Whistler XTR-140 Review

12th Nov,2018

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Whistler XTR-140 is one of the cheapest radar detectors on the market, but it offers features that make it efficient and useful against police radars. An interesting fact is that it also has features that were reserved for more expensive radar detectors, so it means that you will get a device that is affordable but has the same possibilities as more expensive units.


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When looking for a radar detector, you want one that you can depend on in any situation—whether you’re driving at a crowded area or you’re up on full speed on a highway. Often, radar detectors would offer high-tech features that can easily convince drivers to get them, but the essential elements are just what you need to keep you safe from traffic violations on the road. The Whistler XTR-140 is one of those solid radar detectors, which offers the basic detection features needed to assist a driver. Despite not having all the whistles, bells and out-of-the-box features, it offers total protection from various bands and has elements that add up to having a good device for radar detection.

The Whistler XTR-140 radar detector protected thousands or drivers in recent years, so it is one of the most common choices when it comes to radar detectors. Keep in mind that this isn’t a high-end product, so don’t expect some advanced features. On the other side, average protection is easily achieved. This review will try to reveal all features and something more about this device.


The outer case of the XTR-140 is a sleek black exterior with gray buttons and a commonly-sized screen for alerts. What’s remarkable for this model is the added LEDs in its design to have a visual alert that easily grabs the attention of the driver for a quick reaction.

whistler xtr-140 radar detector and manual

Features of the Whistler XTR-140

  • The Alerting system must be mentioned, due to the fact it is different than most radar detectors have. It is based on icons, so it is easier to determine which threat is in front of you.
  • Visual alerts have been updated with LEDs, located at the top of the device. They make the alerting process much shorter.
  • Despite the low price, this device offers 360 degrees protection.
  • Like the more advanced Whistler XTR, This radar detector has three city modes. Choosing the correct mode will reduce the number of false alerts.
  • The lenses on this radar detector have been carefully chosen, so they offer a better view range.
  • Tone alerts offer quick alerting.
  • The most dangerous threat will be displayed first, thanks to the alert priority system.
  • The battery safer is a useful feature if your vehicle has issues with the battery. If the radar detector detects the low voltage, it will shut down.
  • Immune to the police devices that should detect radar detectors. These guns are known as VG2 and they are used in most countries. The feature as mentioned above is more than needed if police radar detectors are forbidden in your state.
  • It supports X, K, and super wide Ka.
  • Comes with a windshield mounting components. This makes the mounting process simple and easy.

Pros & Cons


  • It covers a lot of commonly encountered bands like Laser, Radar, VG-2, & Safety picture Whistler XTR-140 with flashing LEDs at nightRadar bands.
  • The Whistler XTR-140 features a unique Twin Alert Periscope for the visual alerts through LEDs flashing on and off whenever there is a signal warning.
  • It shows a clear icon display of the power, band identification, mode, and even signal strength.
  • It is VG-2 incognito so it could pass by without being noticed.
  • It features a Highway Mode and 3 City Modes. The Highway Mode offers full sensitivity and full audio & visual warning; while the City Mode remains quiet as it reduces sensitivity for less disturbance by automatic doors.


  • As earlier mentioned, the XTR-140 doesn’t have all the bells and whistles present in other radar detectors.
  • At night, the LED lights that flash blue and red can draw a lot of unwanted attention, especially when you’re passing by police authorities.
  • Even in Highway Mode, the user may encounter false warnings.

What users have to say about the Whistler XTR-140

Users often give the best impressions about some items. In this case, their opinions are very important, due to the fact they are based on the actual use of this device. This XTR-140 review includes their impressions to help you get the best idea of what is good about this device. Most users claim that theta is satisfied with:

  • The alerting system, that is based on icons is much simpler than other systems and makes this radar detector easier to use.
  • The alerting process is very short, due to the fact LEDs are located at the top of the device.
  • The cloaking feature makes it useful in countries where using a police radar detector is forbidden.
  • The same features as more expensive radar detectors.

Whistler XTR-140 mounted on the windshield


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Q: What is the average detection distance of the XTR-140 when mounted on the windshied?
A: In Highway Mode, it usually reaches from half-mile to one mile. Remember that setting it on Highway Mode allows it to detect much further.

Q: Can XTR-140 run even when it’s unplugged and just on battery?
A: No. This model can’t run on batteries and it has to be plugged in all the time.

Q: Does it have a voice alert?
A: No, the main warning alert of this radar detector is through visual—hence, the added LEDs that flash brightly. It also beeps when detecting a signal.

Whistler XTR-140 Review Conclusion

Whistler XTR-140 is a pretty decent radar detector that can perform excellently by beginners and intermediate radar detector users. The main advantages of this radar detector model are its strong visual alerts, affordable price, and VG2 invisibility. These features are key for any radar detector, and this one can be enjoyed for many years because of its durability and dependability.

Even some of the features it offers can often be found in high-end radar detectors, so you would experience great features for just a fraction of their usual price. We would recommend XTR-140 as a great device for those who want protection on the road at all times.

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Whistler XTR-140 Review
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