Whistler Pro-78SE Review

Whistler Pro-78SE is treated as one of the best radar detectors in its price range. It comes with great features and it is more than efficient in detecting police radars. Despite the fact this model isn’t a brand new device, it has been updated, so now it comes with improved feat2ures and several additions that the previous model didn’t have. On the other side, the price of this model is similar to the older unit, so it is still a great investment, if you take into consideration that it can protect you from a speeding ticket. We were able to test this model and now we can share the detailed Whistler Pro-78SE review with you.

The main features of the Whistler Pro-78SE:

whistler pro-78se featrues

  • Laser Identifier or the LSID is the standard feature on this radar detector. In general, this feature allows you to identify which laser is in question, due to the fact the ultralight and Stalker have different frequencies.
  • Stealth mode is another great feature that allows you to avoid detection by police devices.
  • The antenna has been improved so it is much better in eliminating the false alerts and it has more sensitive Ka band frequency.
  • The display is still the same, but it offers great visibility in all conditions so it is a great part of the Whistler Pro-78SE. It can be dimmed, so it doesn’t distract you during the night.
  • Voice alerts help you keep eyes on the road, while the radar detector alerts you to possible threats. In addition, the voice is very pleasant.
  • Additional LEDs are located on the top of the device and they are more than helpful in alerting you to a treat.
  • Due to the fact it has 3 city modes, this device can help you reduce the number of false alerts.
  • Filter modes reduce the number of false alerts, caused by other radar detectors. There are 3 different modes.
  • Alert priority is a unique feature to the Whistler Pro-78SE. It means that the device will alert you to the strongest signal, in a case there are more than just one alert on the road.
  • The automatic shutdown feature is also supported and it allows you to customize the shit down of the radar detector.
  • Quiet mode is useful if you need a time without any sound. This is also a standard feature on this product.

What owners have to say about Whistler Pro-78SE

Due to the fact this is a common choice of most people, we had to include their opinions in our review. This also means that this Whistler is based on real user experience, making it much more accurate.

What users like about this radar detector:

  • The improved antenna and KA band sensitivity.
  • The amount of false alerts has been reduced.
  • The display is simple and efficient.
  • Price is low, but this product features can be compared with doubled price radar detectors.

At the end, we can say that Whistler Pro-78SE is a great police radar detector, and one of the best if you take the price into account.

Whistler Pro-78SE High-Performance Radar Detector

Whistler Pro-78SE Review
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