K40 Radar Detector Review

09th Feb,2022
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K40 radars are reliable and sturdy, with two top models, the RL360di and the RLS2, which one is the better choice? We answer that question today with a thorough review of both radar detectors from K40.

1. K40 RLS2 Portable Radar/Laser Detector with GPS

As there is the invention of radar detector detectors and other detectors operating on laser bands, it’s more important than ever for a radar and laser detector to be able to compensate for that. It also comes with an advanced filter system that will reject false alerts.

It also comes with display backlighting that will keep the information visible to you at any time of the day and the brightness can also be adjusted to your personal preference. 

It comes with everything you need to set it up including the adjustable mounting bracket with suction cups.

With GPS you get state-of-the-art tracking and early warning features to give you ample time to adjust your speed before you actually come across the red light and speed light cameras as well as hidden law enforcement officers.



K40 Radar Detector VS Valentine 1

The Valentine 1 is an unmatchable industry-standard in radar detectors. They are multi-directional and aware of which way the threat is coming from. It detects all the major bands including X, Ka, Ku and K. 

The Valentine is easy to stay up-to-date with a simple software upgrade whenever there is a new system.

Valentine 1 is an example of a radar detector that is still relevant in the industry despite being one of the oldest names out there. 

valentine one mounted

The K40 radar detectors are newer to the game but also feature 360 degrees of detection, which can match the Valentine 1. Also like the industry legend, the K40 radar detector also detects laser and radar signals.

One major difference between the two brands is GPS. GPS gives you the freedom to customize alerts as the K40 radar detectors can weed out false alerts in specific areas. Then it memorizes all of this data and won’t alert you again.

The K40 radars can also feature safe driving features and alerts you about upcoming school zones and other areas you need to pay extra attention to.

2. K40 RL360di Radar Detection System

This is another radar and laser detection system from K40. It can be integrated with certain systems for the ultimate touch-screen experience. Among the features, you can find the precise location of the threat being relayed to you with ample time to spare.

The touchscreen control gives another layer of convenience that most radar and laser detection systems do not have. The display also shows the strength and signals of the bands detected and is built to complement your vehicle interiors.

This radar detection system is a smart system that can pinpoint the location of the threat at all times. Directional awareness and increased range will keep you informed on how far away and in which direction the threat is located.

Also with the K band filter, the RL360di is capable of turning off and filtering out false alerts to improve performance. The GPS can monitor your routes and speed as well.



K40 Radar Detector Buying Guide

There are a few features that a K40 radar detector does well. In order to ensure your radar detector provides the best protection, you should look for the following features.

driving with a view

Band Detection

Make sure that your K40 radar detector can detect all radar bands and laser bands in the same frequency. This will guarantee that your radar detector will not miss a potential threat and cost you a ticket. 

Directional Awareness

Making sure that no matter which way the threat is located, and allow you to adjust accordingly.


The range refers to how far out your radar detector can detect a potential threat. The wider the range, the more time you will have to compensate for your speed.

False Alerts

Driving through urban areas could mean that your radar detector will be affected by other signals from garage door openers, and even microwaves. To ensure this doesn’t happen, a false alert filter is incredibly useful.

taxi on a highway

Visual and Audio Alerts

To allow you to keep an eye on the road while not missing any alerts, it’s best if your radar detector has audio and visual alerts on the screen.


The display is a little less important if you prefer audio alerts, but having a screen that is adequately lit to be visible in all lighting conditions will be of great help. Some K40 radar detectors even have a touchscreen so you can easily transfer your knowledge of using a smartphone over to the radar detector [1].


We all want something nice to look at in our car. Having the addition of a radar detector shouldn’t compromise the style and should most definitely keep out of your line of sight. Make sure the design is pleasing and matches your car.

view of the inside of a car


Radar detectors with GPS mode may even allow you to connect with other drivers and alert each other of potential threats on the road. It also allows you to pinpoint your position and view your route and time taken.


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For those who like the convenience of a touchscreen with all the features of other K40 radar detectors, including directional awareness, the RL360di is a great choice. 

For ease of setup while offering you audio and visual alerts plus GPS and advanced alerts, go for the RLS2 radar detector, which comes with everything you need right out of the box!

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