Cobra ESR 800 Review

02nd Mar,2021

Cobra ESR 800 comes with fairly nice reviews, a good report on performance, and decent company support from Cobra. Not one of the finest out there on the market right now, but surely an efficient and reliable radar detector nevertheless that has saved many people from getting into trouble.

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A quick note: These are so out of date that Cobra rather displays much costlier items on its homepage besides the ESR 800. It’s a marketing tactic that is slowly phasing out the ESR 800, in our opinion. Nevertheless, the ESR 800 has been so popular that it won’t be going out of fashion anytime soon, and high-quality models will be available all the time on Amazon and eBay.


The build quality is average, to be honest. So, if you’re a driver with the habit of shaking things up inside the car, this is not a general recommendation from us. Rather go with a more robust detector.

This is a well-built high-range Cobra model in all aspects. The build is reliable and the quality is decent.

The design is sleek. As you might know, the most commonplace to install your radar detector is the windshield or below the side mirrors. When you put the Cobra ESR 800 there, not only does it look sleek, but it also doesn’t come off as something significant or noticeable. Sure, a cop is going to notice a radar detector anyway and if you’re breaking any laws of the state in question, then you’ll be up for a ticket and some penalty as well (like mounting it on the windshield while in California).

As far as looks are concerned, the Cobra ESR 800 provides ample opportunity to admire its sleek contours.



The mounting bracket is nothing fancy. The Cobra ESR 800 works on suction cups to manage its hold to the glass. On rocky terrain, things can get out of hand quickly. In case you’re going to avoid roads for most of your next trip, better avoid putting it on.

Mute Function

Although the mute button is large, it’s not present on the charger cable. To mute, you will need to go all the way to your device and press the button. This creates risks, no matter how large the button area is. So, a quick tip is to install if where your hands can reach the button easily and always pre-plan when to mute, if possible.

The alerts sound is especially painful when you don’t need those alerts. Always take your time to mute it if you don’t plan on spending too much.

Cobra ESR800

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The LED display is quite effective in low light conditions, but many radar detectors offer a sharper LED panel that you can read even under direct sunlight. So, not a deal-breaker, but just something to be wary of.

Coverage and Data

As far as additional data is concerned, the Cobra ESR 800 is not the most up-to-the-date Cobra model out there. Still, its partial compatibility with the iRadar app makes it a fine tool for your on-road peace of mind. The coverage is excellent, no matter which state you’re in, in part due to the entire Cobra drivers network that uses the iRadar app. Sure, real-time updates and Bluetooth features are lacking, but this is an effective product with very excellent coverage for the price point it’s in. Knowing speed traps and false positives are easy with the Cobra ESR 800.

Price competitiveness

It’s a very price-competitive product. A lot of users happen to use it for quite a long period. It might not come with the best in class, but it gets the job done reliably. Refurbished models are on the rise, and we would ask you to avoid those for any looming problems that you will encounter soon afterward.

Other Cobra models that offer a similar kind of usage but come with more features are way costlier. The Cobra ESR 800 is very cheap in comparison. The only trade-off is that it doesn’t come with some of the fancy features that the closest Cobra models to the ESR 800 come with.


Q: What is included in the ESR 800 package? Does it have a suction cup?

A: Yes, it does have a suction cup. Aside from the unit itself, you’ll also receive the charger.

Q: What is the range of distance can this radar detector’s sensitivity cover?

A: Depending on your driving mode, but usually it can detect up to one mile in the highway or city mode.

Q: What’s the kind of mounting accessory that comes with the unit?

A: It’s a suction mount with dual sticking points. A metal attachment keeps the device secured in the mount.

Cobra ESR 800 Review Conclusion

It’s a tad bit noisier than the troubling ones. The ESR 800 is also light on the features. But it gets the job done quite efficiently. When you compare with other models from the Cobra family-like RAD 450, you will find it cannot live up to their benchmarks. But when you need a reliable piece of tool for efficient police radar detection for a small cost, this is the go-to product, we’re telling you.

Also, we also recommend this to all the beginners out there. If you’re just starting and thinking of purchasing your first radar detector, this is where you begin, without any doubt. The reasons are simple. The ESR 800 is easy to set up, comes with all the basic functions including iRadio updates about cop speed traps, and is extremely budget-friendly.

Whether you’re a beginner or not, the ESR 800 is always a fine companion on any ride. Want to see our best list for the brand? read our best Cobra radar detectors reviews.

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Cobra ESR 800 Review
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