Escort Passport Max 2 VS 9500IX

06th Feb,2022

The Escort Passport Max 2 is one top of the line radar detector that packs great features to keep you free of speeding tickets. Another Escort radar detector that is good at this job is the Passport 9500IX.

Both are fully loaded with features to guarantee maximum protection, some of them similar to one another. This can lead to confusion on which device is more worth your money. 

Don’t worry! In this review, you will have a comparison of the features of both radar detectors and see how you can make an excellent choice out of both. 

Let’s begin with the advantages of both radar detectors.

Features of Both Radar Detectors

Now let’s look at the comparison of both excellent radar detectors in terms of their features.

Voice Alerts

Most of the recent products being churned out of the Escort’s factory of radar detectors come with voice alerts. The Passport Max 2 and the 9500ix were not exempted from this feature. Both can give you clear voice alerts on the information you need to learn of while driving to keep your hands free.

Escort Live

All Escort drivers have access to this online community where local speed limit data, police radar, hot spots and many other important information are shared.

Both devices are compatible with this feature. Through it, drivers can warn each other of threat alerts, interact and stay safe while driving.

Other models like the Escort Max 360 and the upgraded Max 360C can also take advantage of Escort Live.

GPS Based Auto-Learn Technology

GPS enables radar detectors to pinpoint false alerts location, but there’s more to it. 

For Escort devices, the Auto-Learn Technology ensures these locations are memorized and locked out automatically. There’s nothing you need to do on your end except drive. Passing by the said locations thrice will automatically register them to the device’s memory. 

This is a patented feature of the Escort brand and both radar detectors come with it. 

Auto Speed Sensitivity

When you are driving around the city, the 9500IX will be aware of this. Its sensitivity will be reduced consequently to avoid picking up multiple signals and creating incessant noises from alerts.

The same happens when driving on highways. The device automatically adjusts its sensitivity to spot radars from distances and keep you protected. 

You don’t need to switch between the modes yourself. It’s automatic with the 9500ix. In this duel dubbed Passport Max 2 vs 9500ix, the 9500ix leads in this point. 

Built-in Bluetooth Technology

The Passport Max 2 is quite a revolution from its predecessor and it beats the 9500ix on this. With built-in Bluetooth technology in place, you don’t need a Bluetooth power cable to connect this detector with the Escort Live app as it is a wireless connection. 

Unfortunately, the 9500IX lacks this feature. It’s almost medieval to have cords dangling from your windscreen while alternating attention from your smartphone app to the device on the windshield.

Defender Database

Both radar detectors come with a large database of speed traps [1], red light cameras and speed camera locations. This database can be updated weekly to keep you alert whenever you are on the wheels.

However, Escort only gives a three-month free update on this database after purchase. 

The 9500IX is more smarter in alerting you of these spots. It can detect them from a mile or half mile away from the source.


Both the Passport Max 2 and the 9500IX can be updated to streamline their features and get the best performance out of them. 

Updates are available for firmware and hardware on both iOS and Android platforms. You will need a computer connected to the Internet to get this done. 


The Passport Max 2 was released after the 9500IX and came with a bit of improvement as seen in the built-in Bluetooth technology. The Max 2 is more expensive than the 9500IX.

Passport Max 2 vs 9500ix - Performance

The 9500ix can detect alerts from four different bands (Ka, Ku, X and K)  to keep you protected. 

The Passport Max 2 is, however, very strong on the K band. The Max prides itself as having the most sophisticated anti-falsing system of any brand detector and that’s laudable. 

Bottomline – both radar detectors are strong in their own right. They are from the same brand, so not much difference can be expected in terms of performance. What one lacks in a particular feature, it compensates for it with another. 

However, the Max 2 out performs the 9500IX because Escort has continued to improve on each new release. 

Conclusion: Passport Max 2 or 9500IX

Now it’s time to make a choice. Your needs as well as your budget comes topmost in the factors you should consider.

The Max 2 is best if it fits your budget. It comes with enhanced features and its performance is great for driving around the city.

The 9500ix is best if you are a regular driver that needs a plug-and-play budget-friendly radar detector to keep you protected while driving around the city.

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