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Comparing The 5 Best Motorcycle Radar Detectors in 2020

Based on our research and reviews, here are the 5 best motorcycle radar detectors:

Quick Intro

I’ve been using radar detectors in my car for years before I’ve decided to put one on my motorcycle too. Not every detector can be used in motorcycles, so the hunt for the best motorcycle radar detector took me some time in the beginning.

Don’t worry, I’ve done the hard part for you found, tested and ranked all the best radar detectors for motorcycle:

The 5 Best Motorcycle Radar Detectors Reviews

To let you in on the best radar detector reviews, we came up with our list after evaluating the detectors’ best functions and features, radar detection capabilities and range, weatherproofing, and audio and visual alerts. Read our list to find the best radar detector for your motorcycle in 2020:

1. Adaptiv Technologies TPX 3.0 Motorcycle Radar and Laser Detector

Adaptiv Technologies TPX 3.0 Motorcycle Radar and Laser Detector There is currently nothing more advanced than Adaptiv TPX 3.0 in all the best detectors of the brand meant for motorcycles. Arguably, this best motorcycle radar detector from Adaptiv technologies is the most advanced even when compared to other brands too.

It’s a new release that takes after the TPX 2.0, which is already an amazing laser and radar detector (it’s included in this review too). The 3.0, however, has an edge over the 2.0 in terms of feature improvements, like 360-degree detection and better alert systems.


  • Detection of Red Light Cameras and Speed Camera locations
  • Small build
  • Shockproof & weatherproof
  • Built-in LED warning light
  • GPS tagging
  • Multiple user modes
  • 360-degree protection
  • Radar and laser detection


  • Can be too expensive

Unlike the 2.0 and other motorcycle radar detectors that would require an extra Visual Alert System, this motorcycle radar detector already has an auxiliary light built into it, which can alert the driver in a hurry.

The GPS feature of this best motorcycle radar detector can easily remember and store waypoints of speed cameras and red-light cameras so you’re always aware of traffic cameras in your route. In just one push, the data is collected and can be added to the waypoint central system of the brand.

Updating is pretty quick on this feature too.

People might also lift eyebrows on this motorcycle radar detector price, which is $100 more than the 2.0, but we know that the added money paid for the Adaptiv TPX radar detector is worth it.

Aside from the earlier mentioned best features, this laser radar detector is not too hot on the eyes of police enforcers, especially with its tiny case that can easily be concealed on the motor bike. That’s something you want on a laser radar detector – to give you protection while riding.

Despite its size though, it is pretty tough.

It is both weatherproof and shockproof, exactly what you need for fast motorcycle drives.

The brand tagged this detector device as the “most advanced radar and laser detection system available for motorbike use,” and we agree. We also like that we can disable it even without turning it off, making it so easy to turn on and use whenever you want or need to speed up when riding.

Overall, you definitely won’t regret using this radar detector on your next ride, whether you’re strolling around the city or going faster on the highway. It’s among the most reliable units the market can offer.

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2. Adaptiv Technologies TPX 2.0 Radar And Laser Detector

Adaptiv Technologies TPX 2.0 Radar And Laser Detector Next in our list of radar detector reviews is the TPX 2.0. This Motorcycle Radar Detector is also from Adaptiv Technologies, although it isn’t the most advanced detector of its brand, is still an amazing device to use for bike rides.

Even at the harshest weather, this detector can serve its purpose well, as it is weatherproof, shockproof, and water & vibration resistant. Devices with these will help with protection while riding.

Another thing is that it’s less expensive than the model above, so it’s for those who have a bit of a tighter budget but still want and need a reliable radar detector to keep speed tickets at bay.


  • Can detect multiple police radar frequencies: X Band, K Band, & Ka Super Wide Band
  • Features increased detection sensitivity
  • Give best options for multiple user modes
  • Great design for motorcycle use: waterproof, shockproof, and vibration resistant
  • Certified by Speed Measurement Labs
  • Features clear audio and visual alerts so you can keep your eyes ahead
  • Easy to operate even with gloves on


  • Not the latest version from the brand (currently, it is 3.0)

The design of this motorcycle radar detector is also very much user-friendly, especially with the added oversized buttons that can be easily pressed even when the user is wearing gloves. That’s also one of the things we want in devices.

The huge LCD display containing the visual alerts for this device is also best positioned on top and can be angled depending on the comfort of the user. Even with direct sunlight, there is no difficulty seeing the alerts clearly on the display of the radar laser detector, too.

Being able to see alerts and notifications clearly is one other thing that you should be able to do to keep speed tickets away. It’s also important that you remain focused on the road and not on trying to read the display.

The motorcycle radar detector also has a 3.5 mm jack to be used for other audio or communication systems, but it is well-designed to be used with the TPX Visual Alert or the TPX Wireless Headset.

No matter how loud the surrounding can be, you can be sure that you can listen to the audio alerts well.

It is also powered directly from the battery of the motorcycle, thanks to the Wiring Harness that comes with the package.

In terms of audio and visual alerts, the LED lights of this radar detector flash whenever there are new radar and laser signals detected from police officers. This ensures that you can keep your eyes on the road just to see whether radar or laser is nearby.

It’s designed to give you accurate alerts laser and radar signals so you can reduce your speed and avoid that speed ticket. Overall, for people with less budget compared to what the TPX 3.0 requires, the 2.0 is already a pretty good deal for motorcycle use.

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3. Rocky Mountain Radar Moto-Raptor Cordless Motorcycle Radar Detector

Rocky mountain radar detector Another radar detector for your motor bike is this truly revolutionary product: the Moto-Raptor Cordless Motorcycle Radar Detector from Rocky Mountain Radar Detector.

This device is truly unique because it’s using a standard wireless alarm you can mount on your helmet –and as of this time, it is the only product that offers that. That’s one of the great selling points of this radar detector for your motorcycle. It’s a step ahead to help prevent speed tickets.

The wireless system of the radar detector allows the user to mount the alarm on the helmet, which means it’s also easier for the user to see whether there is an alert, without looking down at the device or looking away from the road.

The alert is expressed by flashing the bright lights of a blue LED, which then minimizes driver distraction. And when you’re riding a motorcycle, you know how important it is to focus on the road and the need to maintain a stable speed so you’re always riding safe — even when using a radar detector.


  • Small in size; best for mounting
  • Weatherproof and shockproof
  • With wireless alarm which you can mount on the helmet
  • Comes with the best remote speaker


  • There are some quality issues on the build and features of the radar detector

Aside from that unique, convenient and safe feature, this radar detector also has an easy to use mechanism. The helmet unit already has the ON/OFF switch plus a volume controller that is powered by a rechargeable internal battery.

This means that no annoying wires and cables are dangling everywhere when this product is used, either connecting to the radar detector unit or the user. This also makes the drive much simpler and the radar detection hassle-free for the driver who wants to steer clear of speed tickets.

Every single component of the Moto-Raptor is weatherproof, so there isn’t any risk in using it under any weather condition.

The module itself is very compact, only 2.8″ × 3.0″ and 1-inch tall, which makes it very easy to mount on the motorcycle and best concealed from view.

The module of the device has a smart mechanism, where a sensing circuit only powers up the radar detector when the engine is running and automatically shuts it down when the engine has been turned off.

This way, the user doesn’t have to worry about the detector running out of batteries after a drive.

This radar detector can also be quickly and simply installed, especially since the package comes with complete accessories and the best parts. You’ll see it includes the remote detection unit, the A/C charger, the helmet alarm, the helmet speaker, different hardware, and mounting bracket so you can mount the system.

Although many users have commented that the radar detector looks so flimsy and cheap, and the design isn’t exactly the best, we think it offers something unique that’s laudable, especially when it comes to convenience in using radar detectors in motorcycles.

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4. Escort Max 360 Radar Detector

escort passport max 360 radar detector The Escort Max 360 is one of the radar detectors designed with a car in mind, but that does not mean that a motorcycle or a bike would not reap the best benefits that it gives.

Although no longer at the top of the line for Escort’s products, it was heralded as one of its best releases, mainly for these reasons: directional arrows, rear-facing antenna, GPS and AutoLearn technology.

Even for motorcycles, it’s going to be one of the most reliable detector devices out there when it comes to preventing speed tickets.


  • Has an impressive range and timely alerts so you have ample time to reduce speed
  • Directional arrows that give you more accurate positioning of any signal from police troopers
  • Added protection through a rear-facing antenna
  • This radar detector is pre-loaded with Defender database
  • GPS-enabled AutoLearn remembers false alarms
  • Escort Live app for best crowdsourcing of location of threats


  • Pricier than the competing devices
  • Directional arrows take a while to register a change in position

We know that Max 360 was one of the first radar detectors to adopt the directional arrows once Valentine’s patent has expired, and even manages to do it better. Escort designed it to give users more information on new signals it will pick up from police radar guns.

A change in the direction of a threat relative to the vehicle, however, registers a little later than desired, but the information is helpful nevertheless.

Another of its benefits we know is the presence of a rear-facing antenna, which provides better protection and helps you specify the direction of a new police signal more accurately. This kind of protection definitely boosts your confidence that you will be able to reduce speed with enough time on your hands.

While no radar detector as of yet is immune to false alarms or false alerts, this particular feature makes the Max 360 detector more susceptible because of the detector’s increased sensitivity.

The device counters false alarms with Escort’s very own AutoLearn, which is operated through its built-in GPS. Pass through a destination a few times and the Max 360 will learn that the signal it is detecting on your route isn’t a threat.

While GPS does provide you with advanced information on the location of speed cameras and red-light cameras, the Max 360 is also already pre-loaded with Escort’s Defender which is an extensive database of non-signal emitting threats.

This is free for the first 3 months and then you’ll have to pay for a subscription. Other radar detectors such as some of those on the Escort Passport line offer GPS features too.

Another added feature that will have you spend more dollars is connectivity to its Escort Live app. While the Escort Live application itself is free, the component you need for using it won’t be.

Still, Escort Live provides useful information like speed camera locations, constructions, accidents, or any hindrance on the road ahead. This information is user-generated, so it’s always new and updated in the system.

You can use these details everyday when you travel or go to work so you’re always aware of any traffic or blocks on the road. With this, speed tickets are not the only things prevented by this radar detector.

Know that you’ll also need to buy a separate Smartcord that enables the device with Bluetooth so it could use it with your phone. The app then can notify you of threats (like a speed camera) and their location, as well as your speed, which is helpful if you find yourself not noticing that you are over the limit.

However, paying for the added top features you can use may be off-putting especially when you know that the price is already steep for the Max 360 radar detector, and many of Escort’s top-performing radar detectors like the Escort Passport.

Still, it is hard to ignore the conveniences it will give to a motorcycle rider, and how well it will be able to do so.

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5. Escort Redline Radar Detector

escort redline radar detector We’ve got another of Escort’s top of the line heavyweights on this list: the Escort Redline detector. Already succeeded by the Redline Ex, the predecessor still has plenty to offer your speeding ticket-avoiding motorcycle riders.

The best parts include an awesome, long detection range which makes it ideal for highways, dual antenna, exceptional alert system, and straightforward design that makes it easy to use.


  • The promise of a long detection range that delivers
  • Makes accurate detections on the highway
  • Alert system is reliable
  • Control buttons on the radar detector are easy to master
  • Simple and sleek design
  • LED display


  • Not equipped with GPS
  • Especially sensitive to false alarms in urban settings
  • Still expensive considering the competition

Having a long and wide detection range (like Escort Passport) is also something that every radar detector boasts of, but you’ll find that not each one is true to its word. You can count the Redline system out from those who are just bluffing, though.

Time and again, this motorcycle radar detector has been tested to detect new police signals of all sorts and distances, even going as far as 15 miles away. It has also been able to provide an excellent job every time and was able to make a record that isn’t even close to others at the time.

As you can see, it’s definitely a device that’s worth it due to its great reliability and function when on the road.

This is made possible in part because of the double antenna present in the detector. It is one of the few systems to have it, and the position of the antenna is intentional to improve the sensitivity of the device against police radar guns.

False alerts are filtered efficiently when riding around. It can be quite annoying when detectors constantly beep with false alarms, but this detector will help reduce that.

The design is often at the middle or least of concerns when it comes to radar detectors, but when you’re focusing on the road, mastery of it can come in handy. In this case, the Redline detector is up there in terms of intuitiveness and convenience.

There are two switches on the device system besides one devoted for power: there is one for audio volume and another for sensitivity. You’ll be able to memorize the positions quickly enough to use the radar detector easily.

Escort Redline has a spec mode that gives more information about signals detected by the device. It can help determine whether what it is picking up is a legitimate threat.

Unlike other Escort radar detectors that have an OLED display (such as Escort Passport), the Redline detector has a far superior one with LED display. The former is often washed out by the sun, and that’s no fun to read when you’re balancing yourself when riding a motorcycle/motor bike.

Redline has an ultra-bright display that is readable at all times of the day. As you know, this is important when riding a motorcycle so you’re not distracted for long. The make is also simple yet sleek but does not give the impression of being anything less than sturdy.

One fault in the radar detector device though is the absence of GPS, which is already a mainstay in today’s radar detectors. False alarms or false alerts occur more often when riding around the city because of this because there are false sources like automatic door openers and BSM systems.

Also, you’ll have to rely on third-party applications such as Waze for the location of speed cameras and the like. Still, this does not make the Redline detector any less desirable. Customer service is good as well.

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The market on best motorcycle radar detectors doesn’t offer a lot of choices to buy, yet the ones on these radar detector reviews are those that stood out for us. The reliable devices on the list are truly the best motorcycle detectors of today.

And for even more protection from speeding tickets, use something like the Photoblocker license plate spray or other license plate cover to keep you safe from cameras on the road.

If you’re a motorcycle rider and or a bike enthusiast, you need to remember that every time you’re on the road, it’s important to protect yourself from unexpected speeding tickets.

Use the radar detector that would ensure a smooth, safe, and ticket-free drives to save yourself from the cost and hassle of a traffic fine, speeding ticket, or even court appearance.