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The 6 Best Radar Detectors of 2019 – Comparison & Reviews

what is the best radar detector

Based on our research and reviews, here are the 6 best radar detectors for 2019:

  1. Escort Redline Ex – Best Overall Radar Detector
    “Much like with the R7 that we started this review list with, this is an excellent choice if you are willing to pay more for a first-rate detector.”
  2. Uniden R7 – Runner-Up, Best Overall
    “The R7 is one of the best options for customers that want something with high-level performance and don’t mind paying more dollars for it.”
  3. Escort Max 360C – Third Best
    “The Escort 360c is the successor to one of the most popular radar detectors on the market by Escort, the Max 360, and the most notable improvement over the original previous one is that this one is capable of connecting to wifi.”
  4. Escort Max 360 – Best Value for the money
    “While this radar detector does away with wifi connectivity that makes its upgraded counterpart more convenient, it is also a lot more affordable.”
  5. Valentine One – Runner-up, Best Detection Range
    “All of this detector’s components are modern, and it offers excellent all-around performance which can rival some of the best detectors on the market, but it still features a relatively classic design.”
  6. Radenso Pro M – Best Stealth
    “The Radenso Pro M is also designed to be as stealthy as possible, reducing the likelihood of counter-detection.”

What About Speeding Tickets?

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I assume that you feel the same way, right?

Well, if that’s the case, I’ve prepared a very special report where I’ll share with you the most effective radar detectors that not only will allow you to save TONS of money, but also will let you sleep well at night knowing you won’t get speed tickets from police officers anymore.

Now, these high-quality radar detectors are battle-tested and PROVEN to work the way they should. Upon reading this helpful list, you’ll learn that they are not just the popular type, but are actually good radar detectors.

Here’s a quick table summarizing everything on the list:

Driving Awareness
False Alerts
Escort Max 360c
Escort Max 360c
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1 Year
Valentine One
Valentine One
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1 Year
Beltronics GT-7
Radenso Pro M
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1 Year
Escort Redline EX
Escort Redline EX
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1 Year
uniden r7 reviewUniden R7
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1 Year
escort passport max 360 radar detectorEscort Max 360
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1 Year

Whether you’re a highway driver, city driver, or just someone who wants a radar detector that will do a great all-around job, we have pooled the top radar detector choices for you.

The Best Radar Detector

1. Escort Redline Ex – Best Overall Radar Detector

Escort Redline EX

A premium all-around radar detector, the Escort Redline Ex lands the top of this list with its long-range detection, international gun protection, and a bunch of smart functions. The Redline Ex’s dual antenna greatly enhances sensitivity of its sensors, allowing for more area coverage.

Considered as the pioneer of long range detection, the Escort Redline Ex also outperforms other radar detectors when it comes to some features.

The number of intelligent functions of the Redline Ex is perfect for any user seeking for convenience and best automation. For one, its low-speed muting ability effectively detects when cars are driving at a high speed or low speed – and will automatically adjust the radar laser detector’s sensitivity at full when your speed is more than 50mph, and reduce it when your speed is less than 50mph.

Thus, false alerts will be filtered out as it detects signals, especially when you’re in the city, for instance.


  • Detects at excellent range
  • Intelligent features
  • Accurate alert filter systems for quieter operation
  • GPS lock outs
  • Smartphone integration
  • International gun support
  • Has Escort’s Ticket Guarantee – if you’ll get a ticket with this product, they will pay it for you! 


  • Larger in size, harder to physically conceal
  • No arrows to determine the direction of the police radar source
  • No alerts when you’re overspeeding
  • On the expensive side

Redline Ex has also improved its IVT, detecting false alerts from nearby vehicles to avoid them. A big selling point of this radar detector is its automatic GPS lock outs. While other radar laser detectors require you to do it manually, Redline Ex automatically distinguishes between real and fake signals.

I also operates nicer and quieter without the bombardment of wrong notifications.

The Redline Ex is the pioneer of long-range detection, plus intelligent functions that outperform other radar detectors.

Redline Ex also has a Bluetooth feature that allows smartphone integration of your radar detector for easy adjustment of settings through your phone. Paired with the Escort Live app, you can receive real time alerts on anything that the Escort Live community reports.

Support for international radar guns such as MRCD, MRCT, Gatso, and Strelka is also a major plus, especially when you live or spend time abroad. Some areas of Canada, Russia, and Europe have different radar technology than the U.S, and the Redline Ex throws in this international feature as the best solution to the problem.

At a price point of $599, the Escort Redline Max may be more expensive than other detectors, but its performance and feature set are worth the price.

Who should buy the Escort Redline Ex? Drivers who want convenience, long range performance, and international gun support.

redline ex testimonial facebook

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2. ESCORT MAX 360c – Best All-Around Radar Detector

photo of escort max 360c radar detector

Housed in a smaller, more compact casing, the Escort Max 360c is a well-rounded radar detector that ticks all the major boxes. For $599, the 360C covers a full 360-degree range, has GPS functionality, DSP technology for lightning-fast reaction times, laser pulse detection, a great BSM filter, and several connectivity features.

The Escort Max 360C is an updated version of the Escort Max 360. Wi-Fi function is the primary best improvement in the 360C, allowing the device to install updates automatically and completely wireless. This auto-update feature is extremely handy because you don’t have to detach the radar detector and connect it to a home computer just to perform updates.


  • Wi-Fi
  • Connectivity options
  • Compact build
  • Automatic GPS lockouts
  • Radar band frequency segmentation
  • Can auto learn different types of bands and signals


  • Not the best at long range detection of radars
  • Can be expensive at $599

Smartphone integration is also possible with 360C. Bluetooth allows access to Escort Live, giving you real time alerts and crowdsourced information from fellow Escort Live users. However, if your car has a Wi-Fi built-in, you don’t need your phone anymore to connect to Escort Live. The 360C will automatically do it for you.

The 360C also outshines the other products with a great BSM filtering that doesn’t need TSR – a filter that reduces general sensitivity. Radar detection performance on the 360C is not compromised, effectively distinguishing between real and false alerts.

Additionally, the 360C features a radar band segmentation that allows users to set frequencies at which the detector scans. This fine-tuning significantly cuts out false alerts that cause annoyance and unnecessary notifications.

Escort Max 360C outshines the competition with its full 360-degree range, GPS functionality, and BSM filtering.

Automatic GPS lock outs are an excellent advantage with the 360C. It locates any stationary false alerts and remembers them, locking them out automatically in the future. False alerts that might come from automatic door openers, construction signs and similar devices are reduced, if not eliminated.

The display on the 360C also provides a good deal of info for users, as it detects speed limit and has directional arrows pointing to the source of radar pings. If you’re looking for a reliable and convenient radar detector without needing long-range detection as much, the Escort Max 360C is an awesome pick.

Who should buy the Escort Max 360C? Casual drivers who love automated features

escort max 360c testimonial

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3. Escort Max 360 Radar Detector – Best Performance For The Money

escort passport max 360 radar detector

Essentially a Max 360C without a Wi-Fi, the Escort Max 360 delivers a stellar performance if you want a radar detector that simply gets the job done. Complete protection, wide range detection, red light camera, speed traps and speed camera alerts, GPS technology, and smartphone integration along with other useful features are packed in the Max 360 body.

Antennas located on the front and rear of the radar detector create full protection around your car or vehicle, efficiently avoiding speed tickets and determining the direction from which the radar is coming from. Albeit a bit larger than the 360C model, the Escort Max 360 provides all the same features except for Wi-Fi connectivity.


  • Great performance radar on any vehicle
  • Wide-band detection and impressive sensors
  • Superb auto features
  • Over the speed limit alert
  • Speed camera locations alerts


  • No Wi-Fi
  • Needs manual updates

The 360 model detects all radar frequency bands including  K-band, Ka band, and X and Ka-Pop radar bands. For an added layer of protection, it also has a Defender Database installed to notify users about the red light camera and speed cameras ahead. Furthermore, the latest DSP technology runs superior false threat filter systems and quick reaction times.

Like with other Escort radar detectors, the Max 360 has terrific automated features, including the GPS lockout. It’s able to detect false alerts from stationary sources or devices and proceeds to storing it in memory to prevent unnecessary alerts in the future.

Escort Max 360 delivers a stellar performance if you want a radar detector that simply gets the job done.

Besides, the Max 360 can also automatically adjust its sensitivity levels depending on your car speed. If it senses that you’re driving at increased speed on a highway, it adjusts to full sensitivity. When you’re driving at a slower speed, it reduces to a shorter range, which means it becomes less sensitive.

Another unique advantage that the Max 360 has is its over-the-speed-limit alert that effectively notifies you when it’s time to slow down a little bit.

Even without Wi-Fi, users can still connect to the Escort Live community through Bluetooth with impressive speed. Pairing the 360 with a smartphone allows access for real-time support and crowdsourced information.

Priced at $549, the Escort Max 360 is one of the best radar detectors that deliver outstanding performance.

Who should buy the Escort Max 360? Casual motorists who want full protection and automated features as they drive

Escort Max360 testimonial

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4. Uniden R7 – Runner-Up, Best Overall Radar Detector

uniden r7 review

The R7 came after Uniden R3, with an improved condenser lens as its main feature. It significantly boosts range and sensitivity, providing you with the highest level of protection. With this development, the R7 helps those who are always on the open road and encountering deserts, hills, trees, and challenging terrain.

Cheaper detectors will have a shorter range in these scenarios, but the R7 has extreme sensitivity that ensures you’re shielded against police radar guns wherever you are. No more surprise ticket!

With easy installation and mounting, the R7 is great for beginners who want optimum performance. Priced at $599, this product is one of the high-end units that may be in a steep price range for some, but great for those who want a long-term investment for all-around protection all the time.


  • Great range and improved sensitivity
  • Directional arrows
  • K-block filtering allows for less false threat
  • Bigger storage for GPS lock outs


  • Poor laser sensitivity
  • Nearly stealth, some police or law enforcement radar detector detectors can detect it
  • Can be expensive

False alert filtering on the R7 is also top-notch, with its built-in K-filter and K-block working together to filter out blind spot false alerts and falses from Hondas and Acuras. The R7 also has MRCD and MRCT Detection, which are low-powered guns slowly cropping up in the US.

Compared to other models such as the Redline Ex, the R7 has directional arrows that serve as a sign to notify you of the location where the radar and laser emissions are coming from. A quiet ride is also assured with the radar detector’s instinctive mute ability when you’re driving at low speeds.

The R7 has extreme sensitivity that ensures you’re shielded against radar guns wherever you are.

The long range and extended sensitivity have their drawbacks though, including manual GPS lock outs. While it may not be an issue for some users, GPS lock outs provide convenience to users when it comes to false alerts while they drive.

Although you can essentially “teach” a radar detector where false stationary signals are, it would just be much more convenient to have everything automated along with the setup. Nevertheless, the R7 has extended its lockout storage to 1,750 lockout number, a substantial memory boost to the usual 500 files.

The R7 has a stealth mode as well to be undetectable by RDD of law enforcement or the police, but tests reveal divisive results as some RDDs were alerted, while some didn’t cause any effect at all.

Who should buy the R7? Beginners in radar detectors who want a high-performing, all-around device should consider buying the R7.

Uniden R7 testimonial

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5. Valentine One Radar Detector – Runner-up, Best Detection Range

valentine one radar detector

Known among radar detector enthusiasts, the Valentine One exhibits phenomenal range with its multiple antennas. Valentine One is equipped with first-rate sensitivity, warranting best protection from any radar threats.

With its long-range performance almost parallel to the Redline Ex, Valentine One is perfect for your vehicle’s highway navigation. For urban drivers, however, this product might not be the best choice due to the model’s extreme sensitivity yet lack of false alert muting. This is a major hitch since lights will blink like crazy even at false detections.


  • Extreme long range protection
  • Classic design
  • Built for radar detector enthusiasts


  • GPS function requires an external module
  • Not beginner-friendly
  • Requires additional setup to gain access to some functions

Compared to other detectors on the market, the Valentine One is a more tech-savvy option for any user who doesn’t mind a bit of advanced programming. Design-wise, however, the V1 has more of a vintage look with its digital display and knobs for volume adjustment.

The Valentine One is equipped with first-rate sensitivity, warranting protection from any radar threats.

One of the downers of the V1 is its lack of GPS, meaning it’s unable to detect red light camera and speed traps of the police ahead. GPS lockout function and low-speed muting are not readily available as well. This means you are not guaranteed with 100% ticket free drives.

At $449, you’d expect these best features to be included straight out of the box – best modern radar detectors in the market have these basics down.

Nevertheless, you can purchase the optional Bluetooth module and integrate the radar detector with your phone. This allows access to the missing functionalities such as automatic GPS lock outs, low-speed muting, and more. Third-party apps can help expand this model’s capabilities as well.

Who should buy the Valentine One? Techy drivers who want advanced options are suited for the services of this product.

valentine one testimonial

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6. Radenso Pro M Radar Detector – Best Stealth

photo of Radenso Pro M detector

If you want a more silent car companion, go with the Radenso Pro M. This product a user-friendly radar detector that has exceptional false alert filters, best police laser detection, and provides long range protection for full coverage.

GPS compatibility in the Radenso Pro M quickly notifies you of any police speed traps and speed cameras ahead. Manual GPS lock outs also significantly increase the filtering of false alerts.


  • Long range detection
  • Great filtering system helps lessen false alerts
  • Detects Ka bands frequency better than other models
  • Quieter
  • Future-proof (2-year warranty and lifetime free GPS update)
  • Alerts for police speed traps and speed cameras


  • A bit expensive
  • Could use some design improvements

Reliability is the prime attribute of the Radenso Pro M. It has better BSM filtering, blocking out false alerts from Hondas and Acuras. Radenso has the best first-class filters that accurately eliminate false alarms, substantially lessening annoying wrong beeps.

Moreover, it emits quieter warning tones that ramp up gradually as the signal gets stronger. Thus, you are not constantly bombarded by lights and beeping from accidental radar detections—best for an experience of quiet rides every day.

Radenso Pro M has first-class filters that accurately eliminate false alarms.

Stealth against counter-detectors is also a great feature in most radar detectors, including the Radenso Pro M. The unit also has the power to detect MRCD, which is a low-powered police radar gun used in some parts of the U.S.

For beginners looking for an easy-to-use radar detector that delivers amazing performance and a quieter operation, the Radenso Pro M is a superb choice at $449. It includes free lifetime updates, making it future-proof – a huge bonus as well.

Who should buy the Radenso Pro M? People who do highway drives and want a quieter radar detector.

pro M testimonial

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Conclusion – What is the best radar detector?

The best radar detector on the market is the Escort Redline Ex.

What to look for in a good radar detector

Performance matters with these devices because it will keep you free from speeding ticket. You should know the strengths and limitations of high-performance radar detector models, which include impressive range, alerts, covered radar bands, and accuracy, immunity from VG-2, among others.

Durability is partly dependent on how careful one handles the detector regardless if it is used on a car dash, attached through a windshield mount with suction cups, or mounted on a bike in place by motorcyclists and any other vehicle. It is also partly dependent on the quality of material of the radar detector models. The manufacturer may be a factor,  but a tiny one.

Ease of use is equally important to new and veteran users. Being behind the wheel requires all of your attention; your radar detector should have the best, simple, and intuitive design. For more specific features to look for, audio or voice alerts, OLED display screen, adaptive cruise control and different modes (e.g. highway and city mode) in your chosen models of these devices will definitely come in handy. Check your state’s laws as some consider the use and mounting of detectors illegal.

Price matters because you should be sure that you are getting your money’s worth. Among the affordable ones that is not on this list is the Cobra ESD 7570, a product which Cobra just recently refurbished. You should also consider a radar detector that can be used in different states and not limited only to where you live. (Side tip: Keep an eye on price ranges on Amazon for latest accurate details and related info).


This article is written by William Johnson, the founder of RRD. William is passionate about radar detectors. His interest in reviewing and testing radar detectors from different brands started nearly 10 years ago, when his own radar detector then (a cheap and brand-less detector he bought online) failed to detect and radar gun nearby.

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