Whistler CR75 Review

05th Jun,2019

The Whistler CR75 is a multipurpose radar detector and one of the very best radar detectors under $100. The sub-$100 range is usually where most of the first-time or rare radar detector users invest. But if it’s your first time or if you use radar detectors rarely and looking for a new one below $100, then that doesn’t mean you need something lesser in any way. There is no compromise. A risk is a risk, and even in this price range, you should only get the very best that can serve the purpose efficiently and reliably. Thankfully, over years, the Whistler CR75 has proved to be a really good radar detector for many drivers all across the United States.


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The Whistler CR75 is not as good as the CR80 but an interesting build between that and the CR70.


The build is inferior to many Cobra models in the same price range. But the build doesn’t determine functionality so it might be an important consideration to many of you. Just be a little cautious if you ever tread on rocky terrain.

The design is a truly attractive mix of blue and black. It’s conventionally captivating. It’s a radar detector and it looks like one, simple as that. Nothing fancy or over-the-top when it comes to the exterior design, like other Whistler models (e.g. Whistler XTR-130 and Whistler CR93). It’s user-friendly and multifunctional, which is a great combination because no matter how versatile a radar detector (or any other equipment, for that matter), if it’s not user-friendly, then most of its versatility will go to waste. So, well done Whistler on your CR75!


Clear Display

This radar-and-laser detector comes with a bright LED screen. The display is clear. It gives you a good idea of what’s happening ahead of time, making the Whistler CR75 a good driving companion. It’s very hard to miss a warning or alert from the CR75 because of the bright LED screen, but make sure looking at it doesn’t distract you. Rely on sound alerts when on busy roads.

Wide frequency range

Speeding checkpoints have evolved almost at the same rate as consumer radar detectors have. Police scanners use higher and lower frequency bands now than the mainstream bands that older radar detectors could detect. But the Whistler CR75 can reliably alert you of very low frequencies and high frequencies as well.


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Customizable Audio Alerts

The audible alerts are adjustable. You can mute warnings or make them louder, as it suits your needs. On highways, the range is very long. But in certain states, cop cars take the old approach of driving on the opposite lane. So, if you’re driving fast and they’re also driving fast, then whenever you get a warning, you might only have seconds to slow down. It’s a good practice, therefore, to always take action or be prepared to take action whenever you get a warning. Yes, even on the highways.

False Alert Filtering

There is no app integration, which can cause the device to throw up a lot of false alerts. And we all know how painful these alerts can get. No matter how smart you are how much driving experience you have under your belt through the same routes, it’s still a problem if you see a false alert. If you can’t quickly classify the alert as false, you waste a lot of time. And if you take quick decisions, on the other hand, you run the risk of getting a speeding ticket. Whistler CR75 is not one of the high-end models, and that’s probably why there’s no app integration, but many detectors in the same price range from other manufacturers come with reliable app integrations and that’s a really big plus.

Price competitiveness

It helps detects most of the radar bands quite effectively and from a very good distance. The Whistler CR75 is one of the finest radar detection equipment in this price range, truly. Even if you are using a radar detector for the first time and choose to go with the Whistler CR75, let us assure you that you will be faring safely along the roads. This is a good investment and has the bang for the buck. For the price, you are getting additional features that you will soon discover to make your police scanner detection even quicker and easier.

Whistler CR75 Review Conclusion

Sure, it throws up a lot of false alerts, but that’s what you get if you go below $100. That might not be entirely true, but you also have to understand that no automatic system can differentiate between a normal radar emitter and a radar emitter in use by the cops. State troopers deploy many different techniques, like in some states they even let you speed and then turn their speed guns on to catch up. No radar detector is 100% false alerts-free and no radar detector can always detect a cop.

But the Whistler CR75 comes pretty close to highly reliable in most of the situations. So, if you’re not crossing ten states in one go, there’s nothing you should worry about when you have the CR75 with you. It comes with functions that are efficient and will help you take a drive very safely. Just be ready to slow down whenever you receive an alert because sometimes, it’s not a stationary cop that the signal is coming from but a cop moving towards you on the opposite lane.


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Whistler CR75 Review
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