Beltronics V8 Review

beltronics v8 radar detector
05th Jun,2018

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The new Beltronics v8 is one of the finest models of RADAR and LIDAR detectors that you could hope to come across in the market today and also an older version of the awesome Beltronics V10 Radar Detector. The installation and operation of this device were so simple for us when we did this Beltronics v8 Review. It works in multiple modes and detects signals at any angle from the front, rear and sides of your vehicle. Easy to read and understand user interfaces warn you with clear messages. In case you are unable to read the messages, you can simply shift to the voice mode which you can never miss out.

Top Features we found while running this Beltronics V8 Review:

  • It works in 3 modes with equal efficiency, namely the High-way, City and auto-scan. You can switch between the modes according to your convenience.
  • The auto-scan mode ensures that all irrelevant external signals are completely filtered out, leaving only genuine RADAR and LIDAR signals.beltronics v8 review of features
  • The system can proactively detect even the weakest of signals and forewarn you in advance. You get ample time and road distance to slow down your vehicle before being detected by the “eagle” eyes of the speed-detectors.
  • The controls are easy to operate. The device is loaded with plenty of options for power, display, voice, signal-detection, and alerts.
  • Programmable features are available. Using them you will be able to customize the sensitivity, settings, power-mode, and scanning-mode of the device according to your convenience.
  • The procedures for trouble-shooting the device are also quite simple. The user-manual lists out the details of possible “troubles” that can occur in the system and their corresponding solutions.
  • Additional accessories are available for
    • Plugging the device to the ports of your choice in your vehicle, no matter which electronics models and what sizes are those.
    • Extra length power cords for adjusting the mounting place of the device. In many cases, your vehicle may be cluttered with wind-shields, wipers, and other electronic and electrical gadgets. Then you need to place your Beltronics v8 in such a position that it overcomes all these obstacles and gives you a clear view also as we have done in this electronics v8 review. The power cords come to your rescue at that time.
    • The accessory-kit for the detector helps in extending the sensitivity and functional features of the device.
    • The suction-cups mount for windshield ensures that your device is free of all the unnecessary signals which might otherwise hinder the device performance and output quality.
  • The device comes with a limited warranty for one year, with highly economical service-charges.

Beltronics V8 Review Self User experiencebeltronics v8 radar detector

  • The device produces about 64 types of text messages, which include warning and informative types of data for:
    • Construction and maintenance activities on the roads.
    • Hazard-zones.
    • Travel related signals on your way.
    • Other passing vehicles near the vicinity of your car.
  • The Beltronics v8 radar detector is a highly affordable and required device by every vehicle-driver, who drives in today’s traffic “chaos”.

This Beltronics v8 review hopefully has given you the basic information regarding the utilities of the device.

Beltronics V8 Radar Detector

Beltronics V8 Review
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