Uniden BCD436HP Review

12th Feb,2022

The Uniden BCD436HP is a police scanner device that has a lot to offer overall. It has a number of interesting and practical features that most other models do not. One of the best things about this particular device is that it is very powerful but still incredibly easy to use. The simplistic design of this scanner is something everyone can appreciate.

If you are looking for a new handheld police scanner, this Uniden BCD436HP review is definitely the right place to start. Concerned about legality? You might want to check our article regarding laws on police scanners first.


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Measuring 3.8 by 2.4 by 9 inches with a weight of just 1 pound, this handheld police scanner has a fairly compact design. This makes it easy to keep with you on the go without any problems. Uniden BCD436HP has a simple but good looking design that should appeal to most people. There is nothing about this device that is overly conspicuous. All of the buttons are laid out in a very intuitive manner that makes using it very easy.

You can start using this device right out of the box with the push of a button. It is designed for easy uncomplicated use. The soft touch buttons on the front panel let you select the channel you want at any given moment. Longtime users might prefer a more advanced scanner.

There is also a “Settings” option that you can navigate to using the backlit display. You will have a number of different options for customizing the overall functionality of this device. These settings are very easy to navigate through. Some of the other options include “Priority Scan”, “Close Call”, “WX Operation”, and “Display Options”.


Close Call RF Capture Technology

This handheld police scanner has a Close Call feature that automatically detects and tunes itself to local transmissions. This applies even when the frequency isn’t programmed into a channel at all, which makes using it even more convenient.

Weather Alert

The S.A.M.E or Specific Area Message Encoding gives you NOAA weather and emergency alerts. This feature will provide you with warnings about things like severe weather and other things in your immediate area. It can give you enough time to seek shelter so you don’t get caught in a really bad situation.

Quick Keys

There are a number of Quick Keys that you can use for calling or tagging the system/channel number. This is one feature that you will be sure to really appreciate on a regular basis. It makes using the device a lot more convenient and easy as a whole.

Backlit Keypad

This device has an LCD backlit keypad that illuminates the keys, giving you maximum visibility at all times. It also enables you to create favorites lists very quickly and without any hassle whatsoever.

Sentinel PC Software

The Sentinel PC software that works with this device allows you to keep its database and firmware up to date at all times. This ensures that you get optimal functionality from it at all times. There is nothing complicated or difficult to use about this software.

Temporary Avoid Function

The temporary avoid function that this device offers allows you to silence any unwanted systems. This prevents other channels from disrupting whichever frequency you are currently using. It is definitely a feature that can be useful in a variety of situations.


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  • Ease of use: This police scanner has a very simple design that makes it very easy for pretty much everyone to use. You won’t have to worry about having to follow any complicated steps whatsoever. It is particularly easy to choose frequencies.
  • Clear display: The bright backlit display and keypad on this device gives you maximum visibility even when it is completely dark. This makes it possible to use it at night without any issues.
  • Link to your GPS: You will have the ability to link this handheld police scanner to your GPS. This way the scanner constantly knows your location, which enables it to work a lot more effectively.
  • Lots of memory: There is 4 gigabytes worth of memory, which provides you with the ability to store plenty of data. You can maintain a huge favorites list for convenient functionality at all times.
  • Programmable front panel: You will be able to program the front panel of this device any way you want. This makes it easier to get your money’s worth on a consistent basis.

  • While this handheld police scanner is fairly easy to use, it can be a little overwhelming at first due to all of the different features.

Uniden BCD436HP vs. Uniden SDS100

The Uniden SDS100 (see full review here) is fairly comparable to the Uniden BCD436HP, offering some of the same features. It is, however, a bit bigger and bulkier, which can make carrying it around for long periods somewhat of a hassle. The SDS100 has a backlit display but not keypad, so using it in the dark can be a little frustrating.

Both of these devices offer things like emergency weather alerts and soft keys on the front panel. The SDS100 is a little more difficult to use that this one though, so you’ll need to keep that in mind. It is a somewhat better option for those who have a bit more experience with these kinds of devices.

It is also worth mentioning that you won’t be able to use all of the Uniden SDS100’s features unless you have the required software installed. Not ready to go through all the trouble of programming? Check out these best-performing apps for iOS and Android instead.

We also compared the Uniden BCD436HP  vs the Whilster TRX-1.

Uniden BCD436HP Review Conclusion

Overall, the Uniden BCD436HP is a great option for those who are looking for a reliable and easy to use handheld police scanner. It offers a lot of useful and convenient features that you will definitely be grateful for in a variety of situations. While all of these features can seem a bit overwhelming at first, they are ultimately great to have.

Most people shouldn’t need to take very long to figure out how everything works with this device. Uniden BCD436HP, without a doubt, is one of the most powerful and efficient devices of its kind on the market, so it’s certainly an option worth exploring.

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