Uniden SDS100 VS BCD436HP

16th Feb,2022

Handheld radio scanners give users a whole new level of convenience. Uniden is a pioneer and trusted brand in handheld scanners and while all their products are amazing, we’re going to compare two of their most popular ones, the Uniden SDS100 vs BCD436HP.

Features of Both Police Scanners


The Uniden BCD436HP scanner is the first scanner that operates on the HomePatrol 1’s easy system, plus there is no programming involved. This is great for elementary users or for people who don’t want the stress of programming.

As for the SDS100, it is still easy to use and programming can be as simple as just entering a zip code into the device.

Weather Resistance

The SDS100 is a scanner that is built for the outdoors. It features an IPX4 rating [1], which protects it from dust and splashes of water. 

While the BCD436HP doesn’t have resistance to dust and water, it is still a well-built scanner and more suitable for those who don’t need to venture out into the rain.

Location-Based Scanning

This is a convenient feature both handheld scanners possess. Location-based scanning makes using the scanner much easier as it just requires you to input your zip code or GPS coordinates (whichever is more convenient) for instant reception. 

In instances where you are lost or don’t have access to this information, the scanner itself is capable of finding local channels with the auto-locate feature.

Favorites Scan

Another feature both handheld scanners can carry out is a favorites scan. You can compile your favorite systems into a list. When your scanner is scanning, it can simultaneously scan your favorites list and the full system making it easier on you to find what you are looking for.

Extra Storage

For storing all your profiles, settings, lists, etc., both devices are compatible with Micro SD cards to afford you more storage for those who need it.


The necessary GPS receiver may not be included in either package, but both handheld scanners can work well with one to provide you with information such as your precise location, and what to scan even when you are on the move.

The GPS feature gives users a more accurate picture and a more precise pinpoint even when traveling.

Range Control

To narrow down the noise and irrelevant channels, both scanners allow you to control how far out your scanner will scan. This way you can ensure you won’t be receiving the information you don’t need.

Instant Replay

Sometimes people underestimate the importance of being able to hear a sent transmission. Both the SDS100 and the BCD436HP can offer up to 4 minutes of instant replay for the most recent transmissions.


For both scanners, you have the freedom to control what notifications you receive. Whether it be for emergency alerts or close call hits, you can choose to mute what you wish. You are even able to customize the light colors, settings, flash patterns, and more!

Not to mention the light-up keypad light that gives users easy visuals at night. The keypad lights can be customized at three different levels.

Scan Speed

The BCD436HP scanner is by far the faster scanner in terms of scan and search speeds. It is capable of sifting through 85 channels per second! This makes it a better choice for those who need to find channels quickly.

RF Capture

Both scanners feature the RF capture, which allows your scanner to provide you with information about nearby radio transmissions through detection. 

This feature and the scan by service type feature also provided by both scanners will allow you to sort through channels even faster than before.

Quick Keys

Another feature for convenience, the SDS100 and the BCD436HP both possess quick key features. You can have the freedom to program up to 100 quick keys to your favorites list, sites, departments, and more. 

Along with the search keys feature, it makes scanning even easier.

PC Programming

Both scanners can also be programmed via your PC for firmware and software updates. You can also manage all your lists and information directly from your computer. A larger screen gives users an easier time to monitor and program everything.

NOAA Weather

Both scanners can pick up SAME weather alerts from the NOAA. This is especially important for people heading out into nature or unknown weather conditions. You can even set the weather channel as a priority when scanning.

Built-In Battery Charger

You can find lithium-ion batteries in both scanners that are rechargeable. Since there is a built-in battery charger in both the Uniden SDS100 and the BCD436HP, as long as there is a USB port handy, you can power your handheld scanner.

Conclusion: Uniden SDS100 or BCD436HP?

Both police scanners are excellent in their performance ratings. 

For a rugged build and ease of use with Home Patrol 1’s database incorporated inside, the SDS100 is the better choice. 

With an IPX4 rating, the SDS100 can repel dust and won’t sustain any splash damage, making it the perfect choice for those who intend to use this radio in the outdoors.

For fast scanning and ease of use, the Uniden BCD436HP is the optimal choice. Not only does it not require any programming on your part, but it’s the first handheld scanner to incorporate Home Patrol 1’s intuitive system and interface.

Along with the fast channel scanning (85 channels/sec), you can receive the information you are searching for at much faster speeds, which is great for anyone looking for supreme convenience.

William Johnson

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