Radenso XP Radar Detector Review

07th Apr,2019

When it comes to Radenso products (https://www.ratedradardetector.org/radenso/), we take a cautious approach because while we’ve heard a lot of good things about them, some people say they’re a bit too expensive for what they’re offering and it’s hard to blame them. So, how does the Radenso XP Radar Detector with GPS lockout hold up and is it worth the purchase?

We do notice that the pricing point of this particular product is a bit higher than we’d expect, so we want to dig in deep and find out everything that we can about this product. What exactly does it offer?

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The design seems relatively standard and doesn’t stand out too much compared to your normal design. The buttons didn’t go out of their way to stand out and they all seem to be relatively standard with most designs. The buttons are the same size and have some spacing in between them so that’s a good thing.

The display looks great and is crystal clear to read so we really can’t find any complaints there either. Surely, there have to be some design flaws in this model, right? Well, there’s none that we found.



This radar detector provides a level of sensitivity that’s almost unrivaled among all other radar detectors out there and we can confidently say that. No matter where you are, no matter what kind of bands you’re looking for, what you’re looking to filter through or the density of the traffic, this thing is extremely powerful.

It’s so powerful, that it can detect radars up to several miles away and provide you with their location, giving you a chance to avoid that route.

Red Light Alerts

One of the most annoying things for drivers to encounter are those red-light cameras because no one ever sees them coming and they’ll snap your picture without you knowing. The good thing for you is that with this detector, you’ll see them coming and you’ll know exactly where they are. It’ll tell you how many are in proximity and you can then adjust your route to avoid those cameras.

Voice Alerts

A lot of radar detectors have voice alerts today but not many of them have voice alerts that are this crystal clear or this easy to understand. Also, the voice is pretty soft and not too loud on the ears, which is a huge plus from us. It’s easy to listen to and if you want to, you can turn them down or completely off, but it’s not something that a lot of people prefer to do from our experience.

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Ticket Free Guarantee

We’re not sure what the exact details of this guarantee entail but we’re told that Radenso has a guarantee that says you will never get a ticket with this radar detector as long as you’re using it properly and they’ll give you some kind of compensation if you do. Of course, you have to be utilizing and paying attention to this unit though for that to work.

  • Radenso XP Radar Detector has received tons of praise from real customer reviews, despite how high the price is for a radar detector and the company Radenso has actually included a ticket free guarantee no risk product with your purchase, although we can’t say that includes
  • If you ever need to contact customer support, you can rest assured that all of your customer support is coming directly from the USA, so you’ll speak to someone who has proper English
  • You get a 1-year manufacturer warranty with your purchase as well, so no matter what happens to your detector or if something goes wrong with it, you can simply send it in and get it replaced or fixed for free
  • There’s an absolute ton of features that we weren’t able to go over individually here but you get a lot of features like automatic muting, several mile range detections, user-selected speeds, sensitivity adjustment based on where you’re traveling and a lot more
  • There’s a GPS setting that will remember where you are and this will encourage the detector to remember any false alerts that it has picked up and remember that for next time, just like the Radenso Pro M reviewed here (Bonus: installation guide for your Radenso Pro on this page).

  • When you first get this device, it can be a little daunting because there’s a lot of settings to mess with and it can seem kind of scary at first but there’s a guide that comes with it


Q: Are these legal for use?
A: Yes. It depends on who you ask and if you’re getting advice from law enforcement then, of course, they’re not going to give you advice on which radar detector to use. They need to keep their ticket numbers up and if they’re not giving out tickets, then what else are they doing? In all seriousness though, there are only two states that radar detectors aren’t legal and that’s Virginia and Washington D.C.

This is because of the various government agencies operating out of there and how the equipment interferes with their operations, at least we’re guessing. (More info on radar detector legality here)

Q: How’s the reception of this model?
A: Surprisingly well. Even if you’re driving in a remote area with a lot of clouds, this radar detector can easily detect things around it with no trouble at all, so if you’re worried about a rainy day or some clouds completely blocking the functionality of this out, then no need to worry. This will still work without any issues even with some clouds or rain. This isn’t a satellite dish.

Radenso XP Review Conclusion

The Radenso XP Radar Detector with GPS Lockout is a pretty solid product in our opinion. We’ll go ahead and say that right from the get-go. We believe it’s essential that you have something that can detect those red lights ahead of time, and you don’t have to worry about those annoying traffic stop cameras catching you off guard, because this detector catches all of those and more from miles away.

If you’re looking to review another great product from Radenso, read: https://www.ratedradardetector.org/radenso/sp-review/

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Radenso XP Radar Detector Review
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