Cobra ESD 7100 Review

10th Apr,2019

People might get intimidated by the price tags on the latest and most advanced radar detectors today, but there are quite great models, like the Cobra ESD 7100, that offers great performance at a much cheaper price. With its key features aiming to give any driver peaceful and safe drives, including its 360-degree and 9-signal type detection, most newbies and average radar detector users will be satisfied with what this device can offer.

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The ESD 7100 is one small portable radar detector that can easily be mounted on your windshield or sun visor without it blocking too much of your view. It has a back casing with simple buttons that can help you switch into the City mode or mute the alerts with just a press of a button. Simpler designs like this is normal for older detector models, like this one:



The Cobra ESD 7100 radar/laser detector helps you stay safe with its Safety Alert transmitters, which will warn you of any road hazards or emergency vehicles in the road. The Safety Alert signal is just one of the 6-Band Extra Sensory Detection of this model, including a Laser Eye that can provide 360-degree protection and the VG-2 Alert that lets you know when there is VG-2 that is keeping you under surveillance.


The Cobra ESD 7100 offers two operating modes. You can choose between city and highway modes. You should switch to city mode whenever you’re not traveling on the highway. These will lower the sensitivity of the unit so you are given less false alerts, which means more peaceful drives even in densely populated areas. It also included an AutoMute feature and a manual mute as well, so you can silence any kind of notification when you need to.


You will also like the UltraBright Display offered by the Cobra ESD 7100 radar detector. Since the screen is very bright, it will greatly help when you are viewing alerts while in a very dark area. There are also LED icons so you can easily recognize the type of signals that the machine detects.








The Cobra ESD 7100 can both detect laser and radar signals, and for each kind of signal, it can detector a few specific types. For radar signals, it can easily notify you of any K Band, Ka Superwide band, VG-2, and X band presence. For laser signals, on the other hand, Prolaser, Prolaser III, Ultra Lyte, and LTI 20-20 can be detected by this device.

But aside from the radar and laser signals, the ESD 7100 also has a detector detector added, which means you can be alerted if a VG-2 signal is trying to find radar detectors. It is another great feature that keeps you more alert of the presence of radar detector detectors, especially when your state has strict regulations on the use of radar detectors.

photo of Cobra ESD 7100 and its labeled parts

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  • 360-degree detection of laser signals and radar signals
  • Immuned to to VG-2 radar surveillance detectors and gives alerts of VG-2 presence
  • Ultra bright data display provides easy recognition of band detected
  • City/Highway Selector
  • Adjustable volume and Manual or AutoMute settings
  • One-year limited warranty

  • No GPS capabilities
  • Can have a lot of false alarms


Q: Does it detect police cars?
A: No. Like other radar detectors, the ESD 7100 only detects radar and laser signals coming from the different devices used by the police in measuring the speed of vehicles. It doesn’t necessarily detect all police cars, but if it detects a lidar gun or laser gun from police, it means there is a police car nearby as well. But do not expect it to inform you whenever there is a police car around.

Q: Does it have to be mounted to the windshield?
A: You can mount it on the windshield, but you can also mount it wherever you like. If you’re more comfortable having it on top of your dashboard, you can purchase a different mounting bracket than what comes in the package and mount it on your dashboard.

Q: Is this unit cordless?
A: No, this model should always be plugged in while in use. It comes with an electric power cord that you can connect to your cigarette lighter so you can power it up and use it.

Cobra ESD 7100 Review Conclusion

The Cobra ESD 7100 is one model that has proven a great performance despite it being one affordable radar/laser detector, much like the Cobra ESR 800 (read review here). Its ability to detect many different types and kinds of signals makes it a reliable assistant during drives, while it ensures that you know when there are possible lidar guns or even a VG-2 around.

It’s been added with practical features such as the UltraBright Data Display which helps in clearly seeing the notifications, as well as the mute button and the volume control to help drivers control their preferences easily. Indeed, this radar detector is one great option for newbies who don’t want to start with pricey and complicated models. If you’re interested to read about other Cobra detector units, click to see our review of the SPX 955.

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Cobra ESD 7100 Review
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