Best Radar Detectors Under $250

best radar detectors under $250
01st Aug,2018

Have you ever received a speeding ticket? Most of us have gotten one despite our best attempts to avoid them. They can be very expensive and can even make you lose your license. For the amount that a single ticket may cost you, you can take a measure against future tickets by purchasing a radar/laser detector to “see” sops before they see you. Radar and laser detectors use advanced technology to detect police speed traps from a long distance away so you know when you are in a situation where you may receive a ticket and have a chance to slow down before passing the squad car. It’s best to keep them hidden as well (see our list of easy-to-hide detectors), or you might just get pulled over because of them.

Radar and laser detectors help cut down the chance of getting a ticket but do not eliminate the threat. It is possible the detector will not pick up the frequency of the radar or another method may be used such as in airspeed detection devices or on-road speed strips. The best way to reduce your chances of getting a ticket is to slow down. This also helps protect you and others who you chare the road with. Below is a list of radar and laser detectors available for under $250.

Some of the best radar detectors under $250

Whistler DE1773

If you need a radar detector that is not only cheap but also offers 360-degree protection, consider the Whistler DE1773. This model alerts you to upcoming hazards in a cool calm voice designed not to startle you with accompanying text alerts too. DE1773 also allows you an alternate alert method, setting a different tone for each type of warning. It also incorporates a system to reduce false results as well as a cloaking device to avoid detection.

Whistler DE1793SE

Need help finding where you’re going too? The Whistler DE1793SE includes a built-in compass telling you what direction you’re heading in addition to alerting you to radar and laser signals. This model offers all of the features of the DE1773 and many more. The DE1739SE includes several different city and highway modes as well as a battery saving mode. Easy to read display as well as many different customizable modes allow this beauty to be fit to nearly everyone’s needs.

Whistler DE1788

Reducing wires and clutter in your vehicle just became easier with the Whistler DE1788 wireless radar/laser detector. 360-degree detection and cloaking technology allow you to see all incoming signals without being detected. The models rechargeable battery reduces the need for bulky power cords while driving allowing you to charge the unit when not on the road. Quiet and Auto-Quiet modes in addition to alert priority allow you many different options when specializing in this model. Blue-backlit display is easy to see at any time of the day.

Beltronics Pro RX55

The highly sensitive RX55 gives you the protection you demand. The experts at Beltronics, a leader in radar and laser detection technology, provide you with the best technology available. Customizable voice or audio alerts give you plenty of warning when any type of radar is in use in your general vicinity. The RX55s four sensitivity modes coupled with its seven parameter customization program allows you to fine-tune the system for your specific use. POP alert keeps your radar up to date on the latest technologies keeping you in the loop.

Some Extra Tips

Be sure of the laws regarding radar detectors and laser detectors in your state and states you will be traveling in as they vary and detectors may be illegal in some states. If you live in Canada though, this map of detector bands might help.

Make sure you shop for the best price on many different sites to find not only the best price but also the best complete package such as free shipping or other specials. Also, search internet sites for reviews on products, making sure consumers who purchased them were satisfied. There are many different sites for purchasing products such as these. Check the resources section of this article for some of your options and good luck finding the radar and laser detector for your needs.

If you liked this comparison but found out you are interested in more recent models, check this best radar detector buying guide.

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