Beltronics v960 Review

25th Mar,2019

The Beltronics Vector 960 radar laser detector is one of a kind. This has a lot more features than we’re used to, at least in a radar detector so we wanted to break all of them down and let people know exactly what they were getting. If are you looking for a more advanced Beltronics product, check RX65’s review page.

With 11 different features and a high-quality display screen to provide you up to date information, we knew our work was going to be cut out for us. So how does this radar detector handle driving in the urban city and the highway? Can you get something else for a better price? We wanted to dive in and find out all the details.

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The one thing we didn’t quite care for was the overall design of this radar detector because the back end of the unit looks a little large but the front end of the unit is relatively small. Also, we noticed that you weren’t allowed to buy this unit in Washington DC or Virginia, which means it has specialized scanners in them that government officials use. The voice is concise, clear and easy to understand while the display is easy to read and printed in a format that looks great. After all, Beltronics is known for designing some dashing looking detectors even from years ago, like this discontinued product, the GT-7.


Programmable Features

One of the main core aspects of a radar detector is being able to customize and program the detector to work best with where you’re driving and your needs.

If you need something that can detect speed traps sooner, then you’ll need that option and if you need something that covers a large distance for highway travel, you’ll need something that can easily be programmed. This has 11 different features that can be easily selected and programmed.

If that sounds intimidating, then don’t worry because there’s a guide that comes with this detector when you purchase it inside of the packaging. You’ll get an easy to understand guide that tells you how to program everything, how to use all of the features and when you should use all of the features.

Sound Control

If you want to make sure this thing isn’t going all the time, then you can set it up to play continuous audio, you can have it play intermittent audio or you can turn the audio off completely, leaving you with only visual prompts.

The audio is great quality just like another Beltronics radar detector, GT-360 and it’s easy to understand what it’s saying, so this is a big step up from some of their other models that included audio that wasn’t easy to understand to say the very least.

Lightweight & Small

The back of the product looks a little bit large but this is a very lightweight radar detector and one that can fit anywhere on the dashboard. It’s also easy to attach to the windshield and doesn’t go anywhere.

It weighs in at a tiny 1.25 pounds, which makes it one of the lightest radar detectors we’ve ever encountered and we would call this a pretty big benefit. It has a lot of stuff inside of it so we’re kind of impressed that it only weighs in at 1.25 pounds.

Beltronics v960 with car charger

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  • The outer case and material used in the construction of Beltronics v960 is highly durable and one of the hardest cases we’ve ever seen, which covers it from accidental drops or damage that would occur to other detectors with ease
  • Has a huge frontal cone range and far greater than a lot of the other radar detectors sold by Beltronics, which makes this such a good detector for the highway and you’ll see those sneaky radars coming long before they see you coming
  • Has an insanely fast processor inside in addition to being one of the most lightweight radar detectors out on the market, it can process information in a few mere milliseconds and displays that information to you for view instantly
  • A crisp and high-quality voice alerts you of oncoming radars and lasers, which gives you more than ample amount of time to adjust your speed and your driving so you don’t get pulled over
  • You can easily mute the audio if it’s too much for you or if you don’t want to hear the audio anymore

  • While this unit is pretty lightweight, the windshield stickers could use a little bit of work and they’re not the most durable, so you might want to reinforce them


Q: How is this item so lightweight?
A: While this item weighs only 1.25 pounds, the materials used in the construction are super durable but also very lightweight. This radar detector was made to be lightweight and to be extremely durable at the same time. Also, we don’t want people to be fooled by how lightweight it is and thinking that this product is cheaply made because that’s simply not the case. It’s very specially made and it’s of far higher-quality than we thought it would be.

Q: What model is this and why’s it better than previous models?
A: This is the V960 model and this model has a lot of significant improvements over the previous models. First, there’s the detection range which was greatly improved in this model by a lot. You can see a lot further and with a lot less trouble. Also, it consumes a lot less power than previous models did. Then, there are general improvements over scanning and what this detector picks up because previous models were known for picking up some false positives.

Beltronics v960 Review Conclusion

One of the only real main concerns we had with this particular model was that it didn’t have a lot of information readily available and a lot of people hadn’t yet reviewed the product, so we didn’t know exactly what we could go off of.

Which is why we were pleasantly surprised when we got this model, this is a one-of-a-kind radar detector and we think you’ll like it. We think it’s worth the purchase and it’ll work great for you if you need something lightweight that works in all environments.

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Beltronics v960 Review
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