Escort Maxcam 360c Review

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07th Nov,2022

As a latest addition to Escort’s complete driver alert system, the Escort Maxcam 360c is one of its best radar detectors, combining 360-degree protection with futuristic technology. 

Radar detectors are essential for averting laser speeding tickets. With real-time alerts and dashcam videos, this top-of-the-range radar detector outperforms its predecessor, the Escort Max 360. In this article, we will discuss its key features and give you a clear overview of how this radar detector operates.

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  • Advanced filtering
  • Long range detection. Detects threats with exceptional performance.
  • 360 degrees directional arrows.
  • 4 Infrared cameras. Can capture video in complete darkness.
  • High quality video recordings.
  • Easy to use and understand
  • Built in microphone and speaker for voice recording

  • SD card not included.
  • Screen is small than others.

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Escort never compromises on ergonomics and their wide range of electronics attests to it. Their award-winning radar detectors are designed to elevate functionality and security, deriving the best outcome for every user. The boxy block contraption is a statement design that has continued to sell radar detectors over several decades.

Exterior Configuration 

The Maxcam 360c is a premium dash camera that comes with a sleek design and polished finish. As a top-performing radar detector, the design complements its state-of-the-art look. The buttons are painted silver while the outer surface is a classic black color which is perfect for blending into the background if there are police inspections. While this detector is not the cheapest you can find other radars under $100 on this list.


A robust rotary dial accompanies the front side with four blue directional arrows and a mute button in the center. The arrows indicate the direction of the radar source with a comfortable OLED screen that displays your speed limit. The rearward side contains the camera lens and laser lens. 


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It is rather common to experience dead pixels along the length of the screen and a “burn-in” malfunction as a lot of users have expressed their qualms regarding the OLED display. The inherent nature of OLED is unavoidable and an LED display increases the dash cam’s efficiency. As a result, the screen degenerates faster, resulting in inherent blotches that eventually cause problems in the long run. 

Nonetheless, this in no way affects its radar performance and the sensitivity of the radar itself but we recommend a better alternative– the Escort Redline 360c which is equipped with an LCD screen.  

USB cables

There is a USB port and mini USB cable for expanding its function. The USB port connects to your computer for automatic downloads. There is also a mini USB cable for updating software. 

Overall, the Maxcam 360c offers the best security features with a more permanent installation that reduces false alerts and detects police radar from a mile or two away. The built-in dashcam and radar alert integration is a life-saving combination for many users. 


In comparison to its previous model, the new Escort Maxcam 360c is unlike any radar detector. With its recent 360c update that incorporates a built-in WiFi system and directional alert arrows, the flagship detector is revolutionizing driver alert systems. 

Not only is the radar and laser detection exceptionally designed for the connected car but also stream-lined with a reliable dashcam. The secure ecosystem is designed to detect radar signals from a mile or more away and even protects you from speed traps and accidents. Let us take a look at some of its distinct features. 

360-Degree Protection 

It does not come as a surprise that if you are shelling out a lot of money on a radar detector, the reparation charges and additional costs need to be taken into consideration as well. 

Escort is so confident in its services that they are ready to pay for your radar or laser speeding ticket for one year after purchase. The perks do not end here. There is an intensive trade-in program that allows you to exchange your old detector and get credit towards a brand new one. Both of these are, of course, subject to terms and conditions so make sure to read the entire pamphlet on their official page.

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Autolearn Technology

Escort’s patented Autolearn technology is largely dependent on the GPS system. There have been instances where a lot of radar detectors alarm drivers with false alerts, disrupting their focus, resulting in unwanted signals. 

The Maxcam 360c flawlessly emulates this driving technology and completely eliminates false alerts by monitoring your driving patterns. To break it down further

  • The auto-learn technology essentially learns your driving style and vehicle speeds. 
  • This repetitive process is configured into its database to filter out signals. 

The Maxcam 360c, specifically, learns these patterns quickly and filters out false alerts near grocery stores and shopping malls. However, the radar detector is unable to deflect alerts around industrial areas, which can be a cause of concern. See how this new detector compares to the old Max 360C.

Luckily, there is an option to block or mute the false alerts manually but it is cumbersome for most users. Especially if you are investing in a radar detector to reduce false alerts, this model can be a bit of a letdown in that area. This detector performs much better than other 2 in 1 combo’s like the Cobra road scout.  

IVF Filter for False Alerts 

Similar to the Autolearn technology, the updatable IVF Filter mirrors the extensive false alert mitigation feature. This includes In-Vehicle Technology sources such as collision avoidance systems and adaptive cruise control which often set off false alerts. 

The IVF Filter is a remarkable asset–mostly because it is extremely useful for staying on track while driving and slowing down when there are red light alerts. The effectiveness of the IVF filter surpasses any other radar detector and makes it worthy of its price. 

360 Directional Alerts 

The Forward and front-facing antennas installed in your Dashcam detect threats around your vehicle and indicate the direction of the radar source. In addition, the on-screen arrows on your screen indicate the direction of the threat. 

These directional arrows can be customized in the device settings. Some of them are listed below: 

  • You can attribute different colors for alerts 
  • Adjust things like over-speed warnings and the GPS filter through the preferences menu. 
  • Change the display color settings 
  • Change the actual numeric frequency

On several occasions, directional alerts have saved users from crossing the cruise alert limit. Escort advertises its radar detector as a complete driver alert system and rightly so–its 360 Directional Alerts redefines the connected car experience and alleviates your entire driving mechanism. 

Another comparable detector that has excellent use of directional arrows would be the Uniden R8. Although the Maxcam 360C is a better detector, the Uniden R8 is worth checking out.

Escort Live App

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A deal-breaking factor for dashcam enthusiasts is the prevalence of the Escort Live App. It is a user-generated real-time alert that demarcates things like red light cameras and speed cameras that may or may not show up on your detector. 

After all, every machine comes with its drawbacks and nothing is better than receiving a helping hand from a community of over three million Escort customers. It is a natural reflex for escort users to plug into the Escort Live App for surrounding alerts on the map at marked locations.  


The versatile yet functional layout of the app is appealing to drivers–especially for ones that are just looking to cross the extra mile for others. A simple amalgamation of your phone and radar detector gives you access to local limit data for overtime alerts and saves you the hassle of depending on only your detector for directional alerts. 


Of course, there are drawbacks to the Escort Live App–without which it would be too good to be true. You may encounter sections that receive a lot of false alerts when it comes to over-speed warnings. Consider setting your current speed on the OLED display relative to the speed limit of the area and changing the over-speed warnings via the app. This will somehow reduce false over-speed warnings but not completely eliminate the glitch in the system.  

Drive Smarter App 

The Drive Smarter App detects anomalies on the road and connects your Dash Cam to your Smartphone via WiFi. Here’s how you can set it up: 

  1. Download the Drive Smarter App on your smartphone 
  2. If you do not already have an account, create a new one. 
  3. Once you have logged into your account, you can add your vehicle along with your new radar dashcam

Since the MAX 360c comes with both Bluetooth and WiFi capabilities, you can connect your vehicle through a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot to receive air updates. On the app, you can simultaneously view your current driving speed and the speed limit in the area. It will be highlighted in red if you are speeding. 

With the dashcam connected to the app, you’ll be able to access a number of features. 

  • Record video files 
  • Upload dashcam videos on the Drive Smarter Cloud 
  • Edit, share and access footage from anywhere
  • Download videos on your phone 
  • Transfer video files to your computer 

The fact that the application superfluously displays the speed limit is a great visual reminder, though it can be buggy at times. A more pressing issue with the app is that it simply makes notes of verified speed traps and does not navigate your location. A lot of actions need to be manually sorted through the Drive Smarter App which is burdensome and borderline dangerous while you are actively driving on the road. 

Unless you have a willing co-pilot, the idea of manually sorting through numerous functions is overkill for most users. Apart from that, the numerous radar detector settings are very customizable if you are inclined to it. These include selecting the way detected radar is displayed. 

warranty of escort defender

Defender Database

This is a paid subscription though Escort provides a three-month-free subscription if you purchase a new radar detector. Escort’s Defender Database provides verified alerts from Defender– the world’s largest database for red light cameras and speed camera locations so you know that it is worth the extra few bucks per month. 

Escort has a number of plans–the most preferred ones being the one-year plan ($24.95) and the three-year plan ($39.95). We recommend going for the latter option as it has a better value overall. 

Connected Car Compatible 

As mentioned above, you have the option of connecting your vehicle to the MAX 360c  with a mobile WiFi hotspot. Doing so helps you to be on top of software updates and over-the-air updates. 

This is a wireless and hassle-free way of keeping your system updated with the latest tech and also syncing everything seamlessly across devices. 

Additional Features

The built-in G sensor helps your device determine if your vehicle has been in a collision and automatically locks the recording at the time of the accident. The Parking mode features come in handy due to its patented motion detection sensor that stops recording if your vehicle is parked and starts recording if it detects motion or impact. 

Conclusion- A Complete Driver Alert System

Radar detection is so much easier with escort devices that provide advanced safety and quality control. Whether it be navigating laser alerts on the sensitivity control highway or receiving live feedback in the Escort Live App, the premium detector is an all-in-one device that regulates your speed limit and offers a tension-free driving experience.

If you find the lowest advertised price on any other website, Escort will match its price within 30 days of purchase!

So what are you waiting for? Get the Maxcam 360c radar detector/dash camera now!

See how this detector compares with the best detectors of the year.


Is the Maxcam 360c radar detector worth it?

Yes, the Maxcam 360c is definitely worth the investment if you are looking for a dashcam configuration too. It promptly connects to your vehicle via WiFi and even comes with numerous customizations for every unique driver.

The radar detector is accurate and responsive and helps make your driving experience a secure one.

Maxcam 360 or Maxcam 360c: Which one is better?

There is not much of a difference between the two models excluding the 360c’s compatibility with connected cars and its dynamic radar range. There is a slight modification in the design of the two models but overall, they both perform pretty well individually as radar detectors/dash cams.

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