Canada Radar Detector Bands Map

After the US radar detector bands map, we decided to create another map for Canadaian drivers.

Again, we took the data from RDFGS, that was picked up from real drivers reports so it is probably the most trustworthy data available.

This time, we created the map just for K, KA and LSR bands because X band was barely used in Canada.

canada radar bands map

Credit to RDforum again for the info:

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  1. Reply am August 1, 2018 at 11:27 pm

    Prince Edward Island

    Confirmed :
    K Band YES
    KA Band YES

    X Band: Unknown
    Laser: Unknown , but news articles have stated PEI RCMP has laser units

    Charlottetown Police K and KA
    Summerside Police KA
    RCMP K and KA

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