Valentine One Mirror Mount Review

25th Oct,2018

Having a radar detector is the safest way to avoid a speeding ticket. However, this means that it must be easily visible and easy to use. As you already know, one of the best radar detectors on the market is the Valentine One. It was developed in 1992 and since then, it was constantly improved. Many owners claim that this is the most advanced radar detector. This also means that there are many accessories you can buy for your radar detector, one of them is Valentine One mirror mount.

What is Valentine One mirror mount?

Valentine One mirror mount is a small device that allows you to mount your V1 to a rearview mirror. This is useful due to the fact you will be able to see the display on your radar detector easier than it is located below. Also, you won’t have to move your eyes off the road, so your driving will be safer. The last benefit Valentine One will be more effective when you mount it on your rearview mirror. This means that it will detect police radars sooner. However, some states forbid using radar detectors. If you live in a state like this, Valentine One mirror mount isn’t a perfect improvement for you. In this case, you should hide your radar detector, so a police officer cannot see it. Sadly, using a mirror mount means that it will be easily visible to you and the police!

This is also applicable to the next gen update of the Valentine One.

Finding the best Valentine One mirror mount

You can easily find the best mirror mounting products on Amazon. They offer such products at a low price and with the option to choose from different models. Some of them even include a power cord, etc. We had to do some substantive research to provide you with all the information you will need before you buy a mirror mount for your Valentine One. Read on to see several different models, their advantages and their cons as well.

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Valentine One mirror mount comparison

Often, a product’s quality and ease of use can be determined through the owners’ reviews. Hence, we looked for different reviews and considered them as we were comparing these products. In the chart below, you can see the average rating of each model.

Different Valentine One mirror mount products have different rates. For example, the Performance Package Mirror Mount has the most reviews but gained only the middle score. Also, while this product has the lowest price, it is just a plain mirror mount, so there is no power cord included.

Radar Mount’s Mirror Mount Bracket plus Mirror Wire Power Cord is the most expensive product among all the mirror mounts here, but it has the best score (almost perfect). The manufacturer claims that it is the most reliable product on the market, so your Valentine One will be safe in place even when you drive off-road. This means that it won’t come off your rearview mirror.

The Mirror Mount Bracket plus Direct Wire Power Cord has the same advantages. It is a bit cheaper than the previous model, but it has a good rate as well. On the other hand, the BlendMount BV1 Standard Series is another expensive device to mount Valentine One but it is lightweight, durable, and utterly sleek-looking, making it perfect for high-end vehicles.

All models are designed and built in the United States. All of them offer free shipping, so their prices are even more affordable.


As always, there are some differences between these products. For example, Performance Package Mirror Mount and Mirror Mount Bracket plus Mirror Wire Power Cord have the same dimensions and the same weight (7.2 ounces). Also, you can install them by yourself, because you get all the necessary screws and tools in the package. Mirror Mount Bracket plus Direct Wire Power Cord is a bit heavier (8 ounces). The dimensions are the same. However, this version is a bit more complicated to install than other models.

The best Valentine One mirror mount product must be easily mounted and it must be useful. All of these models can be used for other devices, besides Valentine One. This includes cameras, mobile phones, and other in-car devices. Also, all of them can be used in almost all vehicles.


Sadly, there are some minor drawbacks. The biggest drawback is that Valentine One mirror mount positions your Valentine One a bit lower on the windshield, so your view on the road may be affected. Police officers may pull you over and demand from you to solve this “problem”. In states where you cannot have anything on your windshield, this means that you can get a ticket. Thieves can easily see your radar detector and break into your car on a parking lot. However, you can avoid this by removing a radar detector when you leave your car on a parking lot. The last but not least drawback come from drivers behind you. Some of them may look in your radar detector so, in case of emergency, they can slam into your car. This is a common problem when a radar detector is mounted in a visible place.

As aforementioned, you cannot use Valentine One mirror mount in areas where radar detectors are forbidden to use.

The price of Valentine One mirror mount

In general, all mirror mount products are cheap. Their prices vary between $20 and $50. However, the cheaper versions are not very reliable, so it is recommended to buy a more expensive model. The good quality ones can go as high as over $100, but they are ones that you can count on for the long term. Also, some of these devices come with power cords or a mirror power cord, so you can save money with this smart investment. Here are the prices of several different models.

As you can see, the prices are similar, but for a few more dollars, you can get a mirror wire power cord. This means that you will save money with this purchase.

How to install a Valentine One mirror mountvalentine one mirror mount uninstalled

It is very easy to install a Valentine One mirror mount. You get all that is needed included in the package (brackets, bolts, and screws). All you need to do is to install brackets on your rear-view mirror and screw it down with included bolts. To do this, you will have to screw down two bolts. After that, just mount your radar detector on your new Valentine One mirror mount and you are done. Even if you don’t have any experience, you can complete the process in 5-10 minutes.

Radar Mount Mirror Mount Bracket + Mirror Wire Power Cord - Valentine V1 Radar Detector

Valentine One Mirror Mount Review
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