Stinger Vip Review 2019


When it comes to top-notch radar detection and speed-trap detection systems, it’s hard to find something that rivals the power and the functionality of the Stinger VIP. The Stinger VIP seems to have everything and more, while only being the size of a credit card. Stinger also claims that the VIP has won the award for the world’s best radar detection system for both radars and lasers. With such a hefty price tag, we have to wonder what’s inside of this little device that makes it worth so much or if it’s worth it at all. We’re going to go into every feature, every nook and cranny of this device to see if it’s something you should purchase or not.


One area that the Stinger VIP excels without any competition is the design. Hands down, this is the coolest radar detector that we’ve ever seen. The interface looks like something straight out of a mission impossible movie or something you’d see on a submarine. This is the best design we’ve ever seen on a radar detector and the Stinger VIP nails everything here. There’s a radar on the right-hand side of the screen, vital information on the left hand of the screen, including detected lasers or radars and a lot of nifty information that’s displayed up top.


There’s a lot to unpack here because there’s a lot of functionality in the Stinger VIP. Everything from the accuracy, to the sound to even the display. This is one of the more expensive radar detectors ever made, so it’s no surprise to us that it has won awards and is hailed as the best radar detector in the world. What’s impressive is found once you unfold the package and take a look inside.

Crystal Clear Audio

Having audio that’s coherent and understandable is one of the most important aspects of having a fully functional radar detector. Sadly, a lot of radar detectors don’t even offer this basic functionality and you have to resort to taking your eyes off the road to look at the screen most of the time. The Stinger VIP though has super crisp and smooth audio. The voice alerts are easy to understand and they’re pleasant voices to listen to as well.

The alerts and the rhythm of these alerts will become more increasingly aware as you get closer to the speed trap. There are three different languages that the voice can speak right out of the bat: Dutch, German and English. You can utilize SpotList which will warn you of upcoming spots and increase in intensity as you get closer to that spot.

Pristine Accuracy

We were blown away with the accuracy of this radar detector. We doubt even law enforcement have technology this powerful and detection capabilities like this. The Stinger VIP is packing a super low .0001 GHz accuracy. This works by combining what Stinger calls their patch technology with new features that boost the antenna by a wide range and no speed traps will see you coming, but you’ll see them coming.

With an accuracy rating of .0001 GHz, you’ll not only see things coming from a long range away but you’ll never get a false positive, guaranteed. Whether you’re driving on the highway or around in a suburban area, this is by far the most accurate radar detector on the market. That’s something we can guarantee.

Different Sizes

If you’re not a fan of the super thin design (we’re not sure why you wouldn’t be), you can always get the standard design or the XL which are slightly larger variations of the design. Nothing ideally changes on the design but some people have found some advantages to the XL version over the credit card thin version. First, the touch screen area is larger so it’s easier to touch the buttons without making a mistake and the information presented is easier to read as well for people with less than perfect vision. The Stinger VIP XL also offers nearly double the number of pixels on the XL compared to the slim version, so the quality of the screen is a lot better.

A Perfect Display

The Stinger VIP excels in the display and the overall design. This is something Stinger excels at and is completely unrivaled when it comes to their display systems. First, you won’t have to worry about glare as the screen is made with anti-glare protection in mind. You’ll get up to a 70% reduction in glare over any previous radar detector you’ve owned. The unit is also very bright, far brighter than a lot of other radar detectors we’ve personally tested.

You’ll have no trouble seeing the information presented and it’s in full-color. The touch display is smudge free, so you won’t have to clean the screen every single time you use it. We’re surprised to find that even with the bright sun out, the display didn’t falter and was still really bright. The high contrast also helps present information in a clear and precise manner. The touchscreen has a nearly immediate reaction without any lag thanks to the capacitive touchscreen implemented.

Insanely Quiet

When you need peace when you’re out on the road and don’t want an alarm screaming in your ear every time there’s a false positive, this is the best unit for you. It’s actually so error proof that a lot of people think it’s turned off when in reality, it just simply isn’t picking up the usual false positives that a lot of other radar detectors detect. It’s not uncommon for other radar detectors to pick up things like garage openers, automatic parking systems, and systems installed in the newest modern cars. The Stinger VIP, however, doesn’t have this problem and only alerts you when there’s an actual speed trap or laser being used.

High Sensitivity

Some of the speed traps being used today in urban areas can be tricky to detect and most radar detectors don’t alert you of their presence until it’s too late. Thankfully with the sensitivity offered by the Stinger VIP, you can get alerts for all speed traps before you’re anywhere close to them. You can get the leading edge on every type of speed trap you can encounter such as short pulse, POP radars, quick triggers and every type of band used by law enforcement. The Stinger VIP was engineered from the ground up to detect even the trickiest of speed traps that sneak up on people and are only seen once it’s too late. No speed trap can sneak past the Stinger VIP though.

An Actual Radar

Something we haven’t seen on a lot of other radar detectors is the Stinger VIP radar screen. It’s a real radar that shows you exactly where the threat is coming from. With this detector, you won’t have to guess where it’s coming from based on noise alone or just by the alert, you can get a real-time update on the radar of where exactly the speed trap is. With this advantage, you can shift your course, go a different route or adjust your driving accordingly before you get lit up with the red and blue. There’s also a list called SpotList that will alert you of when a nearby SpotList alert is coming up.

However, to get the most out of the radar, you’ll have to install lasers on the front and the rear of your car but don’t worry, those are super easy to install and they’re cheap to purchase as well.

Stinger VIP 4.0

With the introduction of 4.0, Stinger has completely re-invented the wheel and re-engineered the VIP from the ground up. Everything from the outer display, the design and even the software used inside this beautiful machine was blissfully re-done to give you the world’s leading and cutting-edge radar detector. The massive 4.0 software update has improved on many of the functionalities and how information is presented to you.

Nearly 0% False Positives

One of the biggest updates to the software is that false positives are now at an all-time low. Getting a false positive is highly annoying and it’s one of the biggest gripes we have with other radar detectors. With the new 4.0 update, FalseListed technology helps to remove false positives and you’ll more than likely never get a false positive.

Better Radar

One of the prime features of the Stinger VIP is the real-time radar. With previous software versions, the radar updating could be sluggish or show results that were a little out of date. With this new update, the radar listing is far more accurate. The radar got a pretty big overhaul in the 4.0 version, so K and Ka bands are now more effectively found and presented. Also, there were a lot of updates targeted towards how detectors were found in Europe so that you’ll get more accurate reporting in some areas of Europe.

Section Control

This is a cool software feature we’ve never seen in any other radar detector on the market. At the start of your commute, the software takes a record of your vehicle and will keep track of your average speed. With this, it can automatically mute the sound under a certain speed limit. There’s a guide on this section because the functionality is a bit complicated and there’s a hand guide provided by Stinger to give you details on how to program this feature.

Touch Display

The display got a pretty big overhaul in 4.0 as well. There are more pixels than in previous versions of the software and the touch areas got a size increase as well. This allows people to touch things more accurately and reduce how often you can fat finger something by accidentally hitting the wrong thing. All of the icons are larger and buttons are in an easier to reach the location as well.

The software used in the Stinger VIP is 100% superb. It’s par none to any radar detector we’ve ever seen and there are constant updates for free going out to help make it even better.

Do I Need To Purchase Anything After Buying the Stinger VIP?

Everything you need to get the Stinger VIP up and running after your purchase arrives on your doorstep in a small package. You’ll receive the unit itself, a GPS antenna, a speaker and a hand-guide to help you program and install the unit. It’s very easy to follow but no, there are no additional purchases that are 100% mandatory.

Do I Get A Warranty?

Yes, the Stinger VIP does come with a warranty. You’ll get a 2-year limited warranty and professional customer support if you have any questions, concerns or any issues that arise after your purchase.

The Stinger VIP Is Way Too Expensive – Why Is This?

We can be the first to admit that this radar detector isn’t for everyone. It’s for people who are driving high-end luxury or sports performance vehicles and have a very open budget. Ask yourself this question though, how often do you see products with this kind of functionality? How often do you see a radar detector with these many features and this level of quality in engineering? The reason that the Stinger VIP Is sold for so much is that it’s worth it and it’s marketed towards high-performance drivers driving top-end cars.

This radar detector utilizes technology that’s made from military grade hardware and uses complex software to analyze radars from long distance. The result is that you end up with a radar detector that can detect any kind of speed traps from huge distances away, far more than any other radar detector on the market. Don’t think of the Stinger VIP in terms of being too expensive, think of it as an investment and think about all the money you’ll save on tickets by having this installed in your car. The technology used, the software, the warranty and the quality of the product have made this product worth more than what they’re selling it for. You won’t regret it.


The Stinger VIP has won awards and is highly praised around multiple corners of the internet in the online radar detection community. It features highly sophisticated technology that makes every other radar detector, even in famous brands like Whistler, Escort and Beltronics look weak in comparison. Very few can stand up to the Stinger VIP. We would wholly recommend this product to anyone that has the budget for it. The bright high-quality touch screen, the programmable features, the number of radars this can detect and other features make it the best radar detector in the world, hands down. Get it now while it’s still available.

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