Valentine One Power Cord Review

24th Feb,2018

Valentine One is one of the best radar detectors you can buy. It is completely different than other devices because it is the same as in 1992. But of course, while the design is the same, all elements are replaced and improved many times, so now we have a completely new radar detector. The latest update is available right now, and it brings a lot of improvement in police radar detection and in reducing the false alerts. However, aside from the updates, Valentine One has even more advantages. You can buy additional accessories for this radar detector. This includes mirror mounts and power cords. A good aspect of this is that there are many different models on the market, so you can buy the one you prefer.

What is the Valentine One power cord?

The Valentine One power cord is a cord that allows you to connect Valentine One (or the faster Gen 2) to your car’s power supply. As a default, when you order your Valentine One radar detector, you get an accompanying power cord. However, there are additional models of the cord that can be further useful to you. Some are longer, so if the standard Valentine One power cord is too short for you, you can buy a different model. All of them are very cheap, so money isn’t an issue when choosing among different models.

What versions of Valentine One power cord are there?valentine one power cord and package

We can categorize Valentine One power cords into two: coiled and straight. The main difference is in the length and the physical appearance of the cords. A coiled Valentine One power cord appears shorter but is longer, because you can stretch it. On the other hand, a straight Valentine One power cord is a regular common cord. For practical reasons, it is better to buy a coiled Valentine One power cord that has a length of 1 foot and can be stretched up to 6 feet. The price of this Valentine One power cord is $12. But if you prefer a straight cord, you can buy a 2 foot (coiled) power cord that stretches up to 8 feet for the same amount of money. This Valentine One power cord is designed for big vehicles or even trucks.

As aforementioned, a straight power cord cannot be stretched and wouldn’t lengthen. So if you need a long cord, you can order an 8 feet straight power cord for $10 on Valentine One’s official website. However, if you don’t need a long one, for $4 you can buy a 3-inch power cord. This is the power cord that’s the same as the one included in the Valentine One package. For most users, this is enough. But, if you want more, you can get whichever fits your requirements, because there are a lot of Valentine One power cords that are on the market.

Universal power cords

Valentine One Electrical installation

On Amazon, you can find power cords that can be used by several, different radar detectors. One of them is Long Power cord for Valentine One, Escort and Beltronics. The price of this cord is only $9. For this money, you get 90 days warranty and a Valentine One power cord that has a length of 11 feet. It is designed for outlets that are hard to reach. This power cord is also a perfect solution if you want to have a “clean” look of your car interior. Simply said, there will be no wires and cords hanging on your dashboard or across your windshield. Also, if a radar detector is banned in your area, using a longer power cord is a wise choice, because you will be able to conceal your radar detector much better. A lot of users say that this Valentine One power cord is very good as it can also be used for different Escort and Beltronics models. In essence, all the latest models are supported, so if you decide to switch from Valentine one radar detector into another model, you won’t have to change your power cord.

CAR Coiled Power Cord Replacement for Valentine OneValentine One Cord for cigarette lighter outlet

This type of power cord is a bit different. It is used just to power your radar detector. To connect it, you will have to insert it in a cigarette lighter outlet in your car. It is 5 feet in length and priced at $5, which is very cheap. Despite its affordable price point, this Valentine One power cord has an excellent rating on Amazon. Most users claim that it is reliable, cheap and durable. Besides, you get an LED indicator and fuse protection. The fuse protection means that if there is a problem with car electrical installation, your radar detector won’t be affected by it. And based on the return policy on Amazon, if you are not satisfied with this cord, you can return it after 30 days.

How to buy Valentine One power cord with less risk?

As most of the radar detector related products, the Valentine One power cord is bought through the Internet. This means that you can’t inspect the product before it is delivered to you. If there is a malfunction or a problem, you won’t get your money back. These things happen more often than you can imagine. To avoid them, you should be careful and pay attention to details. The best way to determine the quality of a product is to check the reviews and comments. Most products have excellent scores and positive comments. If you notice that a product has several negative comments, avoid buying it. However, if a product has just one negative comment, it is possible that a problem is with the owner’s car or radar detector, so a Valentine One power cord isn’t in question.

Buying used Valentine One power cord shouldn’t be among your options! If not treated with care, these secondhand power cords can be easily damaged. You can repair them, but if you take into account their price of just $5 or $8, there is no point to spend a few hours trying to repair them. That’s why buying a used Valentine One power cord is a big risk. Also, some of them may have been repaired already, so they can cause serious damage to your car’s electrical installation or even your Valentine One Radar Detector. As you already know, Valentine One costs more than $400, so it isn’t wise to risk it with a $5 power cord!

Wondering which phone apps work best with your Valentine radar detector? Check out the JBV1, which is compatible for both versions of the Valentine One.

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Valentine One Power Cord Review
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