Cobra ESD 9150 Review

01st Aug,2018

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Cobra Electronics Corporation’s specialty products include two-way radios, radar/laser detectors, mobile navigation devices, citizen band radios, and power inverters. Cobra designs mobile communications products and has been in the business for over 50 years. The company’s products are available in nearly 40,000 storefronts and have a presence in Europe, UK, Dublin, Ireland and Hong Kong including the United States.

This is the review of the ESD 9150 CS Radar/Laser Detector. To perform effectively, it is critical to install ESD 9150 CS Radar/Laser Detector at the appropriate location. For example, Cobra ESD 9150 CS Radar/Laser should be mounted at the appropriate locations to avoid any blockage and have a view of the rear window for the 360-degree detection. Cobra recommends locating detector as low on the front windshield as possible.

Cobra ESD 9150 Features

  1. Cobra ESD 9150 CS Radar/Laser Detector has a Safety Alert feature which is equipped with Safety Alert transmitters. This feature warns drivers of road hazards as well as emergency vehicles.
  2. Cobra ESD 9150 CS Radar/Laser Detector has Ultra Bright Data Display which provides easy identifications of the band.
  3. Cobra ESD 9150 CS Radar/Laser Detector has Auto Mute which automatically mutes the alert tone for the driver’s convenience. This feature reduces the volume of alert automatically after four seconds. Simply press and release button and it will reduce the volume of alert in progress.
  4. Cobra ESD 9150 CS Radar/Laser Detector has Dim Mode Switch that allows drivers to dim the display for help at night. Drivers can choose bright, dim and dark display levels. Simply press and release the Dim button for Dim setting; press and release twice to select Dark setting and press and release the dim button the third time to select a Bright setting.
  5. Cobra ESD 9150 CS Radar/Laser Detector has a City/Highway Switch that allows drivers to switch between Highway and City to reduce the frequency to avoid false signals depending on the area. This feature reduces the number of band alerts for urban driving. Simply press and release the City button for the city mode and pressing and releasing the city button again will change it to Highway mode. City Mode is used often in cities where there are many false radar signals. This feature filter out false signals.
  6. Cobra ESD 9150 CS Radar/Laser Detector has Strobe Alert that provides an advanced alert of the presence or approach of Emergency vehicles.
  7. Cobra ESD 9150 CS Radar/Laser Detector is equipped with Laser-Eye 360 detection. This feature receives the laser signal from any direction with the help of a periscope mounted on the top of the radar detector.
  8. Cobra ESD 9150 CS Radar/Laser Detector comes with an automatic internal electronic memory system. The purpose of this feature is to remember the settings when the unit is OFF or removed from the power source. Memorized settings include Display brightness, City/Highway switch, VG-2 Alert, Compass calibration data as well as On/Off setting.
  9. Cobra ESD 9150 CS Radar/Laser Detector has Calibrate Compass that calibrates the campus to proved accurate directions. For example, if ESD 9150 is re-located to a different location or even to a different vehicle, the campus is calibrated with the help of this feature.
  10. Cobra ESD 9150 CS Radar/Laser Detector has a band detection feature that detects bands like X, K, S, VG-2, and others.

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Cobra ESD 9150 Review
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