Top Radar Detector Companies

Top Radar Detector Companies
01st Oct,2019

Radar detectors are a driver’s best friend. They not only get you out of tickets but can also track your whereabouts and even save your life. They alert you when they detect a radar gun and also remind you to slow down. We all know stepping on the gas pedal can seem like second-nature on a long and wide stretch of road. With so many companies selling and manufacturing radar detectors, which are the best ones you should be looking at? Let’s find out in this top radar detector companies list.

Top 9 Radar Detector Companies

Beltronics Radar Detectors

Beltronics Logo

Beltronics is a radar detector manufacturer that has been in the industry from the start. With headquarters based in Cincinnati, Ohio, they are a leading manufacturer of radar and laser detection. Their product lines are produced in North America, guaranteeing great quality. From the standard windshield mounted detectors and custom installed options to accessories for these detectors, Beltronics has it all. With unbeatable customer service and a forum for patrons to discuss the latest products, you will not only find the product you need but the support from thousands of like-minded individuals.

Cobra Radar/Laser Detectors

The Cobra brand isn’t only a hit in the technology industry, but they even have their own brand store stocked with T-shirts, hats, belt buckles, coozies and more! They always have products on sale in the “outlet” section of their website, so for those with budget constraints, go give that a look-see. They might not ONLY be one of the best top radar detector companies, but they probably rank in other lists, too! The reach of the Cobra Nation spans the world with international distributors in Australia, the UK, other parts of Europe, the Philippines, China and more! They have even gone as far as to create an app that makes driving easier. Receive alerts and warnings about the road ahead with iRadar: Get the latest news and information on new launches from the “news” tab to stay ahead of the radar game.

Escort Radar Detectors

Escort Logo

With 40 years of leading the radar detector industry under their belt, Escort takes innovation to a new level by continually developing, breaking through and adapting new technology to today’s advancing world. Their app, Escort Live, can be downloaded on app stores. The app serves as a driving companion, alerting you of what lies ahead. Their excellent price match services guarantee you don’t spend a penny more than you have to. Other than the detectors themselves, Escort also stocks their website with accessories such as detector mounts and cords as well as other nifty devices including dash cams.

Whistler Group Radar Detectors

Whistler Logo

Whistler makes it easy to sort through their products and find what you need. Sort through by price, performance, display and even language used in the detectors. They have 50 years under their belt in the industry and released their first radar detector back in the 70s and have not looked back since. During these years, Whistler has built a strong foundation and footing in the industry and it doesn’t look like they will be slowing down any time soon. Their headquarters are in Arkansas with branch offices China. They aim to produce quality and trusted products that reflect their company values and an environment in which employees are encouraged to thrive and follow their creative desires to bring you the best products. Come back to this list 3 years from now, and we bet Whistler would still be in the running as one of the top radar detector companies!

Uniden America Corporation

Uniden Logo

Again with over 50 years of experience not only in the radar detector industry but also radios, scanners and home security, Uniden is a trusted name. A Japanese company, Uniden was founded by Chairman Hidero Fujimoto in 1966. Uniden has retailers and distributors in both sides of the world. To further cultivate the trust you have placed in this company, Uniden breaks down their history in a clear cut timeline under the “history” tab of their website. You can clearly see their accomplishments from the 60’s all the way to the 2000s. They deserve a round of applause indeed.

Radenso Radar Detector Manufacturer

Radenso Logo

Radenso is a thoughtful company that takes its customers to school. By school we mean there is a part on their site dedicated to enlightening the new or seasoned radar owners on some basic knowledge. By the time you finish giving their “Radar University” a read, you’ll be an expert! Although they are relatively new to the radar detection game, it doesn’t stop the team from accomplishing much in a mere few years. They offer guarantees on their products that give customers a reimbursement within 30 days of purchase. If you like the black, orange and white theme of the brand, the accessories section offers t-shirts, hats, and other add-ons to go with your purchase.

Valentine One Radar Locator

Valentine One Logo

Valentine One gets the badge for the longest brand to be part of people’s top radar detector companies list. The company’s namesake and founder Mike Valentine has been engineering feats of genius with radar locators since 1976! This private company designs, manufactures and sells all their products to clients directly. Cutting out the middleman sure does save you lots of money. They prioritize long-term customer satisfaction and loyalty and they do that with their excellent customer service. The proof is in the writing with Valentine One detectors as many returning clients post stories describing how the radar detector saved them from countless tickets (more about speeding tickets HERE).

Stinger Radar Detector

Stinger Logo

We must say, the aesthetics and design of the Stinger system blend seamlessly into the interior or exterior of your car. You get to decide on the sort of protection you want. It comes with laser systems, radar systems or both. Every car is different, so you also get to pick how many Fiber Laser sensors and radar antennas you want to best fit your car. A family-owned business, Stinger strives to protect drivers from speed traps. They focus their products on development and adapting to users’ needs. Tom and Jim De Wilde, the owners of Stinger, always endeavor to challenge themselves and raise the bar.

Rocky Mountain Radar

Rocky Mountain Radar Logo

These guys drive a hard bargain and it’s difficult not to give in when they will take responsibility for your ticket if their product fails. To ensure the longevity and effectiveness of their product, they also offer a 3-year warranty, the longest one you’ll find from a radar detector manufacturer. Rocky Mountain Radar built their roots in the defense industry. After many years Michael Churchman, founder of Rocky Mountain Radar took his accumulated knowledge and created products the average consumer can use. Their scrambler comes at a hefty price, but they are unsurpassed in performance. Get notified of speed traps up to 5 miles beforehand and scramble radar signals with The Judge 2.0. 


Radar detector manufacturing is no easy profession, but these companies do it best. They supply you with all the necessary tools and accessories to prevent speeding tickets and other on-road mishaps. Some of them even manufacture cool T-shirts, belt buckles and more. They are geared towards customer satisfaction and do the job right. So next time you’re on the hunt for a radar detector, look nowhere else but to these top radar detector companies.

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