Radenso Pro M Review

07th Apr,2019

When you have a product called the pro extreme, it better be extremely professional and it better blow all of the other competition out of the water. That’s why we wanted to look at the Radenso Pro M Extreme Range Radar & Laser Detector today because, with a name so awesome, we hope that the product will be just as awesome.

This is a thicker version of other models developed by Radenso and also, we noticed that the display is a bit thicker as well, so this is already off to a good start but how does the rest of the detector hold up?

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First, we noticed the display utilized several different lines instead of trying to cram a bunch of information onto one line. This is highly useful and beneficial. Everything on the display is designed to display the most useful information and there’s a lot of information that this can display, from ka bands to traffic cams and speed traffics.

There are so many different things that display can show you that it’s refreshing and there are so many different voices alerts too. Radenso did a really good job of displaying the proper information in such a small space.


GPS Lockout

Do you hate getting false positives? So does everyone else who owns a radar detector and with this model of the Radenso family, you won’t get a lot of those and the unit can even remember where you’re coming from. This model looks for false positives that were reported in your area such as electronics that interfere with the signal and makes sure that those are eliminated, so you never have to see them.

Customer Support

If there’s one thing we can say for sure, it’s that Radenso comes with amazing customer support and their support is hosted locally in the USA, because when people contact customer service, they want to speak to someone locally and someone who understands their concerns. Not someone who barely speaks English and has a hard time trying to convey what they want to say in English. Radenso has amazing customer support.

False Alert Filters

Another area this radar detector excels in is that you will never get false alerts. We cannot stress how annoying or common it is for other radar detectors to give you false positives, especially in the neighborhood settings.

This is why we love this radar detector so much because you’ll get virtually no false positives. This is another area that Radenso has been excellent. If you get a false positive, contact Radenso’s customer support and ask about getting a replacement.

Multiple Detections

Whether you’re trying to catch speed traps, whether it’s some trooper stationed on the side of the road or whether it’s a red light, this detector will capture them all. Nothing can hide from this unit and it’s good at that. This is why we’ve decided to recommend and review this product because it detects everything in its path, up to miles away. You hear us, it can detect things that are miles away.

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  • If you’re a city driver, then you’ll love to know that Radenso Pro M Extreme Range Radar Detector will catch every single one of those speed camera alerts and it also catches onto those red lights that love to snap your picture and it’ll tell you before you approach every single one
  • Has over 6,000 different speed camera locations for multiple cities and is updated constantly, so you’ll never be out of the loop, no matter how many different speed cameras they add
  • You get free location and database updates as long as you have an inexpensive USB cord and a smartphone because with the free app that’s included, you can get new locations, new traps, and new software updates to make sure you’re one step ahead of the police
  • False alerts will never pop up and those are always filtered by the detector’s premium technology that’s usually included with a lot of different Radenso products
  • Extremely good customer support and no one has ever had any issues with the American customer support you’ll encounter if you have to call or reach out to them

  • This detector is a little bit on the expensive side so a lot of people tend to shy away from it or wonder if the price is worth it or they can’t afford to spend that much on a radar detector


Q: Can I change the brightness of my screen?
A: Yes, you can. Some people never change the brightness of their screen and we honestly don’t see a reason that you would but there are different levels of brightness you can set. First, there’s the default setting that we recommend which is bright.

Then, you can set the alert to dim mode only if it’s distracting you too much or hurting your eyes. Then, there’s the smart dark setting which only displays something in the event of an alert. Then, you can just set it to completely dark which won’t show anything until an alert comes up.

Q: Is the volume adjustable?
A: Yes, like most models from Radenso, the volume can be completely adjusted. Some people don’t like hearing any alerts at all, so they might completely mute the sound of the detector and have it only display visual prompts. Some people might to hear the alerts on full blast, so they’ll turn the volume up, which is completely up to you.

Review Conclusion

The Radenso Pro M Extreme is quite an accomplishment when it comes to radar detectors. It’s hard to find a product with this level of ingenuity available to the public. We thoroughly enjoy this product and I think it’s safe to say that we can fully recommend that you at least try this product.

You can see how it compares with other top radar detectors. We have a feature detailing the pros and cons of the Uniden R3 VS Radenso Pro M for your reading pleasure.

If you have any issues, Radenso has an amazing and excellent customer support channel for you to try out, so you won’t have any real risk. For problems in setting up your Radenso device, head on over to our Radenso setup guide.

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Radenso Pro M Review
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