS Escort Redline Ex side by side to see if the arrows are something you’d want in your own radar detector.

Escort Live

Let’s face it: radar detectors are still subject to errors. In that case, you can rely on the Escort community to give accurate information as the Escort Redline Ex allows this function through Bluetooth. It is a give and takes process because you can be informed of other people’s alerts and also give out warnings detected by your device automatically.

This feature is not limited to this model. You can learn more about the brand’s products and how the Redline Ex fares in our comparison articles just like Escort 9500IX VS Redline Ex.

  • The detection range of the Redline Ex is better than most similar equipment and even exceeds the capabilities of a radar gun
  • It is just like its predecessor in that it is safe from Spectre detectors
  • The presence of a twin antenna increases sensitivity immediately and covers more sides of the vehicle
  • It takes note of previously ignored signals and minimizes false alarms caused by sensors in nearer, newer cars
  • The detector allows for integration to Escort Live for crowdsourcing, like other greatest Escort radar detectors
  • The display is highly readable and can be configured

  • It is slightly larger than others and can pose difficulties in hiding
  • Although it is wide-reaching, it would not immediately indicate where the radar originates from

what's included in Escort Redline EX


Q: Is Escort Redline Ex compatible with Waze?

A: Yes. It functions similarly as to when the device is connected with Escort Live because of cloud integration. It’s not designed to be used directly with Waze, but the latter can be chosen as an alternative in identifying areas for concern.


In many ways, the Escort Redline Ex is an improvement over the older Redline because of its design, function to minimize false alarms, and stealth technology. However, even though it is decent enough as a detector, it is not distinguished enough to match the reputation of Redline, and many competitors can edge out the Escort Redline Ex’s features. Here’s another detector review from the brand:

Did You Know? If you’ll get a speeding ticket while using the Redline Ex – EscortRadar will Pay for it!

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Escort Redline EX Review
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