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18th Jan,2018

Valentine One was launched in 1992 as one of the best radar detectors money can buy. But that’s more than a decade now, so is it still up to par with today’s models? Well, it’s still a pretty smashing device. And to give you the full details, we’re looking at the upgrades in this review.

Quick Overview

Radar and radar detector technology is constantly advancing, so having an old radar detector isn’t recommended if you want to avoid speeding tickets. However, the situation with Valentine One is completely different.

The Valentine One upgrade is constantly available to users worldwide, and Valentine Research made it possible to have these updates so customers can experience the abilities of the radar detector in the best way possible. So since 1992, Valentine One has been updated many times so it could surpass or at least be on par with the latest flagship models of other brands.

Now, all elements in the magnesium case are modern and completely different from the original model. But the updates aren’t all about its physical parts and details. It usually entails the performance of the device as a whole, and we’ll get to that in a bit.

What brings the latest Valentine One upgrade?

Traffic systems are re-designed every year to make them better and safer. This also means that police use new radars. If you have a Valentine One and you want it to be effective, an update is a must.

The latest update for the Valentine One includes two improvements. They are:

1. Traffic Monitor Filter – This is developed to eliminate the possibility of false alarms that are caused by Speed Info. It uses a very successful software algorithm. As you may know, this is a serious problem for obsolete radar detectors.

Without the upgrade, Valentine One isn’t very effective when driving your car in an area that has Speed Info. This system is installed on almost all highways in the United States, so updating your radar detector is crucial.

2. ESP (Extended Serial Protocol) – This Valentine One upgrade improves communication with SAVVY and with peripheral devices. This will improve the radar detector significantly so you’ll be able to use it for a longer period of time.

The Price of the Valentine One Upgrade

The Valentine One upgrade is needed, but its price tag may be expensive. It will cost you $200 plus shipping fees.

In essence, the upgrade costs as much as a brand new radar detector. On the other side, the Valentine One itself is pricier than that. And when buying a new police radar detector at a cheaper price point, you may end up with a non-effective device – which then results in a speeding ticket.

Using the Valentine One is a safe choice as this is one of the most efficient police radar detectors on the market. It has significantly improved since its release in 1992, so it’s a completely different device now.

Do you need the Valentine One upgrade?

If you live in an area where there is no Speed Info and you don’t want to use SAVVY, there is no need for A photo of Valentine one installed in the sun visorthe update. Otherwise, if Speed Info is present in your neighborhood or you travel by car a lot, you do need the update.

Simply said, without it, you won’t be able to use your device in modern cities. But after the update, the Valentine One radar detector will function perfectly for a few more years. And eventually, you’ll also get another update, ensuring that you always have a radar detector that can detect even the “toughest” police radars. Or, you can also add the JBV1 to your phone apps, which is made especially for the Valentine One.


No one wants to throw away a capable detector that just needs a bit of update to fully compete against the latest models of today. And with the price range of the Valentine One radar detector, you would waste away a good sum of money. The Valentine One is designed to stand the test of time, and with the upgrade, it can have an all-new feature set that’s extremely reliable on the road.

Alternatively, here’s some great news: the much-awaited Gen 2 of the Valentine One is already here!

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