Escort Passport S55 Review 2018

Generally speaking, the radar detector is one of the electronic devices which are mainly used by the drivers. With the help of the radar detector, the drivers can determine the speed of the vehicle easily. Are you looking for the best and also the high performance of the radar detectors? If yes, then choose this Escort Passport S55 radar detector.

Normally, the Escort Passport S55 is one of the most leading escort detector as well as top rated radar and laser detectors in the open market. It is designed using the today’s modern technology so it gets more demand in the market. Moreover, the product is high in quality so surely, it is worth for your money.

Escort Passport S55 Pro Radar and Laser Detector Features

Actually, based on the customer requirements the manufacturers are designed this laser detector so definitely, you will love to use the features of this radar detectors. Let’s we discuss the few of the special features of this Escort Passport S55.

    • The modern design:

First of all, the design of this radar detector is really great to use. It is made using the strong plastics so it will not break easily in any dangerous situations. In addition, you can be easily mounted it on your vehicle.

To be easily mounted, the manufacturers have introduced the magnets and sticky suction cups. With the help of the magnets, you can easily mount it on your vehicle. So, it will not fall in any critical situations and also it provides the better stability to you.

    • Warning sounds:

If you want to buy the laser detectors in the market, then you should consider the most important thing of warning alerts. Similarly, when it comes to the warning alerts of this radar detector is excellently designed.

In case, the bands in the radar detector are inactivated, then the radar detectors will send you the display message as well as alerts you simultaneously. With the help of the alert tone, you will be activated the bands.

    • The sound quality:

Actually, the well-experienced people are designed this radar detector so it is high in quality and also it offers the great sounds to you. Furthermore, you can operate it easily as soon as possible. Besides, just press the volume button so you can easily increase or decrease the volume of the radar detectors. Even, it offers the mute button also. With the help of the mute button, you can quiet the sounds if you feel like annoying while it will alert you.

To get more comfort, this radar detector provides the auto-mute button. So, you can automatically reduce the volume level of the radar detectors.

    • Bright display Escort Passport S55:

This is one of the radar detectors comes with the high brightness display. It offers the 4 display options so you can easily increase or decrease the brightness level whatever you want. Additionally, the manufacturers have introduced full dark mode option so the lights in the display will not irritate you during the night time.

  • The price of the Escort Passport S55:

When it comes to the price of this radar detector is completely low when comparing to the other radar detectors in the open market.

1. The quality is amazing.
2. It offers the different driving modes.
1. It does not offer the USB port for external connection.
2. Even, it does not provide the audio port to connect the speakers or ear buds.

Escort Passport S55 Review Conclusion:

In the final analysis, try to purchase this radar detector through online if you want to get the high-quality product at the lowest rate.

Escort Passport S55 High Performance Pro Radar and Laser Detector with DSP (High-Intensity Red Display)

Escort Passport S55 Review 2018
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