Cobra SPX 900 Review

03rd Oct,2023

One of the few radar detectors that offer 360-degrees protection at such a low price, the SPX 900 is a trendsetter that breaks away from traditional radar detectors. It’s a 14-band detector, which makes it particularly sensitive to even the very extreme and the very feeble scanner frequencies. It detects flawlessly and efficiently, helping you get the most out of your drive without attracting any trouble. A very good deal for the price it sits at. It’s easy to set-up and even easier to use.


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Generally, you can get a range of a mile or less in urban settings. On highways, you can get up to two and sometimes three miles, depending on the terrain and natural obstructions.


The Cobra SPX 900 is a premium Cobra radar detector, and thus, offers a seamless design using a high-quality build. A great combination of contrasting grey and off-white, the model is silky smooth and offers a stylish finish.

The buttons are ergonomically placed and easy to press. The overall design is just great and highly user-friendly.

The slightly hefty build of the Cobra SPX 900 speaks of its age, in contrast with other models like Cobra XRS-9470. It’s been in use for a long time. But in no way is it outdated.


Spectre alerts

Many can detect radar detector detectors, including Cobra’s Rad 250 (full review here). But only a few radar detectors provide detection of the Spectres. Spectre is a radar detector detector (RDD) alert that cops use to know if you’re using a radar detector. So, your SPX 900 won’t be detected by Spectre, which is an amazing benefit as some states like Washington, D.C., and Virginia ban the usage of radar detectors (click for full list).

POP advanced guns

Many state troopers use POP mode radar guns to get your speed. The SPX 900 provides you immunity against the most advanced and the latest POP signals.

Voice alerts

The SPX 900 gives you voice alerts for the notifications and warnings. Although not a rare feature at this price range, this is surely something drivers love when they get it at this range.

Cobra SPX 900


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Accuracy and time

It is highly accurate in identifying speed guns and cop detectors. It supplies you alerts and information in a very timely manner so that you can act accordingly and save yourself from a speeding ticket. In fact, the Cobra SPX 900 provides one of the finest-in-class accuracies and protects you from all around.

LIDAR support

The Cobra SPX 900 can detect LIDAR speed guns, which are higher-end speed guns slowly phasing out older speed guns. LIDAR detection is not a new or cutting-edge technology for radar detectors from the top manufacturers, but it’s almost always lacking in the models of this price range.

iRadar app support and GPS

Cobra units come with their app integration: the iRadar app. GPS is extremely helpful, specifically. This feature enables you to obtain real-time updates that other people add using similar apps. This makes a reliable network of driver communication that helps out those in need. And you never know when you’ll find information for the next speed trap in the real-time update of this kind.

Additional alerts

The SPX 900 gives you additional alerts for railroad crossings, road hazards, incoming emergency vehicles, etc., thus making your drive safer and more efficient in a due course of time.

False alert reduction

Cobra pays a great deal of attention to false alerts and their removal. The SPX 900 supports the automatic muting of alert tones for false alerts. The technology at use for that is the Intellimute Relative Speed-sensing. By sensing the relative speed of the source of the radar emitter and your vehicle, it can ignore other automobiles driving by with automatic collision avoidance and blind-spot radar signals, thus saving your time and helping you reduce your troubles with false alerts.

The automatic mute sometimes doesn’t work when there are a lot of interfering signals, but it’s very reliable.

City and highway mode

The Cobra SPX 900 comes with different modes for city driving and highway driving. This helps reduce false alerts from places that are known to the system.

  • High-performance radar detector with support for 14 bands.
  • It can detect Spectre detectors.
  • It comes with voice alerts.
  • Boasts a comfortable design.
  • Easy to install and set-up.
  • Has detection capability for the latest police radars.
  • Has support for additional relevant alerts like road hazards.
  • Removes most of the false alerts automatically. It also automatically mutes itself using intelligent technology for false alerts, although it detects all radar emitters.
  • The range is quite effective even in cities.

  • The learning curve is a bit higher than most other radar detectors, especially with setting the city and highway modes.
  • The model comes with iRadar and GPS support but lacks a Bluetooth feature that helps you obtain further information about what’s happening in your surroundings.


Q: Cops with Spectre still detect my SPX 900, how?

A: The SPX 900 comes with Spectre protection, but there are two kinds of Spectre frequencies. Spectre I and IV+ frequencies are not both avoidable. Spectre I can’t detect your SPX 900, but Spectre IV+ can, and in that case, the SPX 900 throws a warning that you should pay attention to.

Q: How many signals do the SPX 900 capture?

A: The SPX 900 captures a total of 7 radar signals, as well as 6 laser signals, and a safety signal as well (the safety alert traffic warning system).

Cobra SPX 900

Cobra SPX 900 Review Conclusion

Eliminating false alerts is one of the pinnacles of the Cobra SPX 900. The technology is laser-based and it provides 360-degrees protection from cop scanners, making it a very versatile radar detection equipment. The Cobra SPX 900 is one of the cheaper models from the brand but provides excellent efficiency and reliability like other top-rated Cobra detectors.

The service is trustworthy and it comes with a bunch of amazing perks that ease your drive in cities as well as highways. The SPX 900 detects the latest speed guns and offers 100% immunity against Spectre detectors that state troopers use to detect your radar detector.

VG-2, Spectre, the latest POP guns, LIDAR detection, and so on. The SPX 900 covers all kinds of cop scanning and detection technologies, pretty much, all the while offering 360-degree protection for your vehicle.

All in all, it’s a good deal and a must-buy for anyone who wishes to use a radar detector at a low price but needs reliable all-around protection. For another Cobra radar detector review, proceed here:


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