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Cobra RAD450 Review

Generally, the radar detector is a must for every driver for those who want to reduce the speeding tickets. There are tons of radar detectors are available in the open market but when it comes to the top branded and quality, only a few of them are shortlisted.

Do you want to buy the top branded radar detectors in the market? If so, then buy this Cobra Electronics RAD450 radar detector. It is one of the branded items and also it comes at a reasonable price in the market. So, undoubtedly, it will satisfy you all requirements based on the radar detectors.

cobra rad 450 review

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Commonly, the radar detector in the market comes with the same design so, you may get bored while you use it. But the manufacturer, Cobra, designed this radar detector with a distinction in its casing and overall look, contrary to the all-black smooth casing we normally see with other radar detectors. It has a unique design—a black front and top and beige/gray sides that look pretty sleek.

The front part, of course, shows the screen of the device where all the necessary notifications and information are flashed, while the top part contains the different dials and buttons for display brightness, menu and mute. You’ll find a volume control on its side as well, making it easy to turn the volume up or down as needed.


Voice alerts/Automate feature

This radar detector is known to provide voice alerts. This means the driver doesn’t need to glance over and over to the display screen just to see if there are any notifications and details of any detected signal. The clear, as well as instant voice messages, are fully understandable, so it doesn’t distract you or rake aways your attention from the road often. In some ways, it adds as a safety feature as well.

In terms of volume for such voice alerts, a control scroll on the side of the radar detector offers the ultra-comfort to you. You can adjust the volume level easily or just press the mute button on the top front part of the device if you want to drive with total silence. But if all else fails, this radar detector has an auto-mute feature which opens up instantly to silence the device when needed.


While the RAD450 doesn’t have that much range to boast about, it compensates with its quick responses. When mounted on the most ideal spot (usually at the bottom center of the windshield), this device can notify you quickly of any signal detected from a few feet away. Through this, although you might not get warnings for signals from afar, at least you’ll still have time to adjust as this device can give warning in a very quick manner.

The 4 control buttons that come as a part of the device’s design are also easy to use and respond quickly upon pressing, instantly performing the needed action you asked for.

photo of Cobra RAD450 mounted on the windshield

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Normally, the radar detectors in the market come with a large display with red-backlit. Sometimes, it may difficult to seem. But RAD450 is equipped with an OLED display (similar to XRS 9370’s UltraBright LED display) that shows notifications in a high-quality model. Aside from the brightness and quality of view, the display gives comprehensive details of the needed information by the driver. It shows the band identification icons for the driver to determine the kind of signal being detected, while the signal strength meter gives an idea of how far the source of the signal is.


The Cobra RAD450 detector offers the optimum comfort and convenience with its non-complex features, starting from the instant-on capability to the front and rear signal detection.

You can also mount it easily wherever you deem it best located within your car, as it can be set up easily with the right mounting gear. For the notifications, you’ll find the simple buttons and volume control very helpful as you adjust the notifications volume and display brightness to the levels you are comfortable with.


  • It is a user-friendly device with an economical price within the mid-range detectors
  • You can be safer on the road with its Voice Alerts that with volume control
  • You may easily see visual notifications in its OLED display that with a brightness that can be adjusted through a button
  • Added with IVT filter TM system to help diminish false alerts and give you’re a peaceful drive


  • It doesn’t have a Bluetooth capability, which means it cannot connect to the iRadar app
  • No GPS capability to help further filter false alarms

photo of Cobra RAD450 with its power cord


Q: What comes with the box?
A: Aside from the radar detector (obviously), the package comes with the power cord with a plug-in to the cigarette lighter, the manual, and a suction cup mounting accessory.

Q: Does this come with a warranty?
A: Yes, the Cobra RAD450 comes with one year of warranty from the date of purchase.

Q: Does this have Bluetooth?
A: Unfortunately, no. This device cannot be connected to the iRadar app via Bluetooth unlike the Cobra iRadar—one of its major cons.

Q: How do you switch between Highway and City mode?
A: Just press the Sen button on the top front part of the radar detector and you can switch from its modes of sensitivity: City, City Max, and Highway.

Cobra RAD450 Review Conclusion

For a mid-range radar detector, we definitely can say that the Cobra RAD450 delivers a pretty remarkable performance. Sure, it doesn’t have Bluetooth or GPS to further offer advanced features like an online app or community, but when it comes to detecting signals, this radar detector performs excellently—and isn’t that the core of radar detectors, anyway? So even without the advantages of exclusive features, we still deem the  Cobra RAD450 among the finest performing radar detectors in the mid-range options.

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This article is written by William Johnson, the founder of RRD. William is passionate about radar detectors. His interest in reviewing and testing radar detectors from different brands started nearly 10 years ago, when his own radar detector then (a cheap and brand-less detector he bought online) failed to detect and radar gun nearby.

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Cobra RAD450 Review
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