Is It Illegal to Have a Radar Detector in 2017

A radar detector is the best way to avoid an expensive speeding ticket. You can buy them online or in many stores and install them by yourself. In addition, these devices are cheap. The real question is, are radar detectors illegal? The answer is more complicated than you can imagine, due to the fact every state and country has a different road law.

Were radar detectors illegal in the past?

Is it illegal to have a radar detector is a question as old as the detectors. However, the answer is simple. Radar detectors do not affect on the driver’s ability to drive a car so they don’t affect on safety. Also, they will detect a police radar and notify a driver. Then, the driver will slow down. This means that he will avoid a speeding ticket, but he will drive slower as well so a drive will be safer. If we know that the main goal of a road law is to protect drivers and pedestrians, we can understand why radar detectors were and are still legal.

Is it illegal to have a radar detector in your state?Is it illegal to have a radar detector in my state

In general, using radar detectors is allowed, because they
are designed to warn a driver so he/she can
slow down. The main goal of speeding ticket is to make
drivers drive slower. Radar detectors do the same thing. However, in some states, such as Minnesota and California, using a radar detector is allowed, but installing it on the windshield is forbidden. In these states, drivers cannot install anything on car’s windshield that can affect on their vision. In other states, such as Washington and Virginia, using a radar detector is forbidden.  Is it illegal to have a radar detector? No, you can have it, but you cannot use it. Police have radars that can detect radar detectors. In this case, you will get a ticket.


Is it illegal to have a radar detector if you work in a military base?

As you already now, using radar detector is generally allowed. However, using it in a military base is strictly forbidden! This applies on all radar detectors that are visible (there are hidden radar detectors). If you work in a military base, or you are planning to enter into it, you must remove your radar detector. A good thing is that an officer will ask for you to remove it, so you won’t be fined. Due to the fact all military bases have checkpoints, you cannot enter into a base with a radar detector. Remember that hiding a radar detector and entering the base is breaking the law.

Is it illegal to have a radar detector in a commercial vehicle?

Is it illegal to have a radar detector in a truck or in a bus? It is strictly forbidden using a radar detector in all commercial vehicles that have a weight of 10.000 pounds or more. These drivers are treated as professional drivers, so different laws apply to them. In this case, there are no exceptions. Using a radar detector is forbidden and if a police officer sees that you are using it, you will get a ticket or in some cases, a license suspension.

Is it illegal to have a radar detector mounted on windshield?radar detector caught by officer

In most states installing a radar detector on a windshield is treated as breaking a law, due to the fact it
affects on the driver’s line of sight. If you are planning to travel across different countries, keeping your radar detector off the windshield is something you must do. It is recommended to install it on your dash or on the sun visor. Police officers always see a radar detector on a windshield, so a ticket is certain. A good thing is that there are radar detectors that are designed to be concealed, so a police officer won’t even notice them.

Is it illegal to have a radar detector and a radar jammer?

Is it illegal to have a radar jammer in my state

Radar Jammer Laws

A radar jammer is a device designed to interfere with the police radars and prevent them from detecting your current speed. Is it illegal to have a radar detector and a radar jammer, is a very old question. In general, using radar detector is allowed. On the other side, using a radar jammer is strictly forbidden. Most drivers use both devices, due to the fact they are more effective when used together. You should know that radar jammers affect on police equipment and on air traffic control (on radars air companies use). This means that they work on completely different way than radar detectors. Jammers are usually installed as hidden devices, so police officers cannot see them. However, police officers will notice that they cannot determine your current speed! As a result, you will be checked for these devices. Radar jammers are forbidden in all states and in all countries. Using them is breaking a law!

Is it illegal use laser jammer paired with radar detector?

Before buying a radar detector and a jammer, make sure they are legal in your country. Is it illegal to have a radar detector in a car, paired with laser jammer is the question you must answer before looking for your new device. Laser jammer works on the same way as radar jammer, but it doesn’t affect on radar devices found in airplanes and air traffic control towers. This means that they are safer to use. On the other side, using a laser jammer in most countries is forbidden. If we know that more countries are forbidding their use as we speak, we can say that using laser jammers will be completely banned in the near future.

How can you tell is it illegal to have a radar detector in your country?

Is it illegal to have a radar detector is a question that must be answered before you start using the device. The best way to get the answer is to contact your police department or to simply ask a police officer. You will get additional information (where to install a radar detector and etc.) as well.